Chapter 21 – Perceptible Divergence

Chapter 21 – Perceptible Divergence

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Told from the perspective of a unique and enigmatic protagonist, the Book of Quantism is a relentless tale of aliens, quantum physics, prophets, religion, politics, time travel, souls, and the afterlife that revitalises the ancient concept of creation, from the birth of the Universe right up to the Absolute Present Moment.

Together with Angels, Demons, a space ark, and an Eden project, the Book of Quantism introduces new concepts of: The UCC (Universal Collective Consciousness), Spiritual Portfolios, the Nature of Phi, Quantum Interconnection (QI), and the state of Ultra-Sentience.

A radical alternative history of humankind that culminates in an eerily familiar crisis and a critical question – Can Humanity be saved from the universal curse of Socio-Insanity…?

“…The Book of Quantism drags the Biblical saga kicking and screaming into the 21st century…”

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