Chapter 52

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Cognitive Dissonance

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It is unfortunate, but only now are the enlightened Humans beginning to achieve suitable levels of competence, and it is too late. Understanding their objective has been difficult enough; but staying focussed on spiritual integration amid a plethora of confused and hypocritical ideologies has been monumentally challenging; and that challenge is now being intensified by a soulless social media that implies integration while delivering isolation. The UCC is disappointed. The enlightened have tried, and they deserve more.

A sea of psychological disharmony is spreading through humanity like a plague as people try to maintain conflicting perspectives. It is Cognitive Dissonance

Normally, in most sentient creatures, Cognitive Dissonance is instinctively avoided. If an animal finds a comfortable place to rest, but then discovers there is a dangerous predator nearby, it will do the sensible thing and move. By avoiding risk, they eliminate unhealthy stress. Humans habitually defy that rational logic. They don’t want to be in danger, but they don’t want to sacrifice their comfort either, so they try to do both. Attempting to simultaneously pacify two opposing objectives puts their mind in conflict. It causes Cognitive Dissonance, disharmonious considerations. The resulting stress and anxiety lead to discontentment, karmic imbalance, and depression.

There are so many difficult dilemmas in modern life that induce Cognitive Dissonance. Those who enjoy social and financial privilege, know the advantage they enjoy is unjustifiable when compared to the poverty of others. So, they pretend to be victims, deluding themselves they suffer levels of hardship, discrimination, oppression and abuse that simply don’t exist. They flamboyantly demand change while quietly refusing to support any meaningful action that might diminish or compromise their own comfort… Cognitive Dissonance.

People proclaim their abhorrence of how the environment and natural resources are being destroyed, whilst wantonly necessitating that destruction in their endless demand for indulgent ephemeral luxury… Cognitive Dissonance.

They signal their virtue like a beacon with bluster about how they want a caring society, while knowing its creation would require sacrifices and social changes they would never agree to… Cognitive dissonance.

The perpetual psychological conflict between self-interest and ideological aspiration is blatantly hypocritical. The root of Cognitive Dissonance lies in the age-old battle eternally raging between the Conscience that wants contentment and equality, and the Devil that craves gratification and reward.  

Cognitive Dissonance is being carefully orchestrated, intensified and perpetuated by a tightly controlled media, relentlessly focussed on inciting the people’s anger and then exacerbating their remorse. The tool of their manipulation began as gossip, then biassed newspaper articles that evolved into misleading radio and TV. Now that manipulation has been supercharged. Social media has enabled unregulated propaganda; but worse still, it does not just simply preach to sympathetic groups, but targets individuals with personalised and provocative information; literally nurturing Cognitive Dissonance on a one-to-one basis. It is creating unilateral agitation and accelerating the onset of Socio-Insanity. 


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