Chapter 37 edited for audio

The Book of Quantism by Darren Cleave Chapter 37 Noah 1 Noah Once again, the Hebrew tribe is in danger. Noah and his relatives are the only uncontaminated family remaining, and their lives are under perpetual threat. The entire area is plagued with egocentric humans, Demonic Humons, and the Nephilim. Without Angelic intervention, it isContinue reading “Chapter 37 edited for audio”

Chapter 36 edited for audio

The Book of Quantism By Darren Cleave Chapter 36 Enoch 1 Unreliable Humans are proving to be no better than countless other species that have shown great promise, and then plummeted into obscurity the moment they have needed to apply even the smallest degree of self-discipline. However, unlike other species, the Humans have a uniqueContinue reading “Chapter 36 edited for audio”

Chapter 33 edited for audio

The Book of Quantism By Darren Cleave Chapter 33:. Heightened Responsibility 1 Heightened Responsibility  The UCC has almost completed the construction of a spiritual afterlife. There will no doubt be endless refinements to make, but a functional system is in place and active.  It had been a distressing and reluctant necessity for the UCC andContinue reading “Chapter 33 edited for audio”

Chapter 31 edited for audio

The Book of Quantism By Darren Cleave Chapter 31: Deeply Entwined 1 Not So Simple   When the UCC began the process of defining what the eternal spirit would comprise, it had hoped to fulfil the Angels’ wishes by eradicating everything associated with the Devil, effectively making the Soul the only contributor to the eventual Spirit.Continue reading “Chapter 31 edited for audio”

Chapter 30 edited for audio

The book of quantism By darren cleave Chapter 30: Time Complexities 1 Perspectives of Time When compared to the UCC, the lifespan of a Seraphim is very short; but when compared to a single moment of their own conscious awareness, the same lifetime must feel very long. It is difficult for either party to imagineContinue reading “Chapter 30 edited for audio”

Chapter 29 edited for audio

The Book of quantism By Darren Cleave Chapter 29: Earth  1 Seemingly Idyllic  What had initially started out as trepidation, has become enthusiasm. The UCC has been continuously updating the Angels on what they can expect when they eventually reach Earth.  It sounds idyllic. There are literally millions of species. Geologically, the planet is stillContinue reading “Chapter 29 edited for audio”