Chapter 55

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The End Game

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A Terrible Underestimation

Both the Demons and the Elite, many of which are of Hebrew descent, are aware of the Angel/Human hybrid bloodline; and they have heard about spiritual Humans and their insignificant mystical drivel. They consider both them and the Angels to be irrelevant in the bigger picture. The Great Reset will soon take place. They have been preparing for a long time, and are convinced their loyal minions will successfully implement the final stage unhindered by whatever desperate countermeasures the Angels try to impose. 

Similarly, the Angels no longer consider the Demons to be a threat to the Human population. Most Demons are old, and their numbers are few. Their time is spent plotting and scheming in the disused alien station on the dark side of the moon. The most damage they can inflict has already been done. Their spacecraft is still functional, though without the expertise of the Angels it has received little in the way of modification. Nevertheless, when the time comes, it may still present a formidable challenge to the space Ark; but that battle will come later, most likely when the terraforming process is fully underway. 

The Demons have severely underestimated the Angels resolve. They will be shocked when they discover the Angels resorting to genocide, though they will no doubt agree it is the best strategy, possibly even to the point of being reluctantly impressed by the Angels’ commitment.  

Their surprise will be justifiable. Under normal circumstances the Angels would never be so barbaric, but they are being guided by the UCC, and although the UCC has compassion, it is entirely pragmatic. It reluctantly accepts that to create perfection it is often necessary to produce a lot of waste. Sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice the many to save the few. 

It matters little. Left to their own devices, even if Humanity didn’t entirely destroy itself, it would breed itself into devolution. The population is out of control, increasing at a rate of almost three per second. Already, the Nature of Phi seems to be taking action. Swathes of Human males are rapidly becoming infertile. It isn’t yet a major issue, but it soon will be.  



The Angels have successfully hidden the terraforming technology, placing it deep within the enormous mass of ice covering the southernmost region of the planet. Neither the Humans nor the Demons are aware of its presence, and if the Angelic plot goes to plan, by the time they do realise something more substantial than just natural activity is taking place, it will be too late. By then, the events will be too severe, self-perpetuating, and unstoppable. 

Even though the technology behind the terraforming process is advanced, the principle it employs is relatively simple. It is projecting very precise, low frequency vibrational interference at significant geological targets. A process so subtle it is almost entirely undetectable. The few signs that have been noticed by those people sensitive enough to detect the gentle monotonous rumble, are being ignored or dismissed as conspiracy theories. 

During the early stages the effect will be minimal, but once fully active the process will cause the planet to undergo a massive transformation. Already, the equipment is affecting the Earth’s upper mantle, having caused several occasions of disruptive seismic activity. So far, even though the events are occurring everywhere with increasing regularity and intensity, they are being dismissed as natural phenomena, or blamed on decades of mindless environmental abuse. 

The occurrences are bound to continue. Prophets have warned of the impending period of tribulation, though few have chosen to listen. The terraformation program will take approximately seven years to complete during which time the environment will be completely reset and rejuvenated. Eventually, after a lengthy period of settling, everything unnatural will have been eliminated in readiness for a new start. 



The UCC has found itself faced with an additional, rather unexpected, but most interesting, dilemma. For some time, the Humans have been experimenting with quantum physics, but recently something has changed. One particular individual called James Henderson, has been working in quiet isolation. He has been developing some impressive technology intended to manipulate space-time. Quite suddenly, he has made a major advancement, significant enough to capture the interest of the UCC.

James Henderson’s endeavours have been relentlessly driven by an objective that is curiously relevant: He has held a lifelong interest in the life of Yeshua, to the point of a near obsessive desire to travel backwards through time and directly intervene in the life of the self-proclaimed Messiah.

The concept intrigues the UCC, so it decides to dedicate some of its time and attention to monitoring and possibly contributing towards James Henderson’s project.


Lunar Encounter

For generations, the Demons used and abused Humon minions; but at some point, the familiarity they shared turned to contempt and the Demons lost their psychological advantage. Direct contact, even with the Elite, became treacherously difficult, until eventually, communication stopped and remained dormant for several generations.

