Chapter 15

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1. A gentle transition towards Angelic superiority has been taking place for generations. 

2. The Demons made the mistake of underestimating the determination of the Angels. They assumed that because Angels were not as aggressive and self-serving as Demons, they were also unambitious. They were wrong. The Angels possess exactly the same primal instincts as the Demons, but they are better able to control them. Conspiracy is far from outside their capabilities. In fact, they are much better at it, because they have patience.

3. The thoughtful nature of the Angels has made them inclined to follow an academic path, and that has regularly allowed them to attain more prestigious and responsible careers. It has given them an advantage that has negated their deficit in physical numbers.

4. Consequently, over recent generations, as their numbers have grown, the Angels have quietly established themselves in positions of influence. It has been a dangerous venture, because the Demons are bad tempered and volatile, so applying patient passivity has been essential. Their determination has paid off. The Angels have become a quiet but powerful minority, upon which the Demons are highly dependent. 

5. Over the generations, as the two factions have progressed, the Angels have slowly, almost unnoticeably, become the social elite, and their natural inclination to be thoughtful and Philosophical have made them appear more intelligent, even though their brains are no more powerful than those of the Demons. 

6. The Angels have become the unspoken superiors. They are begrudgingly respected by the Demons,, sometimes even revered; a privilege they justly deserve, because it has been their influence that has brought about almost every positive aspect of social, industrial, and political advancement. The strength of the Demon Seraphim built their society, but the sophistication of the Angels has made it safe, healthy, and prosperous. 

7. With the exception of a minority of Demons, the two have managed to live together quite peacefully. The Demons are expressive, extrovert and highly sociable; the Angels are more reserved and slightly aloof. Even so, many families are built upon a successful combination of the two.


Changing Brain Function

1. In many ways, and in certain locations, Seraphim life is much easier than it has ever been. As a result, even the Demons have lost some of their physical hardiness. It is how the Nature of Phi works. It constantly refines and adapts a species to maximise efficiency within its environment. 

2. It may be true that the minds of Angels and Demons are physically indistinguishable, they no longer have identical functionality. Intellectually, the Angels are advancing while the Demons regress. The changes are not evident in the physical size or processing ability of the brain, just in the way they choose to use it. 

3. The Demons are simply not interested in developing their minds. They are practical. They consider computers and technology to be convenient labour-saving devices that allow them to be intellectually lazy. As a result, their cognitive skills are in decline. 

4. In contrast, the Angels use technology only as a means of performing mundane data processing tasks. Unlike Demons, they like to use their brain. They don’t favour mindless, technology driven pastimes that require no thinking. Instead, Angels choose to focus their attention on exploring the mind’s higher functions; on studying and developing their creative and Philosophical abilities; subjects where computers are still a poor alternative. The UCC knows the Angels are right. There is something about the unique processing ability of the organic brain that technology cannot yet replicate, and possibly never will.

5. Accuracy, of course, is a different subject. In terms of straightforward number processing and storage, the precision of technology has already left the organic brain behind. But when it comes to emotional understanding, speculation and anticipation, even compassion and apathy, technology might crudely mimic the ability of the mind, but it cannot master the irrationality and spontaneity of organic thought.


Full Circle

1. It is satisfying for the UCC to see that with the Seraphim, things might have gone full circle. An advanced race that lost its QI ability,but  is now regaining it. 

2. For the Seraphim themselves, it is causing tumultuous confusion. The majority of them are now hearing the intrusive QI signals. However, the UCC has recently discovered, it is significantly only the most advanced Angels who are transmitting. Nonetheless, as distressing as it may currently be, the potential is immense. 

3. The UCC has yet to identify precisely what is causing the switch to Angelic behaviour, and why it is triggering the re-establishment of the telepathic function. It is far from obvious, and creating a behavioural deviation that is too unwavering to be attributed solely to conscious choice. Yet the UCC can find no trigger signs. The only real difference is their behaviour, but that is an unlikely cause. 



1. The Angels have become far more righteous, but Demons are not incapable of virtuous behaviour; their history is littered with great individuals and respectable heroes. They have the emotional capacity for love and compassion, and they understand the advantages of peaceful behaviour, they just lack any psychological obligation to act that way.

2. Demons can be irrationally cruel, but they can also be supremely kind if it suits them. To them, emotion is superficial. If what they do makes them feel good, it’s a bonus, but emotion will only ever be secondary to practicality. It means, when faced with adversity, their sentiment can change in an instant. Their decision making will always become black or white. 

3. They will almost always only consider a situation from their own perspective and choose the option that will benefit them the most. There will be no room for compromise, only cold hard logic. The only time compromise will be considered, is if there is a chance it might benefit them later. Demons have almost no instinct for goodwill; their nature is inclined towards being narcissistic and sociopathic, often laced with psychopathic tendencies.

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