Chapter 12

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QI Network

1. When the UCC developed the limbic brain and added the ability for QI, it became necessary to establish a communication medium that would remain stable and uniformly present throughout the cosmos. It could then monitor the necessary frequencies everywhere with equal intensity. 

2. It soon realised that subatomic particles were not the answer. They were too volatile, and their density varied enormously in different locations. In the stable matter of stars and planets they were so tightly packed they formed a virtual barrier, yet in open space they were too sparsely distributed to reliably transfer data. 

3. When the UCC eventually found a suitable medium, it seemed obvious and natural. It existed in the form of a wonderful expansive cloud of microwave radiation that had been lingering in the background since the very beginning. It was literally everywhere, and although it remained silently aloof and detached from the material world, it was intensely present in every location. 

4. It was also isotropic, meaning it had the same intensity regardless of direction, and it had black body characteristics, so it was highly receptive to approaching radioactive frequencies. The UCC was convinced it would act as a vigilant monitoring system, patiently anticipating the initial discrete QI transmissions of an advancing species, in a universe full of distraction. 


A Signal

1. When it first detects a signal, the UCC is initially confused. Having waited so long, it takes several moments to realise it is hearing the faint murmur of QI activity. 

2. It seems the UCC’s efforts have paid off. Somewhere, an intelligent life form has reactivated the pineal’s telepathic function on an Ultra-Sentient level. 

3. The QI network has worked, and the subtle but critical signal has not been lost in the background noise. Even more encouraging is there is not just one, but many; all very weak and unclear, but definitely not random. They have distinct structure and patterns. 



1. It doesn’t take long for the UCC to find the source. A new species that call themselves Seraphim. They are intelligent, thoughtful, and advanced. Additionally, the UCC is pleased to observe they are bipedal mammals with a well  formed structure, refined by the Nature of Phi. Their size and weight are ideal, their large neocortex brains have plenty of potential for further development, and they are already the planet’s established Alpha-Species. 

2. The UCC begins studying them carefully. They have a complex body wide nervous system; their breathing and eating ports, along with their brain and key sensory receptors, are excellently positioned within a substantial cranial structure, and they have a highly efficient system of energy collection, conversion, and storage.

3. Additionally, because they are bipedal, their upper limbs have evolved into highly dexterous appendages, splitting into several fingers at the end, one of which is reversed, enabling the precise handling of delicate objects.


Seraphim Society

1. The Seraphim are a fine specimen; they are sophisticated, proud, and dignified. Their history is long and well documented. They know what they are, where they have come from, and how they have evolved into the sociable, industrial, and intelligent species they now are. 

2. Their society has progressed through the standard phases of development: social interaction, farming, industry, and technology. They benefit, rather unusually, from a singular society that encompasses the entire planet. They are culturally and socially advanced, enjoy a sophisticated political system, a structured social democracy, population wide education, and comprehensive health care.

3. Their civilisation is impressively advanced. Intellectually, they have explored science, mathematics, religion, and philosophy; and their advancement in scientific research has reached a level where they are beginning to understand quantum physics and genetic engineering. 

4. They have progressed, on multiple levels, further than any species the UCC has previously encountered. In terms of timescale, the period of that additional progress is relatively insignificant, at best just a couple of centuries; but due to the exponential nature of intellectual growth, that short period has allowed unprecedented levels of technological advancement.

5. The Seraphim have already surpassed the point where most societies begin suffering the onset of Socio-Insanity. Hopefully, they are resistant to the madness it brings.


A Developed Species

1. The UCC watches the Seraphim go about their lives with great interest. It listens to the murmur of millions of minds and voices; even occasionally focussing on individuals. Their thoughts are complex, and their considerations seem as intelligent and philosophical as their bodies are agile and compact. They are a good example of an Alpha-Species, and the UCC is hopeful. 

2. Their environment is nothing unusual. As with most highly sentient creatures, they occupy a carbon-based planet, within close proximity of a moderately active star. It has an oxygen-based atmosphere, typical levels of gravity, and both fresh and saline water. 


The Condition

1. Further investigation indicates that in spite of their resistance the Seraphim are indeed suffering from Socio-Insanity… and that isn’t all. They too can hear the signals that initially attracted the attention of the UCC. Unfortunately, they have no understanding of the QI transmissions they are producing, and consequently hearing. For them, the experience is a torturous inherent psychological disorder; an inescapable and unrelenting white noise that is growing progressively worse. They call it The Condition.

2. It is impossible to be certain exactly when the Seraphim first started hearing the sounds, but the general consensus is that it started several generations ago, around the time when social advancements began to allow a more settled and peaceful lifestyle. 

3. At first, those affected had barely noticed, because it had been just a quiet murmur. Of the few that bothered to acknowledge it, most simply dismissed it as a minor hearing disorder. 

4. For a long time, as it grew gradually more widespread and severe, the Seraphim continued to ignore it, until it eventually became so bad they could bear it no more. The onset had been slow and gradual, but once it was acknowledged, it quickly became a dominant focus of concern, and a major issue. 

5. The entire population is now obsessed with the deafening drone of white noise. It is totally inescapable and relentlessly resident, day and night; literally driving the Seraphim mad.

6. For most, The Condition is exhausting. The Intensifying Socio-Insanity is causing unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety, making the population  impatient, short tempered, and intolerant. Behind the facade of civility is a society that is descending into an orgy of rage and frustration. The UCC is devastated.

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