The next direct encounter was an interesting one. It happened in the previous century. Technology had been developing rapidly and had inspired Humanity to undertake a race to the moon, mainly because – if there was a chance the Moon had a value, someone needed to own it. So, a clumsy competition ensued; a race between leading nations, to lay claim on the strange satellite orbiting around the planet some 250,000 miles into raw space. 

The planet’s most aggressively competitive nation eventually won the competition, miraculously staggering their way to the moon using pitifully inadequate technology. The achievement was incredible. However, what they found was most certainly not what they expected… Demons, waiting and hostile.  

It was a brief encounter. The space explorers were sent promptly on their way, with strict orders never to return. It was a potentially devastating incident that was quickly covered up. Nevertheless, it was noticed by the significant and powerful few, and what had been seen could not be unseen. It would begin the tentative re-forging of an old alliance. The links had been all but broken, but now, there was no other option but to reassess and re-establish the coalition between the Demons and their Earthly co-conspirators. It would become the antithesis of the Angelic alliance: an alliance of the Devil.



Reconnecting with the Demons invigorated the resolve of the Elite. Their plans were hurriedly reassessed, but only to confirm the existing objective: a select group would be protected while the mass population was… severely reduced. 

Over the following decades, trials were conducted to test various strategies and techniques in population control. Up to the emergence of the internet, politics, religion, and the media were the first obvious option. but there were other, more sinister options. 

As much of the population sunk deeper into depression they were turning to medicine, commercially produced drugs… expensive drugs that would prove profitable while making minds dull and depressed, therefore much easier to manipulate. 

Chemicals could be added to processed foods, even drinking water, to encourage compliance. As a last resort, they could even affix giant aerosols to aeroplanes and fill the skies. If the people wouldn’t eat or drink it, they would have to breathe it.

On every continent, local ideology could be progressively exploited. In poor countries, wars could be started, stopped, and maintained as required. In rich countries, a sense of impending anarchy could be nurtured as social cohesion was methodically unstitched. Old and established standards of social unity and tolerance could be undermined, ridiculed, and replaced with unworkable idealism. It could continue, generation after generation; and the more they did it, the more it would be lapped up by an increasingly radicalised population.



The Elite’s plan has largely been fulfilled. The internet has made psychological manipulation even easier, and social media has permitted the use of powerful algorithms to directly feed individuals with propaganda tailored to exaggerate their already paranoid disposition. Everyone, especially the young, are constantly bombarded with conflicting perspectives of reality; endless images, videos, and stories that suggest everyone else’s life is ultra-happy and eventful. They are nurturing insecurity, and a desperation for unachievable wealth and glorified lifestyles that no normal person has the energy to sustain. 

The sole intention is to make the real-world stressed, frustrated, and exhausted. It is working. People feel weak and inadequate, and whatever they see, they believe and aspire to. It is exactly what the Elite want: Everyone must feel inadequate, envious, and irrationally annoyed with everyone else.



The stage is set. It is now all about timing. The Elite continue to believe they alone are orchestrating the proceedings, and at this stage, they are. They have intensified the power of their control by manufacturing plagues and epidemics, spreading countless real and imaginary crises that rapidly spread through the population. It has enabled the unquestionable power to demand isolation, impose quarantines, and enforce inoculations. Actions that further serve to instil an instinct for compliant behaviour under stress. 

Soon, however, their plans will be disrupted as the terraforming process begins to visibly tear the environment apart. The Angels will then make their play as the whole situation explodes into chaos. There will be two concurrent campaigns: The Demons will be assisting the survival of the Elite, while the Angels focus upon identifying and amassing the chosen few, still secreted amongst the greater population. 

The UCC will face an additional crisis of its own. There is now a significant number of spiritual Humans, who despite the Alliance’s agreement, are being completely neglected. It should not be happening. They are good Souls with great potential. They have been developing well and are beginning to make a healthy contribution towards the quantum afterlife. They should not be abandoned. The UCC must insist that some of them are permitted to join those of strictly Hebrew descent.


