Ai 3-How big is a particle

It’s a tough question because the scale is so extreme; so let’s keep comparisons to things we are familiar with.

To our knowledge, despite its vastness and variety, the entire universe and everything in it is composed of just 17 fundamental particles. Better still, all matter is made from just three of those 17: up quarks, down quarks and electrons.

What is matter?

Simply put, matter is physical substance that has mass – Solids, liquids, and gases.

All matter is made of molecules, and molecules are made of atoms.

Atoms are very small. A piece of paper is about half a million atoms thick, but compared to the particles they are made of, even atoms are enormous.

Most atoms have a nucleus made up of protons and neutrons but for this article let’s stick with the simplest atom there is, a hydrogen atom which has four particles. It has no Neutron, one proton (three quarks) and one electron.

Let’s try to get the size into perspective

A Hydrogen atom is about 250,000,000 times smaller than a golf ball.

If we expanded the atom to the size of a golf ball, a golf ball would be the size of the Earth.

If we then expanded the atom to the size of a football stadium, the nucleus in the center would just be visible and about the size of a pea, but the electron would still be too small to see.

Finally if we expanded the nucleus (a single proton) to the size of a football, the electron would be about the size of a pea! It would also be over a kilometer away. But you wouldn’t be able to see it because it would be randomly orbiting the nucleus so fast it would appear to form a shell. Everything else inside that sphere of over 2 kilometers in diameter, would be empty space.

Highlighting this phenomenon allows The Book of Quantism to once again open a widow of alternative perspective.

The New Testament quotes Jesus as saying,

“it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God”.

The Bible

Was he suggesting it is impossible. Well let’s consider is some more; because if it were possible to remove all the empty space from every atom within that camel, leaving only the compacted nuclei and electrons, that camel would quite easily pass through the eye of even the smallest needle, though it would still weigh exactly the same!

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