Chapter 39

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A pleasant and unexpected surprise

There has been a change in circumstances that has given the UCC cause to reconsider its intentions.  

When the UCC created the Soul and the Spirit World, it did so exclusively for the Angels. However, when the advantages became apparent, the UCC decided to roll out the idea amongst other high sentience species, which of course included Humans, but there were many others too. 

Since that time, the anticipation of an afterlife has given the lives of many species an objective purpose. A positive improvement in almost all cases… except Humans. Humanity has been a disappointment. Of the few not contaminated by the Demon Seed, most have been lost to the Ego. In much of humanity, the Devil is strong to the point of the Conscience becoming so dormant the Soul may as well not exist. So, when the UCC discovers that certain Humans are developing spiritual qualities, entirely through their own endeavours, it is pleasantly surprised. 

So far, those Humans have barely entered the initial stages of enlightenment, therefore have little or no idea what they are experiencing, but at least they are experiencing something; and they are trying to understand, so they deserve some of the UCC’s attention. They are exactly what spirituality is about. 


Selection Process

When the UCC consults the Angels, their initial response is one of concern. Most of the newly discovered spiritual Humans are not Hebrew, and the Angels don’t want the project to lose focus. However, when reminded of their circumstances, and of how few Angels ultimately survived an entire population of Seraphim, they agree to cooperate. The spiritual Humans will not be ignored; after all, their numbers may later prove critical. Obviously, the primary objective will remain focussed upon the development of an Angel-Human hybrid, but the Alliance will also do what they can to help the emerging spiritual population, regardless of their genetic heritage.  

Considering the distress and confusion already being caused amongst the Humans by the onset of Ultra-Sentience, the Alliance decide that QI communication will not be attempted at this stage. Instead, they will exploit the humans’ inquisitive nature by leaving a series of signs, clues they can discover.

On the advice of The Yahweh, the UCC engages the help of an Angelic scientist called Metatron, a cryptologist who has also studied the Human psyche. They create several logical, physical, and mystical puzzles that will help spiritual progress; subtle lessons that will be cryptic and unverifiable, meaning their acceptance will take a degree of faith. They will not be easy; it will take an inquisitive nature to find them, intelligence to understand them, and wisdom to apply them effectively, highlighting and demonstrating the skills essential to be worthy. 


Technical Clues

It is important for spiritual Humans to understand how the universe is both intensely complicated and supremely simple. So, in addition to being mystical and intriguing, the signs will also be intellectually challenging. 

Absorbing the complexities of a near infinite universe is a daunting challenge when considering the pitifully small cluster of working components crammed into the Human cranium. Fortunately, the foundation upon which those complexities are built, is gloriously simple. So, for the sake of clarity, one of the signs created is a simple diagram, a geometric pattern that depicts the fundamental model upon which the entire universe is fashioned.  

The diagram will be introduced​ into every society and it will illustrate, but not explain, the key to creation. It will be a puzzle, targeted at those able to grasp how something very simple can express something very complex. It will be like taking a theoretical glimpse of universal mechanics through a keyhole of understanding. The diagram will be known as the Flower of Life and it will be an extension of the Vesica Piscis. 

But the progression will not end there. Starting as a simple circle, it will expand into the Vesica Piscis, which then becomes a seed, a flower, and a fruit, before finally culminating in the Egg of Life. Which in its simplicity will exemplify the principal structure of an entire universe. 

But the curving nature of the Egg of Life will not be complete without its harsh binary opposite. Concealed within the gentle geometric intersections, the straight and angular nature of Metatron’s Cube will lie hidden in plain sight; there to be discovered. Together their interwoven synergy will show the principles used by the Nature of Phi to refine and perfect the design of all things. A phenomenon that will need to be spiritually appreciated as much as intellectually understood. 

Only those who look, and study, and learn, will grow to understand and appreciate the significance of what they find. Simply memorising facts will not be enough, because gaining wisdom will require a person to first discover the facts and then use those facts to gain understanding.


No Definite Format

Hopefully the plan will help spiritual Humans progress and prepare. As it had been with the Angels, their demeanour is already beginning to show subtle but distinct change. They are developing a similarity in character that must not be mistaken for the uniformity of herding creatures. Not group dependent clones but synergistic team members that are equally comfortable with their own company and individuality. 

Gaining enlightenment will be a deeply personal experience that many, especially at the beginning, will have to undertake alone. Some will embrace it; some will reject it. Some will have to work very hard just to touch the quantum realm, while others will find it easy. Some will be naturally gifted, yet unaware of their spiritual potential; others, many others, despite having no ability at all, will still boast of wondrous spiritual experiences and abilities. 

There will be those who quickly develop a substantial understanding and then help those who are finding the process difficult. They will be known as lightworkers, empaths, starseeds, witches, warlocks, priests, and shaman, to name but a few. Their knowledge, wisdom and self-assured understanding will make them natural, benevolent leaders. Unfortunately, their credibility will invariably be damaged by the inevitable impostors. Fraudsters will mislead the gullible, sometimes innocently, sometimes wantonly. It will not matter. Only those with the necessary qualities will be chosen.  


Tasting the Afterlife 

Those whose faith is weak, because they are impulsive, or lack patience or ability, will search for fast, easy, and immediate results. The UCC knows they will discover the exotic substances hidden in common grasses, fungi, and the barks of certain trees. They will emulate naturally produced chemicals, such as the Dimethyltryptamine produced by the body to help the mind organise and assemble quantum memory. Indulging in chemicals that alter the function of the mind will produce a crude simulation of the Spirit world. The experience will be an unnaturally imposed dream-state that lacks the quality, control, or authenticity of practised meditation. It may help some and appease others. Mostly it will be punishingly destructive, especially for the over-indulgent.


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