Chapter 32

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An Interactive Plan

1. The Alliance is hopeful the unification of Humans and Angels will go smoothly. The chances seem favourable when considering how well established the Humans have become. Their current constitution has been stable for some 200,000 years.  

2. The Alliance now has direct physical access to the Humans. There is no time to waste; the process of integration must begin immediately. However, as important as Angelic survival may be, the focus on maximising interspecies compatibility, by intertwining the most advantageous features of two species, must not be lost. The robust build of the Humans, which is ideally suited to the environment, and the intellect, demeanour, and spiritual capacity of the Angels, is a combination that will not regularly arise. 

3. Once the hybrid species has been initiated, the project will require close monitoring by the Alliance. Initially, while the numbers remain manageable, the Alliance will be able to nurture and control development, but eventually the Humans will have to rely on their own self-discipline to keep the project in line, and the UCC is only too aware of how self-discipline does not come easily in developing species.  

4. Added to the perils of their own frailties, will be the tediously unavoidable and somewhat temperamental intervention of the Nature of Phi. It will insist upon approving even the slightest alteration in design that shows any potential to affect  its relationship with the Golden Ratio. Anticipating its actions is always ill advised. The UCC learned long ago that as clear and predictable as the Nature of Phi’s intentions may seem, the path it chooses is not always obvious. 



1. To ensure the alien integration does not create too much disruption, the Angels decide to conduct some tests. They find a selection of other creatures that have anatomical similarities to the Humans. Amongst those animals are members of the Suidae family, known locally as swine, which despite being remarkably similar in skin, organ, immune, and reproductive systems, is genealogically distant enough to cause little concern. After the work is complete, however, its increased sentience and genetic compatibility might make it an unsuitable food source.


Following an Ice Age

1. Part of the long-term process of a planet cooling is the fluctuating environmental conditions. During the early stages, those fluctuations can span long periods and involve massive changes that greatly influence the progress of flora and fauna; but as the planet stabilises, so does the depth and frequency of the fluctuations. 

2. The environment of Earth has become relatively stable, but it has recently been through a period of deep freezing, with heavy glacial coverage. The environment is now warming, but there are still large areas covered in deep ice. However, as they clear, they are leaving land that is rested and fertile.

3. In those areas are many isolated territories that are clear of Homo Sapiens and potential threats. They will provide safe, idyllic environments in which a number of development projects can take place. 

4. Each project will have a group of genetically compatible Humans. They will be given social development training and then placed within the safe zones, where they can be comfortable and settled.

5. Over the next few generations, the Alliance will splice additional bridging DNA into the chosen few, maintaining a steady but consistent rate of development that will hopefully not attract too much intervention from the Nature of Phi.



1. One of the areas selected for population is particularly favoured by the Angels. The location is ideal: isolated, fertile, low lying, beside fresh water, and central to a number of substantial land masses. 

2. The selected group of Humans refer to themselves as the Hebrew Tribe, and are led by an individual named Adam, and his partner Eve. They are told their new home will be known as Eden. They choose to refer to their given task as Carrying the Seed of God. A term that is largely approved of by the Alliance. 



1. Communication between two alien species was always going to be a challenge, and even though things are kept simple and in language that is gentle and reassuring, the Hebrews are understandably confused by the initial visit. The Angelic emissary, Gabriel, has learned the Hebrew language, so he can explain the plan in their own tongue, but it is still challenging. The Angels are very different to look at; they are tall and slender, their heads are elongated, and their skin is very pale. 

2. Like many races, the Hebrews have already begun exploring the concept of deity. They have established a number of gods, which conveniently gives the Angels a means of explaining who they are. They tell the Hebrews that the Yahweh is the one God, who resides in his Kingdom in the sky. 

3. Once their preparation and instruction are complete, the Hebrew tribe are left to develop their new lives in Eden, hidden within the Caspian Basin. 

4. Several similar tribes are placed around the planet, all of which now require time to develop. It is inevitable that sooner or later they will encounter other Humans. It will be a volatile stage of their development, when the discipline of each tribe and its individuals will be rigorously tested. They will be indefinable on a local level, seemingly no different from other Humans, but the Angels have made it very clear: They are different, and God demands they do not stray out of their given territory; and when they do eventually encounter other Humans, it is absolutely critical they do not take partners from outside their own tribe. 

5. It will be difficult, but there is hope, because like most Alpha males, Humans take pride in their heritage and the protection of their family Bloodline. 


The Demons Are Due

1. The various groups, in their own respective Edens, are scattered all over the planet. The Angels have gone to great lengths to hide them, but there is no guarantee they will not be discovered. 

2. Having done as much as they are able, the Angels leave and head out on what will be a lengthy round journey. It will allow the Humans time to evolve; for the genetic modifications to settle, and for the groups to multiply naturally. 

3. The Demon ship is due to arrive imminently, and the Angels do not want to risk what will almost certainly be a volatile encounter. The UCC has been monitoring the conversations aboard the Demon ship. Even though they too are gravely concerned about their survival, their intention is one of confrontation.

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