Chapter 13

The book of quantism

By darren cleave

Chapter 13

Rise and Fall


Teetering on The Edge

The Seraphim have done exceptionally well, but they are suffering terribly; not only from the torment of the Condition, but also from their decline into Socio-Insanity. 

Only their gritted determination has maintained social cohesion this far. What was once reality, has become an illusion. The veneer of conformity that initially fooled the UCC is beginning to fail, and the adopted behavioural traits of empathy and rationality, instilled by progressive leadership and relentless social discipline, are slowly being lost. The Seraphim are gradually reverting back to the instinctive animals they have always been. 

The UCC is devastated to watch their crisis become an impossible challenge. Their efforts have allowed them to reach new heights of sophistication by delaying the onset of Socio-Insanity, but now the Primary Instincts are slowly and unstoppably overwhelming rationality. 

The familiar indicators of social collapse are ominously present. Their world is over industrialised and overpopulated. Pointless and immoral wars are raging constantly; sometimes territorial, sometimes religious or political; often simply because it is lucrative to sell weapons. There are global shortages in food, water, and fuel. The power of finance and industry is pushing the economy into crisis. Mass communication is confusing and misleading the people. Trusted leaders are mindlessly subservient to the ultra-wealthy, and uncontrollable consumerism is justifying the mindless destruction of the environment and the planet’s natural resources. Ultimately, self-destruction will follow. It always does.



The UCC had high hopes for the Seraphim. They have been unique. Their evolutionary process has been ever so slightly different. The maturity of their wisdom has almost matched the pace of their technological advancement; a fractional philosophical advantage that has enabled them to remain calm and disciplined under stress.

But if the Seraphim Society is failing, what of the Q I activity?

The UCC decides to investigate. As a race, with two very distinct genders and just one language, the Seraphim are effectively one big nation. Even so, they have always been extremely competitive; and though they have never split into countries or experienced ethnic diversity, it hasn’t stopped them occupying rival territories, some of which have flourished much better than others.

As a consequence, for several generations, their social structure has been diversifying. Amongst those territories, invariably located in areas that have enjoyed prolonged periods of peacetime, the UCC has discovered pockets of Seraphim who are refusing to accept their demise.

Possibly they are  simply groups who have relished their peaceful lifestyle and are desperately clinging to the illusion. But the UCC isn’t so sure. It just may be possible that peaceful living has enabled, or even caused, the emergence of a new faction within their society: a small but growing number of individuals that possess a very different demeanour.  

It is amongst those groups that the UCC makes an incredible discovery.

end of chapter 13

The book of quantism

By darren cleave

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