Chapter 51

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The Devil’s Collective

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Social Media

Interestingly, it is not the engrossing cyber-worlds, or the flood of information, or even the ever changing methods of media presentation that has concerned the UCC. It is the way that Social Media has affected interpersonal communication.

Barely regulated social media is the latest curse of technology. It has conveniently presented the egocentric Devil with a powerful new weapon. A system of super-fast, super-easy networking, connecting friends, family, and total strangers alike. A social environment that exists entirely in cyberspace. On the surface it seems convenient and relatively harmless; and it should be just that, but it isn’t.

The dynamics of social interaction have strayed into uncharted and unfamiliar territory. Social media has a dark side. Anonymity invites people to behave in ways they would otherwise not be able. It allows those with sinister intentions to prowl unchecked. Undeserving people can assume credibility and authority for which they are neither qualified nor deserving. Unsavoury parties can use its impersonal nature to forge insincere, unhealthy friendships by creating and hiding behind false personas. It allows the Ego, the Devil, to run wild. 

Social media has broken all established protocols regarding what subjects relative strangers should discuss. Conversations progress so quickly the subconscious mind has no time to contemplate. It makes intellectual interactions too spontaneous, reactive, and egocentric; and the lack of critical audio-visual indicators make it difficult to accurately capture the sentiment behind what are often poorly constructed statements and messages.

The Alliance are referring to social media as The Devil’s Collective, because it allows narcissistic extroverts to roam freely and abuse the naive vulnerability of others. They are specialised marketing experts, who hide behind a veneer of pseudo celebrity. They feign foolishness while using well-practised, entirely manufactured charm and prowess to attract gullible admirers. Their intentions are invariably based upon commercial exploitation.  



Inadvertently, social media is slowing the progress of spiritual evolution. It is a convenient fool’s substitute that can be switched on or off at a whim. Individuals, who have never met, have nothing in common, and in reality would never choose to engage on a personal, let alone emotional level, are calling each other On-line friends; but while forging those friendships, established and essential processes are being bypassed. Visual assessment, body language, eye contact, natural vocabulary, and tone of voice; all of which are essential factors in determining an overall evaluation, are being omitted entirely. It is a paradoxical tragedy, the absolute antithesis of spiritual connection. Where Spiritual connection compliments dialogue with empathic and emotional understanding, social media encourages the exchange of words and messages that are void of any empathic or emotional expression. 


Spiritual Sustenance

The art of communication began with basic gestural action, simple body language, and crude, guttural sounds. It was then enhanced and given precision through the development of spoken and written language. The next step should be the addition of empathic, telepathic connection; but instead, for most, those emerging skills are being neglected and substituted by technology. It is a double loss, because even established, traditional interpersonal skills are being degraded. 

Quantum Interconnection, QI, is difficult to achieve, and virtually impossible to detect without actually having the ability. Social media is crude digital networking that offers an accessible alternative to those who are incapable or unwilling to make the effort. Worse still, for those who have the ability but lack motivation, the Devils Collective is taking those skills away. Fixating on social media increases cyber-skills but reduces the potential for spiritual contact. 

It is essential for the enlightened to distance themselves from aggressively competitive social behaviour. Their efforts need to be calmed and internalised. They must make every effort to establish and maximise their abilities. They must begin connecting spiritually with one another as soon as possible, and by whatever means necessary. But it is going to be a massive challenge.


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