Ai 1 – The Big Bang

As The Book of Quantism suggests, it seems the Universe began with a sudden explosion and has been gradually expanding ever since. Exactly how and why that happened, and what actually exploded, no one really knows, but the existing evidence clearly suggests something did.

For all the comical links made to the term ‘The Big Bang, it quite accurately encapsulates what is becoming the most accepted explanation for how the universe began, almost 14 billion years ago.

It is thought that back in the 1920s the Belgian Priest Georges Lemaître was the first person to theorise the event, and that the universe must still be expanding.

The actual term ‘The Big Bang’, however, was originated by an English astronomer called Fred Hoyle, during a BBC broadcast.

Although when it was presented to him as a possibility, Einstein initially dismissed it as nonsense, he later contributed his own ideas to those of Edwin Hubble, who introduced the expanding universe theory.

It wasn’t until 9 billion years after the Big Bang that our solar system was formed, making our star, the Sun, relatively young.

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