Chapter 56

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The End of Days

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Familiar Pattern 

The scenario on Earth is one of total chaos, yet to the UCC it is disappointingly familiar; another promising species is initiating its own demise. Even without the immediate environmental issues being created by the terraforming process or the disruptive influence of the Demons, it would still be happening. 

For a while, as with many other species, the Humans would continue mistaking technological advancement for social progress. As their real lives plummeted into decline, they would continue to lose their tenacity, turn submissive to increasingly hostile artificial intelligence, while endlessly staring at tiny screens and obsessing over irrelevant cyber realities. 

There would be a brave few that would undertake a short, half-hearted period of deep space exploration. It would be a desperate bid for survival; one often made by civilisations in the grip of torturous decline; but space is big, hostile, and largely incompatible with procreation. If it happened, it wouldn’t last. 

Eventually, even if they didn’t completely destroy themselves, their behaviour would cause the Nature of Phi to impose a process of devolution; reverting them back to a less volatile state. 

But those progressive events will not take place, because the circumstances on Earth are different. Humanity will not forge its own destiny and it will not be finalised by the Nature of Phi. It will instead rely upon the actions of a few intervening aliens.



The terraforming equipment has still not been discovered, but its effects are undeniable. It may be normal for planets to go through periods of change, but what is happening to the Earth is too relentless to be normal. Clearly something unnatural is happening.

The terraforming process can no longer be stopped, not by the Angels, not even by the UCC. The planet’s surface is being systematically unstitched. Earthquakes, vicious weather, tsunamis, ice melts, and volcanic eruptions are happening everywhere, and getting progressively worse. There can be no doubt, it is the beginning of the end.

Individually, the symptoms seem insignificant, but they are compounding; dramatically affecting everything from the pH of rainwater to the habitats of insects. Increasing temperatures are affecting species of every kind. Changes in seasonal climate are affecting crops, fruit pollination, migratory patterns. The entire ecology is altering at an unnatural pace. Some plants, insects, and small animals with relatively short lifespans, are managing to adapt; they will survive, but the long-lived species will not. They will fail to adapt in much the same way as the dinosaurs.

In addition to the physical change, there is also a subtle but substantial shift taking place in the planet’s magnetic field. It is affecting the weather and the seas, but less obviously, it is affecting the karmic balance of many species. 



For humanity, day to day life has become unbearable in many ways: socially, ecologically, economically, politically, even spiritually. Some are still in denial, but most are desperately worried about their future. Only the ignorant, the spiritually assured, and members of the Elite, feel any confidence for the future. 

The power of the Elite is insurmountable. It controls the banks, the corporate giants, and of course, the media, which means it also controls the nations. Leaders have become pretentious incompetent imposters; posturing career politicians who dramatically squabble over insignificant localised power, like contestants in a prestigious popularity contest. They pretend to care, while replacing decisiveness with blustering rhetoric and avoiding any policy that might be detrimental to their celebrity status. 

The psychological health of Humanity has fallen into rapid decline, spiralling towards anarchy. Priorities are changing. Suddenly, material possession stands for very little, as concerns for mortality dominate every thought. Attitudes are hardening, people are splitting into bigoted factions with conflicting perspectives, each one committed to their own course of action, which inevitably leads to no action at all. 


Slow to Realise

The political unrest may be the work of the Demons, but the immediate environmental crisis is that of the Angels. The Demons have been taken by surprise; made to feel foolish in their lack of awareness. Their shock has turned to anger; this is not what they expected. 

The Elite are still feeling smug; convinced they hold the balance of power. They have an uneasy alliance with the Demons and control over the vast majority of the herding population. They have accepted that Armageddon is not just unavoidable, it has begun, but they remain certain their own plans will assure their survival. 


A Rapid Unfolding of Events

Even though, for generations, the Human population has been encouraged to anticipate alien contact, with the exception of the Elite, their senior minions, a few well-informed conspiracy theorists, and certain privileged members of the scientific community, the majority have always assumed they will never actually encounter extra-terrestrial life. 

Having seen countless films, heard endless stories, and suffered innumerable false alarms, the world barely raises an eyebrow when it is first announced that a group of suspicious objects are heading towards Earth. However, as the constant media coverage gradually confirms the objects are almost certainly alien craft, the population begins to take notice. 

The Angels have chosen to make their approach obvious and easy to detect. They have launched all of their ancillary craft and are openly approaching Earth as a visible Armada. To ensure they are not mistaken for a chance group of asteroids, they are simultaneously broadcasting their imminent arrival on various forms of media. A direct message to all, detailing their peaceful intention. 

The repeated message also confirms that the strange dreams some people have been experiencing, have indeed been instructions, and it is imperative they rendezvous at a specific location, where they can be collected and taken aboard the Space Ark. 


Sufficient number

Collecting the Chosen is not going to be easy. Theoretically, the Hebrew numbers are sufficient but in reality, they are going to be vulnerable; exposed to the remaining population, who will be feeling vindictive and hostile.

There will also be confusion amongst those chosen. So many are incorrectly convinced of their importance, while many of those who matter are entirely unaware of their significance. Ironically, by nature, it will be those who matter that stand aside to make way for the irrelevant imposters. 

There will also be the Spirituals to consider. The UCC has insisted that a number of spiritually minded Humans are to be added to the Hebrews rescued, though they will not take any precedence. The Angels do not want to stray from their main objective. Eventually, they agreed that the only option is to amass everyone who considers themselves appropriate, and then separate the wheat from the chaff, but it will be a demanding and time-consuming task, even with the help of the UCC. 


The Demons React

Immediately, the Demons spring into action. As they prepare for battle, the Elite begin flooding the Media with propaganda. The task is an easy one. In spite of their casual expectancy, the population is shocked by the sudden alien emergence. When they turn to the media in search of the usual softened and comforting version of the truth, they are given hard and undiluted facts. All censorship has been abandoned, making the news intentionally brutal.  

The Elite, who have been maintaining the simmering concern, are now openly propagating despair. The only cooperation they require is one of mutual destruction and increased animosity towards the Hebrews. That animosity will take no kindling, especially amongst the immediately surrounding nations who, for long enough, have been waiting for an opportunity to act. Now the strength of their animosity can be put to the test. 


Suspicious Objects

The Devil’s Alliance has wasted no time. The Elite have introduced the Demons as benevolent space travellers; peaceful envoys that have rushed ahead to warn Humanity about the sinister intentions of the approaching craft. The people are being led to believe the Demons are friends who can be trusted, regardless of what the Angels might say. 

The frightened Human population, take no convincing. The façade is convincing. The Demons seem to care. They falsely claim it is the Hebrews who are the primary target of the Angelic Invaders. The Elite immediately arrange several disingenuous sympathetic gestures to attract the Hebrews back to their homelands, including an invitation to rebuild their temple in the Holy City. It is a cruel strategy. The Devils alliance do want to assemble the Hebrews. However, their true reasons are far more sinister.


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