Ai 5 – The UCC and Quantum Entanglement

While writing The Book of Quantism, I needed to find a foundation upon which I could build the concept of the UCC. It had to be a substantial and structured activity that at least intimated the potential to accommodate an emerging intelligent consciousness. Something that would remain stable and omnipresent throughout a universe continuously expanding deeper into raw, empty space.

I chose the phenomenon of quantum entanglement.

Mind bendingly complex

Quantum mechanics become mind-bendingly complex very quickly; way too quickly for me to fully understand. However, what I did manage to grasp was that under certain circumstances, subatomic particles become ‘entangled’ in various aspects of their behaviour, with one always acting diametrically opposite to the other.  

For instance: If two particles become entangled, and one of those particles is spinning clockwise, the other one will spin anticlockwise. However, if for any reason, the spin of either one is changed, the other one will react accordingly. 

Initially, this may seem quite unimpressive, but when you begin to consider the facts, it becomes quite fascinating.  How they communicate the change is as yet uncertain, but doesn’t just happen quickly, it happens instantly, regardless of their proximity to one another. The process is entirely unaffected by physical barriers, and even over vast distances it remains instantaneous, meaning the signal must somehow be communicated faster than the speed of light.

In the Book of Quantism, I have suggested those entangled interactions begin to simulate the synaptic processes of an organic mind, enabling the intelligent and sentient processing of data to take place on a quantum level; entwined within the fundamental building blocks of an entire universe. The result is an inescapable omnipresent consciousness that is capable of detecting any event, in any place, at any time.

There is an abundance of information available on the internet about Quantum Entanglement, but the video below explains it very well.  

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