Political Incompetence 

The governments are all controlled by the Elite, and each one is typically incompetent. In their desperation to appear in control, they are adamantly denying anything unnatural is happening to the environment; undertaking lengthy periods of pointless bickering, and flamboyantly broadcasting their commitment to responsibly managing situations they should be desperately trying to end. 

The Devil’s Alliance, both Demons and the Elite, have at last ascertained that the Angels have a secret agenda in addition to the Hebrew tribe. They don’t yet know what it is, so they are intensifying their destabilisation tactics. They are creating additional turmoil by antagonising already fragile racial relations. The method is simple: they are encouraging the redistribution of large numbers of people between ethnically diverse populations. By flooding normally stable areas with conflicting cultural tendencies, they are causing stress and xenophobic tension. 

People that are already distressed and suffering are being encouraged to undertake dangerous migration by unscrupulous liars. Their hopes are being falsely raised and expectations desperately mismanaged. Likewise, those who are being imposed upon, are suffering a moral and emotional dilemma, a terrible conflict between compassion and selfishness. Their Conscience wants to be charitable, but the Devil doesn’t want to destabilise its own comfort. So, they try to compromise. It makes them act indignantly altruistic, whilst actually doing very little. It is an impossible task that deepens their state of Cognitive Dissonance. 

Meanwhile the media are constantly hampering positive action by endlessly highlighting trivial issues, focussing on petty bickering and celebrity nonsense; constantly diverting the focus of public attention from one irrelevant crisis to another. Supporting one argument then pointlessly switching to another. Inevitably, as public frustration becomes increasingly diverse, the people are turning on one another; the boundaries of their tolerance growing ever narrower. Anyone who does not share their irrational views are branded a racist, xenophobic, homophobic, fascist, or any other derogatory term they can bring to mind. 

They are lashing out wildly because they are confused and frightened. They feel insecure within the very society that promised them security. Their lives are being irresponsibly, and irreversibly changed in ways they cannot control. Their ideological principles are no longer serving them. The people they put their faith in are proving to be no more trustworthy than those they chose not to support. 

The egocentric world is falling apart because the governments are no longer strong dependable characters. They are as hopelessly lost and overwhelmed as the people they supposedly serve.  

It is working out perfectly for the Elite. By forcing people of diverse and conflicting ideologies to integrate faster than is naturally comfortable, they are unnecessarily creating unbearable tension and racial aggravation amongst a global population, growing at such a rate it is already instinctively territorial.


Falling Apart

Eventually, as the effects of the terraforming process worsen, it becomes clear to all that something unnatural is happening. The planet seems to be literally falling apart. Which is almost true, but not quite. It isn’t falling apart… it is being restructured.

The plan of the Elite isn’t going to work; the damage will be too great for them to survive. The terraforming program will end soon, but it will take at least a thousand years for the environment to resettle. Much of the flora and fauna, especially in the lower species, will survive, but most of the advanced species will perish in the rapidly changing conditions. That is why a number of those species, known to be particularly compatible with Humanity, will be taken into storage aboard the Space Ark. 

Eventually, when the Earth is ready, and the refined spiritual hybrid of the two species has been taken as close as possible to perfection, they will return to re-inhabit Earth as its empathic caretakers. 


Festered and Maligned

The Hebrew program has taken longer, been more difficult and far less successful than the Alliance had hoped for. Additionally, the vast majority of Humans are imperfect specimens, Humons that have festered and maligned, spreading like a toxic viral rash, contaminating the entire planet. It has highlighted a frustrating universal phenomenon amongst developing Alpha-Species: Those with the most potential, choose to reproduce prudently, while those with the least, breed relentlessly. Eventually, the expanding population begins to choke itself, progress stops, and a natural culling occurs. 

Humanity is approaching that point. In every conceivable way, life has become unbearable. There is so little cohesion within the population, so little peace, so much distrust, and so many relentless environmental catastrophes and disasters, that it has become clear: all hope is lost. 

The moment has arrived. It is time for the Angels to break cover.


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