Ai 5 – The UCC and Quantum Entanglement

While writing The Book of Quantism, I needed to find a foundation upon which I could build the concept of the UCC. It had to be a substantial and structured activity that at least intimated the potential to accommodate an emerging intelligent consciousness. Something that would remain stable and omnipresent throughout a universe continuously expandingContinue reading “Ai 5 – The UCC and Quantum Entanglement”

What is God?

‘What is God?’ has always been the most challenging question for any deity based belief system, and it is certainly a critical question asked by the open minded agnostic exploring the possible existence of God and spirituality. For literally hundreds of years, the vague and mystical ambiguity preached by charismatic dogmatists has dominated every system,Continue reading “What is God?”


For years (40+) I’ve been intrigued by the concept of Deity and metaphysics. The whole idea of Gods, Afterlives, spirits and exactly where and how those things might exist, has always fascinated me. But does a philosophical interest make me a spiritual person? Even now I’m not certain, and I’m quite sure there are manyContinue reading “Welcome”