Chapter 34

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1. The Demons have been following the trail of the Angelic ark for a long time, but unlike the Angels, they have not known their destination. It is of little relevance; even if they had known, their preparation would have been no different. The Demons are expecting conflict. 

2. When they reach Earth, their arrival is something of a disappointment. There are no Angels to be found, and no conflict to be had. They find only a fertile, peaceful planet, with a vast selection of flora and fauna and an obvious Alpha-Species. The humans are intelligent, and their population is expanding rapidly into a number of independent societies. 

3. Although the Demons are certain the Angels have visited the planet, they can find no indication of where they have been or what they have done. They obviously suspect the Angels have been interacting with the Alpha-Species, but can find no evidence of what those interactions might have been.



1. The original leader of the Demon renegades had once been an Angel called Lucifer, who chose to accept treatment for the condition. Consequently, he lost his Q I ability, and strayed back towards Demonic behaviour. Nevertheless, he retained some of his Angelic wisdom, which gained him the respect of his fellow Demons.

2. Lucifer died early in the voyage. His successor is entirely Demon. His name is Satan, and his demeanour is aggressive, even for a Demon. He is merciless and uncompromising. As they arrived, Satan had prepared himself to die in battle with the Angels, so he was bitterly frustrated to find them not there. He has since had time to calm down, and now realises it was a good thing: the Demons also have grave concerns about the continuity of their species. 

3. However, if Satan decides to use humans to alleviate that problem, his methods of interaction will be much cruder than those of the Angels. It is unlikely he will spend much time considering the moral and technical implications. He will have no interest in conducting a carefully planned, cooperative process of integration. His will be a psychologically hostile invasion. The Demons will introduce themselves peacefully, charm their way into favour, and then use their intelligence and technology to take control. 

4. On reflection, Satan is pleased the Angels are absent. It will allow him to get on with his business uninterrupted. It will also give the Demons time to prepare for when the Angels return.


The Moon

1. It isn’t long before the Demons also discover that  Earth’s oddball satellite isn’t all it initially appears to be, but their approach is very different. 

2. They too find the moon base, but to them it represents a very useful outpost, so they waste no time in occupying the underground facility, safely hidden on the moon’s far side, facing away from Earth. 

3. By nature, the Demons are rather more industrious than the Angels. They quickly utilise the habitation centre and even get some of the alien machinery operational. The base gives them an ideal off-world place to live, and somewhere they can defend when the Angels return, if it becomes necessary.


A Passively Aggressive Invasion

1. The UCC can only observe as the Demons make their plans. They have an immediate advantage because they find the human females attractive; and although the human males are quite aggressive, they are nothing the Demons can’t handle.

2. There are no negotiations. The Demons present themselves and almost immediately begin intimidating the humans into submission. All humans are treated as a lesser species, with only the more desirable females being taken as concubines and given a higher status.

3. The first Demonic action is to abduct a series of suitable females and begin crossbreeding experiments; a crude process that results in many terrible failures. Nevertheless, they eventually manage to establish an acceptable standard of interspecies breeding. The resulting hybrid is far from perfect and will never be accepted by the Nature of Phi, but the Demons care little about such issues, and the new breed suits their purpose. 

4. The initial hybrid creatures are largely Demonic and intensely loyal. Physically, they differ slightly to the humans: They have elongated heads and larger eyes, their complexion is lighter, they are taller, they suffer from breathing issues and are sensitive to the sun; but by limiting their exposure they are able to manage, and with each iteration they become better adapted to the environment. Their advanced technical and intellectual ability gives them an advantage, enabling them to quickly take control of several societies around the globe. 

5. Through their minions, the Demons teach the indigenous population lots of new skills: farming and building techniques, mathematics and astronomy; politics and advanced social structure. 


Supreme Rule

1. Within a short period, the Demon offspring rule supreme, allowing the Demons themselves to spend most of their time on the moon, only visiting Earth to exercise control over their minions and to collect supplies. Direct contact with the humans is kept to a minimum, and even then, communication is largely conducted by their hybrid intermediaries.  

2. The humans are forced to harvest food and minerals while the Demons behave like gods. Their intentions are entirely selfish: to survive as long as possible whilst ruling the planet, and of course, to destroy any plans made by the Angels.

3. It seems the Demons are bound to succeed. They have established themselves in several societies, guiding them towards being self-sufficient and progressive. But it is an illusion. The Demons have made no effort to advance humans on a psychological level, so their advancements are premature and uncultured, making them insecure and self-destructive.



1. To the UCC the humans are disappointing. So far, even when disregarding the influence of the Demons, the efforts of the Alliance have produced very few positive results. Humans are weak and easily corrupted; intelligent but devious. They have embraced and worshipped the Demons as the false gods they are, but at the same time, they have watched and learned. 

2. They mimic Demonic narcissism; and in their quest for self promotion, wantonly abandon what little morality they have, allowing themselves to become selfish and hedonistic; entirely dominated by the Devil. 

3. The UCC is dismayed. There are almost no spiritual tendencies remaining in human society. They have adopted the Demons polytheism, even believing they too have the potential to become gods. They flaunt their indulgence and debauchery and take pride in their gluttony.  

4. The Demons gleefully watch the corruption, encouraging the humans to indulge in their own ruination, while lapping up their adulation and regularly gorging themselves on the burnt sacrificial flesh of animals and humans alike. 

5. The Angels purposefully hid their chosen people in isolated areas, but the corrupted population is spreading so rapidly it is reaching into even the most remote locations. The Demons have been successful. Their seed is strong and spreading rapidly. They don’t know exactly what the Angels did during their time amongst the humans, so in the hope of disturbing or even completely ruining the Angelic plan, they have created as much disruption as possible. Their hybrid offspring have infiltrated and corrupted massive sections of the population all over the world, and to the watchful UCC, the lights of Q I ability are going out like candles in a storm.

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