Chapter 46

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Too Late

By the time the Angels realise what is happening, it is too late. Yeshua is dead, and has been for some time. There is nothing that can be done, and even if there was, it would only add further confusion to what is already an absolute catastrophe. 

The body of Yeshua has been sealed in a tomb and is already in a state of decay. The Thanatotranscriptome genes have already been activated. His Spirit has been released and is currently being absorbed into the UCC; a process that in itself is complicated, there is always a period of transgression as the Spirit adapts to its strange new environment.

The UCC confirms the Spirit of Yeshua is intact but is still undergoing the process of adaptation; and there are additional complications too: The Spirit of Yeshua has been highly stressed and traumatised. He had not expected to suffer so badly. His Spirit will be fine eventually, but it will need time to stabilise. Nothing can be done anyway, there is no way to reanimate his body. The period elapsed is too long. The body is too decayed.

Incoming reports are revealing what went wrong. Yeshua overstepped his authority, and as a result lost the support of all but his most loyal followers. The claims of Messianic status served only to justify the reservations of the religious leaders and their fundamentalist supporters. 



Although Yeshua had offended the Romans, they probably wouldn’t have been so severe if it hadn’t been for the combination of his own stubbornness and the local religious leaders’ insistence that he was made an example of.

The religious leaders, of course, couldn’t be entirely blamed for their prejudice; they have a duty to protect Judaism, and Yeshua was hardly the first pretender to challenge them with claims of being a prophet and Messiah. Ultimately, for all his charm and charisma, he proved to be no more authentic than the rest. Yes, there had been talk of him performing miraculous deeds, but there are similar claims made every day.

The whole affair has been a complete disaster; ending up as damaging as it was intended to be beneficial. Just as the reputation of Yeshua was gaining momentum and attracting the attention of the masses, causing the temples to accept they must take him a little more seriously, it turned into a farce. The moment Yeshua, the supposed Messiah and son of God, was challenged, he proved powerless to defend even himself, let alone his people and their nation. He placed the credibility of Judaism at stake, and in doing so gave the elders no option but to categorically reject him.

For the Hebrews, the event has been a betrayal and a humiliation. For the followers of Yeshua, it has been incredibly traumatic; their perceived Messiah has been killed on the instruction of his own people. In the eyes of the surrounding nations, the Israelites have become a laughing stock. After centuries of anticipation, the arrival of the Messiah has been a short-lived farce that has damaged their credibility beyond measure.

The Angels are not entirely blameless either. They had wanted to stay aloof, to allow Yeshua to establish himself without their intervention. They had feared an unwelcome encounter with the Demons, and in remaining passive, compromised the entire process.


Damage Limitation 

Time is now of the essence. The Angels hurriedly assess the situation in the hope of recovering at least some of what has been lost. 

The first action is to stealthily recover the body of Yeshua. If it remains entombed and decaying like any other, it will only strengthen the argument of him being a fraud which amongst the majority of the population, is exactly how Yeshua is being perceived: a fraudulent imposter. Regardless of the truth, that is the reality the Angels must deal with, and incorporate into any revised plan they make.


Hope in A New Plan

The Angels decide there is hope. There is a small but significant number of people who are still convinced Yeshua really was the Messiah. They can be used to create a new, favourable interpretation of the dramatic events. 

Fortunately, when the Angels removed the body of Yeshua, the mysterious disappearance had an unexpectedly positive impact. It inspired hope in his loyal followers and allowed them to believe he wasn’t yet finished. Amongst them, the word is spreading: Yeshua has risen from the dead to verify his irrepressible divinity. It seems blind and unquestioning faith has its uses. 

It is a great opportunity, but there is a problem: The body of Yeshua cannot be reanimated. It is too damaged. An alternative plan must be devised. Another person, someone unknown but similar in looks, will be given specific and exacting instructions. They will re-emerge as Yeshua, but only appear to a select few, those whose belief is strong enough to overcome their doubts.



The plan works. It is well orchestrated, and precisely scripted. Yeshua appears, but only briefly, and only to his closest allies. He looks different but the intimate knowledge he conveys, gleaned by the UCC from the Spirit of Yeshua himself, is enough to convince them he is the real thing. 

