Chapter 33

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Heightened Responsibility

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Heightened Responsibility 

1. The UCC has almost completed the construction of a spiritual afterlife. There will no doubt be endless refinements to make, but a functional system is in place and active. 

2. It had been a distressing and reluctant necessity for the UCC and the Yahweh to inform the Angels that the afterlife their ancestors assumed awaited them, in fact did not exist, and despite their beliefs, they did not have a Spirit. There will be no relatives there to greet the Angels when they die, and there will be no connection or reunification, other than with whatever vague representation the individual might hold within their own Spiritual Portfolio. Unfortunately, if they didn’t know their relatives in life, they will not know them in the afterlife either.

3. Discovering they would never meet their ancestors was understandably heart-breaking, but there was good news too. At least their ancestors’ faith had not been in vain, because from this generation forward, every Angel will have an active ‘Soul’ that albeit sprinkled with aspects of the Devil, will eventually be released into the afterlife as a Spirit. 


An Understandable Mistake

1. The Angels may currently be the best example of advanced beings, but they are not perfect. They had been convinced they could dismiss the Devil and master the Ego. They had been wrong. They are undoubtedly the most righteous creatures the UCC has encountered, but they are still passively egocentric, and a little smug.

2. They have had to understand and accept that although their egocentric persona, the Devil, will not be active in the afterlife, there is still a possibility of it effectively prevailing. If, during life, it has substantially corrupted the collective personality, even after it has gone, its influence will remain as an unavoidable part of the Spirit. 



1. Thoroughly understanding the importance of maintaining an equilibrium between the Soul and the Devil is a skill the Angels have largely mastered, but it is going to be a momentous challenge for the Humans. 

2. It is something of an irony, where the Angels endeavoured to gain a Soul in order to raise themselves above the Demons; the Humans have been given a Soul, yet choose to act like Demons. They are unmistakably dominated by the egocentric persona, and if anything, the balance is growing worse. Their Soul is simply not making enough effort. Consequently, as it loiters around in the background, the Devil is filling the Spiritual Portfolio with undesirable data. 

3. Only education can rectify the imbalance. The Angels must become teachers. Humans must learn the advantages of righteousness, and appreciate how gaining the capacity for the gentle telepathic communication of QI, will enable the exchange of empathic understanding and weaken the egocentric influence. It is a daunting prospect that will require a great deal of time and enormous conscious effort; all to gain rewards that will be largely intangible… so it will require faith too. The Angels remember their plight with the Demons only too clearly. Once again, the spiritual journey is going to be an arduous one. 

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