Chapter 17

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Seraphim Religion

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A Singular Perspective

1. There is one peculiar custom that has been adopted by almost every advanced race the UCC has encountered:  An inexplicable and almost obsessive fascination with the concept of Deity. The Seraphim, in spite of their self-absorbed single mindedness, have been no exception.  

2. Religion has always intrigued the UCC. It has struggled to understand why an intelligent race would choose to believe that unseen and unproven supernatural entities hold incredible power and influence over their lives. 

3. The UCC has found religion frustrating, because to a certain degree, the believers are correct: they do have a celestial overseer, it is the UCC. Unfortunately, so far, it has found no means of letting them know. It has tried, many times, even to the point of literally forcing information into individual minds, but invariably, each attempt has failed.

4. Nevertheless, it seems that not unlike the UCC itself, intelligent species need to feel there is more to their existence than just being a brief, random, and entirely pointless  period of independent consciousness. 


Demonic Gods

1. The Demons have many gods, most of which are gods of convenience… comfort blankets. Most are based on historical characters, who after death have inexplicably become immortal; supernatural supreme beings that exist in a mystical afterworld. Demons  like to imagine their gods possess incredible superpowers, which they will readily apply in exchange for adulation. 

2. Demons believe that when they die, if they have sufficiently impressed their chosen god, they get to join them in whatever magical otherworld they occupy. Once there, they will no doubt expect to endlessly indulge in whatever hedonistic pastimes they favoured in life. 

3. The Demons don’t know or particularly care where or how this afterlife exists, but they can get pretty upset with anyone who suggests it doesn’t.

4. In most cases it is rhetorical posturing, because in the back of their minds, very few truly believe it. Most take the Devil’s advice and live on a basis of – when they die, they are simply dead. So, they make the most of life while they have it. Nevertheless, it isn’t uncommon for entire sectors to go to war in defence of gods they don’t entirely believe in and can’t prove exist.

5. Unfortunately, in all places, regardless of how genuinely it begins, religion eventually becomes a shallow affair that few take seriously; an overrated fixation that ultimately becomes an excuse for bellicosity. Orchestrated, of course, by the egotistical Devil.


A Second Persona

1. It is the Angels that have true faith. They are more studious and logically minded than the Demons, and this has led to them rethinking the whole concept of religion. 

2. Unlike the Demons, the Angels express no bombastic rhetoric, just a quiet confidence in a considered theory. A theory that began when they first realised their method of consideration was beginning to noticeably differ from that of the Demons. 

3. It led them to question if the personality consisted of more than just one single persona: the Devil; created by the body’s instinct-driven operating system. Maybe there was something else, something subtle and precious. A gentler, more considerate persona that had been suppressed by the narcissistic Devil, but now, thanks to the Angels’ efforts, was now re-establishing its presence. Maybe that part of their personality represented their finer qualities. 

4. As the Angelic studies progressed, they became convinced that not only did they have a second persona but that the second persona was something entirely different; substantial and distinctly superior to the Devil: A Spirit. A non-physical, energy-based Lifeforce that resided within the physical body during its lifetime; symbiotically conjoined, but entirely independent. They named the new spiritual persona, the Soul, and considered that the Soul, not the Devil, represented who they really were. 

5. They believed that by freeing their spirit, they allowed the Soul to flourish and develop, to more regularly consult the wisdom of the subconscious, and to give them the gift of righteousness. 

Cosmic force

1. The elders were surprisingly astute in their assertions. They believed there was a subtle cosmic force that connected all things, and provided energy to the spirits of living creatures. Now, generations later, scientific knowledge is reinforcing and strengthening their claims. For example, the elders claimed that visible light was a form of that energy. They were correct. In fact, they were more than just vaguely accurate, because they expanded on that speculation, saying various colours represented different levels of that energy, and that was correct too. 