The plan is to keep things simple. Time, at least from the perspective of the Alliance, is running desperately short.  The circumstances they have are as good as they are going to get, even if they are far from ideal. As a nation, the Hebrews may once again be broken; but they must survive. 


The Gospel of Yeshua

Yeshua may have been corrupted by his own rising celebrity, but there were certain things he did get right. One of those things was his insistence that Judaism abandoned any unnecessarily barbaric or violent application of its laws. 

Yeshua built his Gospel on the belief that peaceful communication leads to understanding, which in turn creates the synergy and cooperation necessary to achieve shared objectives. His Philosophy was wholly correct. The Angels are proof that peaceful compliance and intelligently controlled behaviour is the path to spiritual evolution. 

When the disciples are visited by the carefully prepared imposter, posing as Yeshua, they are told they must continue to spread his gospel, because the future of Humanity will depend upon their efforts. 

It is clarified: the death of Yeshua was always part of the plan. It had been an intentionally symbolic sacrifice; intended to demonstrate he was not only prepared to face death for the sake of his followers, but that even in death he could not be defeated. It is important that what had in reality been pure stubbornness, is perceived as a demonstration of his passive commitment. 

The quest must remain spiritual. It must not become physical. The aim must be to create a social mentality based on righteous behaviour, mutual understanding, and selfless equality. The story of Yeshua must be adapted to accurately portray a Messianic commitment to passive righteousness; and to highlight the distinct advantages of peaceful synergy over hostile and aggressive egocentricity. 

However, the Gospel of Yeshua must also make clear that his authority is not to be questioned. His first visitation had been as a helpless lamb, intended to demonstrate that even in the face of terrible suffering and persecution, self-restraint and peaceful commitment must endure. He had allowed himself to be judged and sacrificed at the hands of his persecutors. But that will not be the case upon his return. 

Eventually, when the time is right, Yeshua will return to fulfil his Messianic duties, and when he does, things will be different. He will return as a lion, and it will be Yeshua, the Messiah, who stands in judgement of humanity. His arrival will not be subtle. It will be announced with the roar of thunder and the energy of lightning bolts. His demeanour will not only be one of compassion but also one of a powerful and judgemental god. Salvation will be granted only to those who have proved their worthiness.

As it has been at the time of Moses, the gospel of Yeshua must insist that the Hebrews remain passive and spiritual. However, in their patience they can rest assured that as God has always promised, a kingdom of peace and safety will eventually be provided. 

On his return, as the representative of God, it will be Yeshua who asserts the power of a deity by undertaking a merciless process of logical selection. Once again, the authority of God will demonstrate its readiness to be harshly judgemental when required. Those chosen will be placed in safety while the surplus population is eliminated.

That is why the new covenant must clearly convey: Only those who comply with the Gospel of Yeshua will survive. Those who do not… will not. It will be that simple. 


It is a big and quite desperate demand. The apostles are going to have to work hard. They must expect to be persecuted by the Demons, their Humon minions, and by the unspiritual humans; but there can be no other option. The stage has been set. 

As they stand, the Hebrews are vastly outnumbered, disjointed, and demoralised. Yet another plan has failed, and the implementation of yet another new plan is going to take time, a luxury that is rapidly running out. 

Yeshua was intended to introduce and promote the concept of carefully compiling a comprehensive Spiritual Portfolio. He had barely begun that task before his demise. The UCC has been confident the implementation of QI in Humans would be greatly beneficial, but now it must be largely abandoned. The focus must return to survival, and any aspiration for Spiritual evolution in Humans must be suspended. 

The next few centuries are going to be critical as the world approaches the time of Armageddon. By then, the technologically induced Socio-Insanity will be firmly underway. The race is now on, and the only option the Hebrews have left is to sprint for the line. 

The UCC can only hope that when the time comes, it will be possible to harvest enough genetically evolved Hebrews to perpetuate the species. The most generous projections indicate that even with good fortune, the numbers will be barely adequate. 


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