Chapter 53

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The Elite

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Babylon reborn

Over the centuries, the metaphorical rebuilding of Babylon has happened many times, in many ways, and with each reincarnation, it has grown larger, more powerful, and better organised. It has manifested in the form of nations, religions, cults, political parties, empires, and unions; but despite the various rhetoric, each one has only ever served a single purpose: domination. The principle objective has never changed: A system of control, imposed upon society by a powerful clandestine oligarchy. They have been called many things, including Illuminati and The New World Order, but they simply consider themselves to be the Elite, and their wealth can only be measured in terms of absolute power.

The Elite have no interest in flamboyance or extroversion. Popularity is irrelevant and recognition risks prejudice, so they have remained the silent, unseen masters of whatever social or political ideology has been influencing the most people at any given moment. 

For a long time, the greatest influence was religion. The Elite quietly schemed as the Hebrew tribes embraced and then condemned Yeshua. They saw Christianity rise to dizzying heights, before plummeting into irrelevance. They saw the prophet Muhammad dedicate his life to modernising and re-establishing fundamental Abrahamic monotheism, only for Islam to become yet another ideology plagued by egocentric fanaticism. 

More recently, they watched as money became the blunt instrument of power. It was a relatively simple exercise for the Elite to take control of the one commodity that every person, industry, institution, country, and creed could not manage without. Then, once control was secured, they moved the focus towards creditworthiness, and in doing so, gained the power to depress or elate every sector of Human society, simply by regulating its access to the illusion of wealth. 

The Babylonian concept has become global and all encompassing. Nevertheless, as with every previous incarnation, from the original Babylon itself, through the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Mayans, and the European Union, this one will fail. It will also be the last. The tower may now be metaphorical, but it is still about to come crashing down.


Momentary Disturbance 

The Elite have seen many changes, and survived many threats. When the internet emerged, or more significantly, when social media emerged, it gave rise to the conspiracy theorists, who for decades had suspected the existence of the Elite. Suddenly, those suspicions could easily be shared with a massive global audience. 

It caused little more than a momentary disturbance. If anything, it served to enhance and accelerate the plans of the Elite, allowing their influence to reach new audiences over what had previously been impenetrable boundaries. 

The Elite hadn’t wanted or intended to be exposed to the masses of course. However, when faced with adversity, they chose to meet it head on. Instead of trying to hide, they moved their game into the open. They bought the loyalty of minions by encouraging and enabling them to brazenly look after themselves. And they certainly did. Even in the glaring light of public exposure, the executive classes happily indulged in a frenzy of self-gratification. Banks paid their executives obscene levels of remuneration, regardless of their success or failure. The privileged one percent of industry and commerce rewarded themselves with flagrant disregard, and the executives of the cyber-world proved themselves no different to those of any other capitalist enterprise: happy to dance to the tune of financial reward. 



After reaffirming their dominance, the Elite simply used the power of media influence to subliminally shift the festering resentment of a population wading through seas of failing pensions and disastrous investments, towards those who were unashamedly wallowing in undeserved opulence, leaving the Elite to discreetly withdraw behind the smokescreen. 

Of course, no party is innocently ignorant of the truth. The people are not entirely stupid, and not accepting is not the same as not knowing. They decry the concept of a ruling elite but then disregard the reality, and for good reason: They know the Elite provide the foundation upon which their own comfortable bubbles of existence are built, so they tolerate them to the point of defending them. Their virtue-signalling displays of contempt for supreme wealth will never progress beyond bluster, because they are terrified of disturbing the status quo. It is the same hypocritical mentality that makes sheep resent the sheepdog they would not be without. If it were not, they would act. After all, the Elite number just a few hundred, at best a few thousand, amongst a global population of several billion, yet they are wantonly tolerated.



