The Book of Quantism is a carefully compiled novel told from the perspective of a unique and enigmatic protagonist.

A relentless tale of aliens, quantum physics, prophets, religion, politics, time travel, souls, and the afterlife that revitalises the ancient concept of creation, from the birth of the Universe right up to the Absolute Present Moment.

Together with Angels, Demons, a space ark, and an Eden project, the Book of Quantism introduces new concepts of: The UCC (Universal Collective Consciousness), Spiritual Portfolios, the Nature of Phi, Quantum Interconnection (QI), and the state of Ultra-Sentience.

The Book of Quantism creates a radical alternative history of humankind that culminates in an eerily familiar crisis and a critical question…

Can Humanity be saved from the universal curse of Socio-Insanity…?

The story begins with the formation of the universe, the the emergence of a Universal Collective Consciousness and the development of sentient life.

It tells of an alien race called the Seraphim, who begin to divide into two distinct subspecies Рthe evolving Angels, who are discovering Ultra-Sentience… essentially spirituality, and the devolving Demons, who are plummeting into a state of Socio-Insanity.

While the Universal Collective Consciousness and the elusive ‘Nature of Phi’ challenge the current concept of ‘God’, The Book of Quantism re-thinks the idea of Souls and the afterlife. It charts an alternative version of the path of human development in a story that includes familiar historic names and events, the intervention of the Seraphim (both Angels and Demons), the emergence of faith, spirituality, religious institutions, industrial and technological advancement, and sinister political groups, amongst a myriad of other fascinating subjects.

The Book of Quantism is an intriguing novel that tells the story of everything, whilst reconsidering the meaning of life and the ultimate destiny of humankind from a new, different, yet strangely familiar perspective.

“The Book of Quantism chronicles the dawn of time, the birth of a universe, the emergence of life, the rise of sentience, the story of humanity, and what each individual must seek to achieve…

…the biblical saga retold from a very different, metaphysical perspective.”

Life is difficult. You get one shot. Get it right.

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Obviously, I would like everyone to buy The Book of Quantism, but not everyone has that option.

So, I am publishing each chapter as both a text and an audio file, on individual pages on this website, allowing people to read it for free.

The decision has also inspired me to expand on certain parts of the story that the reader might not realise are based on existing facts or accepted mythology.

Quantism Concepts

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Contributory Information

While researching The Book of Quantism, I found myself studying a variety of truths, facts, rumours, and outright deceptions related to the information I sought.

Some of those things, like the Fibonacci sequence (Phi) play a major part in the story, other are only mentioned briefly.

It would be easy for the reader to mistake those subjects for fiction, when in fact they are either a true events, real world phenomena, scientific facts or theories, or bizarre topics that historical doctrine insists are true. Below are links to brief posts on some of those subjects, many of which I am sure you will find quite amazing! The information I’ve included is not intended to be absolutely precise, it’s more of an introductory guide for ordinary people like me!

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