Chapter 27

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The Alliance 

1. The Angels are working hard, but their enthusiasm is being dampened by their dire circumstances. They have reached the planet and are now planning the terraforming process. The equipment has been greatly improved during the journey, but it is still going to take decades to complete the process.

2. They are trying to remain positive, but it is impossible to hide their concern. Facilities aboard the Ark are excellent, but they were not designed to accommodate an entire society, including plants and animals, for such an extended period. It may be theoretically possible, but when considering all the factors, in practice it is proving difficult. 

3. The UCC realised it long ago but chose to let the Angels work it out for themselves. 



1. And there is more bad news. The Demon planet is in a terrible state. Vicious wars are raging everywhere. Even worse, a small military space vessel has left the planet and is heading towards the Ark. The crew comprises about fifty renegades, mostly male, led by the hostile commander known as Lucifer. There is no doubt, their intentions are not good.

2. When the UCC delivers the news to the Yahweh, his distress is palpable. The smaller Demon ship will be at least as well armed as the Ark, and although the Angels are perfectly capable of defending themselves, there is no potential outcome that is likely to increase the chances of long-term success.

3. There is no positive aspect to find. The crew of Demons have nothing to contribute, either physically, intellectually, or genetically. They will undoubtedly cause disruption and almost certainly bring damage and death. They will ruin any hope of organised rational planning, and almost certainly guarantee any hope solving the current predicament is ultimately dashed. 


An Alternative Plan.  

1. The UCC suggests an alternative option. It is risky, but it makes more sense than standing and fighting. They can run. The Demon ship is still months away, so the Angels will have a substantial head start. If they act quickly, they can stay in front of the Demons. It will at least give them time to think. 

2. The Angels assume the UCC is about to suggest flying in a big circle while developing new defensive technology. They are mistaken; the UCC has a daring suggestion that will not only allow them to avoid imminent conflict with the Demons, but also provide a solution to their long-term survival issue. 



1. Some distance away, the UCC has located a small planet that is part of a stable system, orbiting a red dwarf star. The planet is already quite compatible with the Angels, and not incredibly unlike their home world. 

2. It is populated by wonderfully diverse flora and fauna, that is once again, not entirely unlike what they are accustomed to. Although the dominant species are slightly smaller, with rounder heads, and a much shorter life span, they are remarkably similar to the Angels. An unsurprising fact when considering the Nature of Phi’s insistence that every Alpha-Species approaching the pinnacle of creation, has a universally consistent format.

3. The UCC assures the Angels that with some help, the two species can be made compatible. Never entirely, but enough to create a hybrid that will retain sufficient characteristics to be considered a continuation of the Angelic race. 

4. The planet is to be called Earth, and the Alpha-Species in question will be referred to as Human

5. The Angels will assist the UCC in helping the Humans evolve into higher sentient beings, and the Humans will help the Angelic species survive.


A Long Journey 

1. The UCC’s suggestion is clearly the best option, so preparations begin immediately. The first action is to cancel the terraforming program. The equipment is the only set they have and can only be used once, so it would be foolish to waste it.

2. The journey will take a long time, but that extra time will have certain advantages, one of which will be: because the modified Ark is faster than the Demonic ship, by the end of the journey the Angels will have gained enough time to prepare for the Demons arriving. 

3. As the Angels begin their journey through the vastness of space, the UCC has work to do, preparations to make, and a beady eye to keep on the small group of Demons, following only the shortest of distances behind. 

4. For the UCC, the plan is perfect. It will give it more usable time to perfect the Angels and the QI. It will also give it time to develop its latest idea… The UCC would like to provide the Angels with the afterlife they aspire to, and favourably refer to as Heaven

5. The concept has great potential, and the UCC can see no reason why, once it is in place, the afterlife shouldn’t also be extended to the Humans. They have a similar organic brain configuration, so the adaptation should be a relatively easy process. 

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