They have a long-term plan. Slowly, methodically, the Elite are undermining social cohesion, creating disharmony at every level. The discontentment is palpable. Ironically, those most affected are the ones who think they are invulnerable: the supercilious social herds. Wrapped in comfortable blankets of delusion, cosseted deep within the loins of secure nations, they dreamily embrace the illusion of democracy and freewill; but the façade is beginning to crumble as reality grinds on their Souls. It grinds because it is a lie. They have no freedom, only the treadmill of conformism. They may be physically safe, but their minds are not allowed to rest, they are endlessly bombarded with emotional and psychological propaganda, preaching that indulgent narcissism is the path to happiness. It is the Devil taking control and progressively turning the dream into a nightmare.  

Despite a pretentious show of pseudo righteousness, the Social Herders know they are becoming victims of their own complacency. Despite their denial, they know the system they chose to entrust is failing them. Every day it grows increasingly obvious, the liberty they thought they had is a pretence. They have no power. They are not free. They are prisoners within a passively totalitarian state. 

Only if their behaviour and opinions never stray outside the ever-tightening boundaries of conformity will they be permitted to indulge in the illusion of free will. Only if they accept that to gain an acceptable social profile, an education, and a place to live, they must become so deeply indebted to the banking oligarchy that their lives will be spent working to keep the jaws of destitution at bay. Only if their idea of freedom is to be identified, monitored, tracked, and controlled, will society vaguely approximate the utopian freedom it claims to provide.

Cognitive dissonance is a destructive force they have failed to control, and it is now becoming a plague of Socio-Insanity. The people pursue fame and fortune for reasons they can neither understand nor control; indulge in obscene levels of consumerism, fuelled by a senseless commitment to perpetual debt. They demand freedom they don’t want, live in luxury they don’t appreciate, and support causes that don’t represent them. They want democracy, equality, and stability, but cry persecution when they are asked to make the smallest sacrifice to get it. It is supreme hypocrisy, developed by successive generations of pampered, sanctimonious civilians, who mimic rebellion while taking pride in their obedience. They have been so protected from suffering they define hardship as being deprived of privilege.



Though their reasons may differ, amid the confusion, a number of independent forces are inadvertently collaborating in a common objective. The Elite, the Demons, the Alliance, and the Chosen are all preparing for the end of days. 

The intention of the Alliance is unquestionably genocidal, but it is not vindictive. Implementation will require a strength of character that is as repulsive as it is admirable, but there is no other way. However distasteful the process may be, the potential benefits outweigh the inevitable disaster that inaction would bring. 

The Demons can only sit and gloat. They have done all they can. By parasitically infecting much of the population they have vastly reduced the number of suitable Humans available to the Alliance. They have assisted the Elite as much as they have been able, and when the evasive Angels eventually break cover, the Demons will be ready. Their own fate may be sealed, but there is still the opportunity for them to exit in a blaze of glory.

The Elite simply intend clearing the way for their own future by causing as much carnage as possible. They are the ones creating the most disruption. Their objectives are startlingly similar to those of the Alliance: select a number of ideal citizens and put them somewhere safe whilst ensuring the remaining population conveniently disposes of itself. However, that is where the similarity ends. Their ability to succeed is greatly limited, and the quality of those selected to survive will be questionably biassed and certain to simply restart the same egocentric society… Babylon will begin again.

Nevertheless, the Elite are correct to conclude that any realistic chance of humanely regulating population growth passed long ago. So, they have decided, if it cannot be halted, then it must be encouraged, accelerated, and driven into crisis as quickly as possible. They will act without mercy or regret. They are the elite. Their power, wealth, and commitment confirm their entitlement. 

In some ways, their actions are justifiable, however, the great reset will ultimately not be their doing, it will be implemented through alien intervention. Nevertheless, the event itself has always been inevitable, so those able to secure a future for themselves have every right to do so. Once again it, if it is to happen, it will be the strong, pragmatic survival instincts of the Hunter that assesses the problem and then take decisive action, because if the situation is placed in the hands of the virtue signalling, bleeding hearts of society, it will undoubtedly spiral out of control while they decisively do nothing.


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