Chapter 30

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Time Complexities

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Perspectives of Time

1. When compared to the UCC, the lifespan of a Seraphim is very short; but when compared to a single moment of their own conscious awareness, the same lifetime must feel very long. It is difficult for either party to imagine the perspective of the other, but their appreciation is increasing as they continue to communicate. 

2. Such considerations have recently become the subjective focus of the UCC. Since the Ark has slowed from interstellar speeds, the UCC has been able to observe how physical speed has been affecting the two groups, Angels and Demons. Both are Seraphim, so their internal metabolic clock is precisely the same. Their relative speeds however, have varied greatly. The Angels are now in orbit above the Earth, so although they are technically still moving, the Demons are moving much faster. 

3. During the journey, the UCC has helped the Angels increase the maximum speed of the Ark, which as a percentage of the total speed, is minimal. However, the effect of speed on time, multiplies exponentially as it draws closer to the speed of light; so, the comparative difference has been substantial. 

4. The UCC has been able to observe the body clock of individuals from each group. Within their surrounding environment, things have remained quite normal, but the UCC has been able to watch both, simultaneously and impartially. When the Angels had been moving at high velocity, if they could have seen the Demons, they would have almost perceptibly been able to watch them age. Now, because the Demons are still moving at high speed and the Angels are relatively static, the effect is being reversed.

5. It makes the UCC realise how complex physical existence is. The relationship between different species can be difficult, sometimes because of genetic and environmental incompatibility, or because of the vast distances between them, but also because of the difference in their natural timescape. 

6. It confirms the UCC’s earlier conclusion: the relationship between energy depletion and physical speed is a component of time. Relatively speaking, the slower they move, the faster they age.


Buying Time

1. The variance in timescapes will provide a very useful opportunity, because as much as the Humans still need more time to evolve, the Angels have no time to wait. For them, time is precious. Even with their longer natural lifespan and the facility of stasis, their numbers, individual ages, and living conditions, mean that any delay is going to be an issue. 

2. The UCC has calculated that the Angels can conduct a development project on Earth, then undertake a circular journey at high velocity and return later, knowing more time will have passed on Earth than on board the Ark. 

3. Even so, the UCC is expecting the whole process to take in the region of 50% of an Angel’s expected lifespan, and some of the Angels don’t have that much time to give. The timing is going to be critical; calculations have shown that for the plan to work, they will need at least 70 of the Angels to survive, along with a hybrid Human population that is uncontaminated, fully evolved, and numbering at least 150,000; a process that will take an estimated 6000 years.

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