2. They also concluded that the measure of cosmic energy was vibrational frequency, and that it was logical to assume low frequencies were not as potent as high frequencies, meaning it was prudent to keep an individual’s vibrational frequency high, therefore spiritually healthy.

3. Years of practice established how different areas and aspects of the body had energy centres of their own. They became known as Chakras, and each Chakra had its own spiritual state. Consequently, when a person had an ailment, regardless of whether it was emotional or physical, the disruption would cause a vibrational imbalance in the related chakra. The imbalance would cause a blockage in the flow of cosmic energy, leading to a decline in both spiritual and physical health. 

4. Studies have changed some of those understandings. The Angels no longer accept that spiritual frequencies improve when they are raised. They do not. It is a misconception. Spiritual refinement is not a competition. In fact, precisely the opposite is true. Raised frequencies almost always indicate agitation and imbalance. The spiritual state peaks only when it is at its own unique and very specific frequency; and to achieve that state the Spirit must be calm and content, which almost always requires lowering the vibrational frequency.

5. When the foundation frequency of the individual has been achieved, they can then work towards harmonising the Chakra energy centres. It is only when the Chakras are in balance that the body can begin to resonate at its own frequency. It is the resulting Resonate Contentment that is the true objective. It actively elevates the individual’s spiritual presence.

6. The Angels still believe that it is critical to ensure the host body remains peaceful, calm, and serene, to maximise the positive flow, and that skilled spiritual healers can detect disturbances within the Chakras, and help restore any imbalance by applying practised techniques. Simply watching how their own world operates, exemplifies on every level, how peaceful synergy is far more successful than negative conflict.


Spiritual Realm

1. The Angels have become certain that the universe is constructed from subatomic particles, and that just as the elders claimed, many of those quantum forces flow through the universe like a tide of cosmic energy, providing a wonderful communication network through which all things are connected. The Angels believe that it is within that sea of cosmic energy that a spiritual realm resides. That realm is where the spirit originates, and eventually returns.

2. They believe the physical body is simply a sophisticated vessel that the spirit occupies during the living part of its journey. The spiritual persona is the Soul, and the body’s own persona is the Devil, with which the Soul must learn to both cooperate and contend. The two have very distinct and conflicting objectives. The Devil’s are immediate. The Soul’s are more long-term. They differ greatly because when the body eventually dies, so does the Devil; but the Soul does not. As part of the Spirit, the Soul returns to the quantum realm, where it continues its adventure; possibly even returning one day to inhabit another sentient creature, and learn more about physical existence. 



1. The Angels have never considered themselves special or unique in their possession of a Spirit, only that they have been the first to recognise and accept the phenomenon. They believe that all things, including Demons, have spirits of varying complexity. It is an inherent gift from God, or nature, or the cosmic force, or whichever title is preferred. The name may change but the fundamental source remains the same.

2. They consider it the duty of every individual to contribute positive enlightenment to their Soul; to learn and experience as much as possible in anticipation of when the body dies and their spirit rejoins the eternal spiritual realm. They now see life as an information gathering exercise that represents only a small part of a much bigger journey. 

3. The spirit has raised them above being just another object with a finite existence. It has made them immortal. 



1. From its omnipotent perspective, the UCC can understand the Angelic conclusions. Their decision making process has undoubtedly become far more complex. Demonic decisions are a straightforward assessment of facts, to determine which option will benefit them the most. They have one solitary perspective, one voice of reason: The Devil. 

2. When the Angels contemplate a situation, just like the Demons, they are initially influenced by the Devil, but there is a critical extra factor in their deliberations, a virtue that is glaringly absent in the Demons: The Angels have a Conscience. A second voice of influence. An independent, calm, and contemplative persona that after the Devil has hurriedly identified the most beneficial option, quietly asks: Will that option cause any unnecessary grief or suffering for a third party?

