Chapter 24 Edited for Audio

The book of quantism Chapter 24. Dimension #5 1. Understanding Much to the UCC’s frustration, recent events have reaffirmed how incredibly small the domain of conscious awareness is. Consciousness, for all sentient creatures, spans only the shortest of periods, no more than one sixtieth of a second. Each one of those brief moments, seamlessly andContinue reading “Chapter 24 Edited for Audio”

Chapter 17 Audio

The Book of Quantism By Darren Cleave Chapter 17 Seraphim Religion 1 A Singular Perspective There is one peculiar custom that has been adopted by almost every advanced race the UCC has encountered:  An inexplicable and almost obsessive fascination with the concept of Deity. The Seraphim, in spite of their self-absorbed single mindedness, have beenContinue reading “Chapter 17 Audio”

Chapter 16 Audio

The Book of Quantism By darren Cleave Chapter 16 The Ego 1 The Personality  The Seraphim brain is consistent with the universally established 3-2-1 format. Consequently, as with most advanced species, whilever their intellect is increasing, their minds continuously develop habitual characteristics that manifest as a distinct and unique Personality. Personalities play a significant roleContinue reading “Chapter 16 Audio”

Chapter 12 Audio

The Book Of Quantism By Darren Cleave Chapter 12 Seraphim 1 Q I Network When the UCC developed the limbic brain and added the ability for Q I, it became necessary to establish a communication medium that would remain stable and uniformly present throughout the cosmos. It could then monitor the necessary frequencies everywhere withContinue reading “Chapter 12 Audio”

Chapter 11 Audio version

The Book of Quantism By darren cleave Chapter 11 Socio-Insanity 1 Alpha Status Achieving Alpha status is the key to social advancement. Once a species has gained unsurmountable dominance, social development can begin.  It is happening everywhere. Across the universe, civilisations are simultaneously springing into existence. Compared to the familiar sedate pace of evolution, theContinue reading “Chapter 11 Audio version”

Chapter 6 – Dominance

Chapter Six – Dominance is now available to read or listen to online. Told from the perspective of a unique and enigmatic protagonist, the Book of Quantism is a relentless tale of aliens, quantum physics, prophets, religion, politics, time travel, souls, and the afterlife that revitalises the ancient concept of creation, from the birth ofContinue reading “Chapter 6 – Dominance”