Chapter 36

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Humans are proving to be no better than countless other species that have shown great promise, and then plummeted into obscurity the moment they have needed to apply even the smallest degree of self-discipline. However, unlike other species, the Humans have a unique advantage, because they are the last hope of survival for the Angels. 

Nevertheless, the situation is frustrating the Alliance. Clearly, for all their incompetence and crudity, the Demons are winning the battle for supremacy. They have no concerns for the future, and have accepted that as a species they are doomed; so they are satisfying themselves knowing their efforts to dominate humanity have been more successful than those of the Angels. It is a hollow victory, but enough to satisfy their simplistic arrogance. 

The Demons themselves spend only short and very occasional periods in the Earth’s atmosphere, but through their technology and intermediaries, they still obsessively monitor the activities of their Earth-bound associates. That is why they are known as Watchers. 



The number of Nephilim has grown and they are becoming troublesome, even to the Demons. They are physical giants, with enormous appetites. They constantly demand large quantities of food, primarily meat, from the Humans around them, who are too frightened and intimidated to refuse. 

Unfortunately, even by the standards of Demons, the Nephilim are crude and barbaric. If the Humans cannot produce enough food, in their anger, the Nephilim will often slay them without mercy, sometimes even eating the Humans they have killed. 

They rape and pillage at will; even fornicate with the livestock if the desire takes them; but their DNA is corrupt, mutated and alien. Had they been anywhere else, the UCC would probably not bother to intervene. It would ignore their nefarious behaviour, knowing that as with most vile species, even if not through their own doing, they would eventually face eradication by the Nature of Phi. But the Nephilim are in the same area as the Hebrews, which makes them a clear and present danger. That makes them significant. Something must be done. 


Frozen Opportunity

An opportunity to stealthily intervene has been identified. Following the recent ice age, there are still areas in the northern hemisphere that are covered in ice, but the planet is warming rapidly, and the ice is melting.

From their advantageous position, the Angels can watch the events unfold. The planet is becoming increasingly humid, and producing a great deal of rain, with regular occurrences of severe localised flooding. One such incident is about to happen in the Caspian basin, where the small Hebrew tribe resides.



Currently, the most significant member of the Hebrew tribe is a man by the name of Enoch, a descendent of Seth. Enoch is a good, decent, and trustworthy man, who the Angels have decided to take into their confidence. 

Enoch is the first Human to be taken aboard the Space Ark as a guest. Once he is acclimatised, he is shown the Earth, and the area in which he lives, from the perspective of God. 

He is told the history of the Seraphim, including the Demons, their relationship with the Nephilim, and the reasons why they are so dangerous. He is told the truth about the Angels’ long-term plans, and their efforts to nurture a special extended family that will eventually become a revised version of the Human race, living in a world that has been renewed and rejuvenated. 

Enoch is told, the road his people must take will be a long and difficult one, and that even though God and his Angels will do all they can to protect the Hebrews, much of the work, and all of the self-control and discipline, will have to be applied by the people themselves. 

It is imperative the Hebrew tribe understand how only those who remain faithful to their cause, and do not allow their blood to be contaminated by outsiders, will have any hope of being saved by God. When the day of judgement comes, there will be no mitigation, and no mercy. Those who qualify will be saved, those who do not, will perish.

Enoch is told that during the time of his grandchildren there will be a great flood. When that time comes, they will receive further instruction from God. They must obey his demands without question. Enoch is then given assurance that one day there will be a Messiah. He will unite the Hebrew people and lead them as their king in their own lands, which the Angels will provide. It is a promise made by God, the Yahweh himself. 


The Book of Enoch

Now Enoch has seen the power and heavenly status of God with his own eyes, and he knows it is real; so he is returned to Earth. He is told to record exactly what he has seen so that it can be shared and understood by his people. Unfortunately, because the experience has had a traumatic and profound impact on Enoch’s senses, he struggles to find words suitable to describe his incredible adventure.

When Enoch eventually produces a book that details his experiences to the best of his ability, it is received with disbelief; callously disregarded and cast aside by the countless emerging institutionalised religions. They would sooner deny such complicated issues than try to explain them. 

The book of Enoch is hidden away and contemptuously disregarded; ignored by successive generations that are either incapable or unwilling to consider, let alone accept, its content. But it is also preserved and kept safe. When the time is right, the Book of Enoch will re-emerge and be embraced by those with the vision and wisdom to understand the secrets it reveals.

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