The Book of Quantism – Chapter 21 – Edited for Audio

The Book of Quantism

by Darren Cleave

Chapter 21

Perceptible Divergence



Time passes, and whatever fragile political influence the Angels once held, has been lost, and with so many accepting the nullifying treatment, their numbers are getting pitifully low. Only the most dedicated remain. 

The entire Angelic population has been moved to an isolated military compound, hidden in a remote and environmentally hostile area. The facility is called Universe 25. It is officially a centre for advanced aeronautical development, so at least it covers a large area and is secure and well equipped. Ideally, they would like to continue their studies and allow the evolutionary process, the Condition, to complete naturally; but considering the current state of affairs, that is unlikely to happen. 

The Demons have made endless excuses for incarcerating the Angels, including: for their own safety, and so the Condition can be analysed without the risk of an accidental outbreak. All may sound valid, but none are true. The real reason is because the Angels make them feel inferior, so they have been ostracised and imprisoned. The angels are concerned about their safety, and they have good reason, because their lives, their very existence, is in mortal danger.



The nature of Phi is wasting no time. The divergence is growing increasingly obvious, to a level close to incompatibility. Young Demons and Angels can quite easily be identified just by their appearance. 

It is clear to see that the Demons are devolving, almost wantonly. The signs are subtle, but there to be seen. Each new generation is slightly more feral and instinctive than the last. Their posture is just a little more crouched, and they regularly use their hands as part of a manoeuvring process, a visible sign that they are reverting towards ancient quadrupedal tendencies. 

Their manner has intensified. Physically, they are more robust; their faces have deep scowl lines, their bodies are hairier, even their voices are deeper. They take less pride in their appearance and their demeanour is twitchy, nervous, and volatile. Authority has little or no influence over them; they can be neither coaxed nor shamed into reasonable behaviour, and have to be forced into compliance. They lack rationality; if they want something, they simply take it by whatever means necessary.

By contrast, the Angels have distinctly evolved. They look taller and slimmer, confident, self-assured, graceful in their movements. They dress differently, choosing plain practical clothes, and they are clean and well groomed. 

Angels have always unnerved the Demons, but their new calm and confident attitude has made it worse. When they speak, their voices are calm and soothing, almost hypnotic. It is not that the Angels have become condescending, even if that is how it appears, they are just more… understanding. They always listen. They will discuss a subject but never argue about it, which in itself is almost incomprehensible to the eternally bickering Demons. 

The Angels stopped trying to deceive one another some time ago, realising it was pointless. The words and actions so obviously contradict the spiritual picture being projected. Despite knowing the Angels can tell when they are lying, the Demons still persist in posturing and pompous rhetoric. They often succeed in fooling each other, but the Angels see through the obvious and rather comical charade. 

All forms of communication with the Angels now enrage the Demons, who simply no longer like them. They accuse them of mind reading, which isn’t true. They accuse them of being condescending, which may be true when considering how dealing with Demons is rather like dealing with arrogant children. 

To the UCC it is obvious: Rational communication is becoming a pointless ordeal.


A recent announcement has intensified their predicament. The Demons have decided to force the remaining Angels into accepting medication and genetic modification. It has turned a volatile situation into a crisis. 

The Angels, whose numbers are down to a mere few hundred, are frightened. They have no means of defending themselves as the Demons sink deeper into anarchy.

The UCC can sense their desperation, so it decides to try to initiate contact. It begins transmitting coded information on the Q I frequency; a distinct and logical pattern that it hopes the Angels will recognise as attempted communication.

End of chapter 21

The book of quantism

By darren cleave

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