3. That additional consideration is unique and highly irregular. Not just in the Seraphim, but in any species. The Angels have learned to consciously suppress spontaneous thought in favour of considered thought. It elevates them to a higher level of consciousness and moves them significantly closer to Ultra-Sentience

4. The Demons find Angelic deliberations infuriating. To them, it is indecisiveness, therefore a weakness. Nevertheless, it has been the Angelic insistence on searching for peaceful solutions to volatile issues that has enabled the Seraphim to progress this far. 



1. The angels know the journey will not be an easy one. Even though they have never openly attempted to share spirituality with the intolerant Demons, rumours have spread, and most of them are aware of the concept, even if it is rarely discussed or acknowledged in public. While some are secretly intrigued, most contemptuously dismiss it as mystical nonsense. 

2. Nevertheless, religious misdirection is a certainty. There is a small minority of Demons that are fascinated by the Angels and spirituality, many of which have convinced themselves they too are Angels. Although some are undoubtedly well meaning, most are not. They are demons, therefore preoccupied with self-promotion. So they gather a few facts, presume they know everything, then masquerade as spiritual gurus, teaching things that are entirely incorrect. 

3. It doesn’t matter. Their target audiences are no better; narcissists that want to indulge in a fleeting and insincere charade; happy to share a delusion where faking rapid results, for an affordable fee, is a convenient option. 

4. Even the term spiritual healing has been corrupted. In their ignorance, the imposters claim they can heal the body, but that is not true. Spiritual healing is about healing the Spirit; about restoring disrupted karmic balance when elevated stress levels have caused the body’s natural healing processes to falter and stall. The skill of a genuine spiritual practitioner is to nudge the body’s own healing processes back into action; gently restoring and reactivating the body’s ability to repair itself. The process may be modestly miraculous, but outwardly it is unrushed and unspectacular. 

5. It doesn’t sell well. The ignorant want mystical showmanship with spectacular and instantaneous results. So they allow themselves to be misled by the preposterous claims of the disingenuous; encouraged to abandon cautious intrigue in favour of reckless fantasy. 

6. Unfortunately, extravagant claims attract nothing but scepticism and disappointment, and in doing so justifies the contempt of detractors, who cynically attribute any genuine achievement to luck, coincidence, or placebo. 

7. The situation is worsened by those who promote commercialised prescription drugs. Once again, they are often produced by those with genuine intention, but corporations are ruled by groups happy to use the words and rhetoric necessary to appeal to a population begging for rapid results from chemical solutions. Neither the manufacturers or consumers have any interest in remedies that require patience and intellectual investment. The fact that chemically achieved benefits are often false, dependency forming, and short lived, is lost in the rhetoric.

8. The Angels, of course, are undeterred. They have learnt to distinguish the difference between spiritual and physical ailments. The blindness isn’t theirs. 

9. The UCC knows they are right. Medicine has its place, and that is when an organic structure is simply too broken to repair itself. Millions of years of evolution may have made the body very efficient at self-repair, but medical advancements have undoubtedly overcome many ailments that nature itself cannot, or simply doesn’t see the point in, combating. Life is plentiful; organisms come and go; there is little to be gained from propagating weakness. Nature is very binary in that. 

10. There is no doubt, in a society where death has become unacceptable, medicine can be invaluable. Nevertheless, even chemicals work better when the body is karmically balanced and helping itself.   



1. The Angels now believe the Condition is the emerging awareness of telepathic connection, which, despite the inconvenience, is a good thing. The Demons don’t agree. They think it is a curse, a sickness; a punishment inflicted by the gods for their indiscretions. The Angels think the Demonic gods are unreal and irrelevant. 

2. The UCC thinks the Angelic concept of spirituality is incredibly perceptive, and in many ways, quite correct. The Condition is without doubt the onset of QI and part of the evolutionary leap to Ultra-Sentience. Regrettably, the UCC also knows that plausible as it may be, the Angelic theory of having a Soul, an eternal Spirit and there being a divine afterlife, is entirely wrong. Those things do not exist.

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