Chapter 18 Audio

The Book of Quantism

By Darren Cleave

Chapter 18




The Angels may be dealing with the effects of the Condition and Socio-Insanity better than the Demons, but despite their posturing, behind the projected calmness, they are suffering too.  The entire population is suffering.  

As the chasm between Angelic and Demonic behaviour widens, the Angels continue to strive for calm, while the more radical Demons revel in Devilish anarchy. Amongst the greater population, trust and tolerance are in freefall. 

For a long time, the Angels have begrudgingly endured the competitive nature of the Demons. Previously it had helped to drive progress, but it is now becoming an aggressive and destructive obsession. Angels have adopted passive benevolence; they gain satisfaction from sharing a comfortable society. For them, superfluous wealth is pointless. They see little or no benefit in the relentless pursuit of trivial advantage in material possession or social status; it divides communities and fuels disharmony. Greed is an unhealthy obsession, driven by insecurity, and often dependent on a psychologically unhealthy lifestyle. Angels struggle to understand why so many Demons prefer relentless ambition, to the peaceful treadmill of mundane conformity.


Re-establishing Q I

The Angels adopted meditation several generations ago, and still firmly believe that mastering the ability to specifically focus their thoughts, is important. Skilled practitioners are certain that when their attention remains focussed upon the present moment, they can achieve greater peace of mind, and sense a degree of spiritual connection. They call the technique, ‘mindfulness’. 

It seems the re-establishment of Q I may have been triggered when the practice of mindful meditation, was combined with the revelations of discovering quantum mechanics. They were amazed to discover that atoms were not the smallest things in existence; that inside atoms were even smaller particles, and their interactions intimated the potential for spiritual connection. It was their first glimpse into the realm of the UCC. 

The entire Seraphim had been slowly establishing a Q I network with the UCC. However, as the telepathic function strengthened, the Demons chose to reject and hopefully cure themselves of ‘the condition’. In stark contrast, the Angels are embracing it, certain that what is currently little more than an occasional flash of unrefined and indecipherable data, amongst a cacophony of white noise, is the start of something certain to get better.

Around the same time, science was establishing a reasonable, albeit basic, understanding of genetic structure; certainly enough to conclude that at a molecular level, Angels and Demons were indistinguishable. It led to a simple conclusion: The difference between Angels and Demons had to be behavioural. 

The UCC has since looked much deeper, and it has discovered something quite astonishing. The Angels and Demons may be anatomically similar, but their differences are not simply behavioural. The genetic profiles are diversifying. The difference is incredibly subtle, almost undetectable, but it is distinct and highly significant. 

Despite the Angels’ convictions, the Seraphim personality has only ever been the Devil, built upon the principles of the Primary Instincts. The Angels then began wilfully creating a second, contrasting persona, which they named the Soul. They convinced themselves the Soul was an independent divine spirit. The UCC knew it was not. It was simply a psychological manifestation, created by their steely determination to divert certain thought processes away from the crudely egocentric and apathetic Devil, and towards a place where they could be considered with calm rationality. 

The Soul was quite literally a figment of their imagination … but it isn’t any more. It seems that at some point, their efforts disrupted the cognitive process enough to attract the attention of the Nature of Phi.  


Fundamental Change

Organisms, including the Seraphim, create specialised DNA when producing offspring: DNA that combines ancestral information from both parents, plus any evolutionary refinement the Nature of Phi chooses to allow. 

In response to the Angels efforts, the Nature of Phi has allowed some subtle but significant genetic refinements to that specialised DNA; a small amount of coding that ensures the new Spiritual persona is created naturally. Built upon a foundation of conscience, it is equally present, and slightly more refined than the Devil. It’s presence is subtle and it’s advantage is negligible, nothing more than a persuasive whisper, but one that has triggered the dawning of a new era.

The Devil is no longer the sole occupant of the Angelic personality. They have undergone a genetic deviation. The effect may be subtle, but it will continue to develop. The Soul is now an intrinsic part of their genetic blueprint, meaning the Angels and Demons are effectively becoming different species. It also means the Angels now do have the Soul they wanted, but not entirely. Their Soul is still not the persona of a divine spirit, or indeed, a spirit of any kind. The Soul is not mystical. It is simply an additional component of the personality. It may be the moral antithesis of the Devil, but technically, it is the same thing. 

The UCC is bemused. Once again the Nature of Phi has done something unexpected. The Spirit still does not exist, but the Soul now does. Consequently, the Angelic concept of having two resident personas is no longer hypothetical, it is a fact.  The personality is now a combination of the Devil and the Soul, neither of which has the power to eradicate the other, so they will have to learn to work together.

The evidence is there to see. Subsequent Angelic offspring are already finding spiritual behaviour requires slightly less effort, because unlike their parents, who relied entirely on self-discipline, their spiritual tendency is quite natural. The Angels aspire to replace the Devil with the Soul. That will never happen, but with practice, it is possible the Soul may become the dominant persona. 

End of Chapter 18

The Book of Quantism

By Darren Cleave

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