Chapter 29 edited for audio

The Book of quantism

By Darren Cleave

Chapter 29: Earth 


Seemingly Idyllic 

What had initially started out as trepidation, has become enthusiasm. The UCC has been continuously updating the Angels on what they can expect when they eventually reach Earth. 

It sounds idyllic. There are literally millions of species. Geologically, the planet is still active, but it is settling fast. It seems there will be no requirement for the terraforming equipment. There is a good balance of land, with both fresh and saline water present in substantial quantities.

The orbit of the planet, it’s distance from its star, the Sun, the tilt of its axis and the speed it revolves, are all ideal, giving the planet a pleasant variety of seasonally changing environmental conditions. It has so far completed about 4.5 billion orbits of the star, with the first billion or so spent just forming and cooling down. Once it had stabilised, as with countless other planets, the UCC began nurturing life into existence. 

As is always the case, life developed exponentially, and there is now an Alpha-Species. The UCC has been referring to them as Homo Sapiens, and they are approaching the familiar rush period, when a species begins to advance very quickly. Hopefully, with the help of the Alliance, they can be assisted in surviving their evolutionary adolescence, endure Socio-Insanity, and achieve Ultra-Sentience.


Not the First

The planet has peaked before. There was a long reptilian period, which the Nature of Phi stabilised at a consistent if not particularly intelligent level. It enabled them to enjoy a period of dominance that spanned 150 million years. 

Even then, their demise was only brought about when a substantial meteorite collided with the Earth and contaminated its atmosphere, killing most of the reptiles and allowing the usual mammalian species to begin battling their way to dominance. That was 65 million years ago. 

There was also a short and isolated period of alien occupation too, which explains the existence of Earth’s rather odd and unnatural moon. 



The Homo Sapiens format is close to what the UCC considers ideal, having all the right features: bipedal, agile, intelligent, and socially progressive; the usual package. 

The UCC copies a few significant genes, around 200, from the Angelic genome, and splices them in the genome of a number of groups of homo sapiens, located in various areas around the planet, about 200,000 years in the past. Fortunately, the timeline is barely affected, the changes are accepted by the Nature of Phi, and have had the desired effect upon the newly created species: Humans. Humans quickly take dominance over their cousins the Neanderthal, who managed to survive another 100,000 years before becoming extinct. 


Humans Are Ready

As the changes wash forward into the Absolute Present Moment, the visible differences are minimal. The Humans have lost much of their heavy body hair and are slightly better formed anatomically. They are agile, stand straight, and are extremely dexterous. They have good senses, and most importantly, they have wonderful intelligence, already highly developed but with masses of potential remaining.

They have become pretty much exactly what the UCC had hoped for. The added genes have assured the evolutionary process has taken a specific direction, and the result is ideal; not perfect, because there has been, quite surprisingly, a substantial element of interbreeding with the Neanderthal, but it is good enough. 

For now, as the Space Ark continues its journey, the UCC has intervened enough. The Humans require time to settle and to allow the Nature of Phi to fully establish its own balance. 


The Book of Quantism

The UCC moves its focus back into the Absolute Present Moment. The Angelic ship has arrived in the planetary system and will be orbiting Earth within hours. Most of the crew are out of stasis and going about their various duties. 

During his periodic times of wakefulness, the Yahweh has been working with the UCC in preparing a special book; a concise written account of the Angelic emergence, and a physical reminder of the importance of preparing a Spiritual Portfolio, to maximise their existence within the quantum afterlife. It will outline a new ideology that will be known as Quantism, a word derived from its two most significant factors, the Quant um Realm and Angelic Spiritual ism, and the book itself will be called The Book of Quantism. 

The Philosophy behind Quantism will be relatively simple: The Soul is paramount; it is who they are and what they will always be. It is a gift created by nature. The physical body is a vessel in which the Soul navigates a path of discovery. Life is that path, one that meanders through a challenging but rewarding period of physical existence. During that journey, the Soul must strive to build a Spiritual Portfolio of rich, vibrant, and personally rewarding memories. Heaven is the place where the Spirit, the released Soul, will eventually use those memories to create and build its own afterlife within the Quantum realm. 

It will not be important that future generations understand the precise detail of how the process works, or how the information is stored within their DNA, though they may eventually figure those things out for themselves. It only matters that they fully appreciate the importance of the Spiritual Portfolio, and that the destiny of their Soul will be exclusively their own responsibility. They must positively develop, nurture, and enhance its quality in preparation for the next level of existence.

The memories created during their physical life will vary from individual to individual, depending on their personal preferences, but the process will be the same for everyone: The Soul, once detached from the physical body, will be converted into a Spirit; an entity that will exist within, and contribute towards, the Universal Collective Consciousness. 

6. The Book of Quantism will offer guidance only. There can be few hard and fast rules. The Angels are intelligent and quite capable of figuring the fine detail out for themselves. The basic principle is simple: Sin in haste and repent at leisure. There will be benefits and there will be consequences, it will be up to the individual to get the balance right. 


The Process of Death

By weaving special Thanatotranscriptome genes into the DNA, the UCC eventually creates a data extraction process that initiates on death. When the body dies, the genes will spend the following few hours releasing information from the Spiritual Portfolio. It will be absorbed and stored within the surrounding matter on a quantum level and adopted by the Universal Collective Consciousness. 

The process of spiritualisation has been discussed at great length, with a number of circumstances and conditions requiring extensive consideration. The Angels were concerned about the fate of Souls that have been weak, and excessively tolerated the behaviour of the Devil.  Also those that have been affected by misfortune; that have died prematurely, or suffered abuse or cruelty, plus a number of other circumstances. As a result, a series of conditions based on repentance, atonement, absolution, reincarnation, and total death, have been agreed upon. 



The Angels arrive at Earth, but there is no time to waste. The Demon ship is a long way behind but draws closer with every passing moment, and their eventual arrival will no doubt spell trouble and disruption. 

Watching the Humans actively going about their business, the Angels are impressed by how advanced they already are. Less surprising is their high level of egocentricity; but at least most of them already have a Soul, because the UCC ensured those preparations a long time ago. 



A plan has been formulated. Controlled groups of suitable Humans, conforming to precise specification, will be developed, isolated, and protected. They will become hybrids that capture the best of both species.

During their formative period, it will be critical to ensure the chosen remain uncontaminated. Not only by other Humans, but especially by the Demons, when they arrive. Any Demonic contamination will be disastrous for those affected, because the Demon Seed will guarantee all future generations lose their potential for telepathic connection. 

The project will be challenging, but all the signs indicate it will be worth the effort. The two species will have to overcome their aesthetic and cultural differences, but largely they are very similar in format and construction. Compatibility issues will require time to stabilise and the process will have to be accepted and refined by the Nature of Phi, which will not be rushed.

Even though the atmosphere is not ideal, it will be possible for the Angels to spend short periods on the surface; longer, with discrete breathing apparatus. It will allow them to communicate with the Humans directly. Unfortunately, the same advantage will apply to the Demons. 


An Unnatural Moon

On arrival, the Angels notice an oddity in the planetary layout: The Earth and its moon are unnatural partners. There are accepted ways in which a planet acquires a moon, and the satellite orbiting around Earth fits none of them. 

The moon is clearly older than Earth. Its mass is inappropriate to its size, and its orbit is too perfect; even its centre of gravity isn’t central. It is precisely 400 times smaller than the Sun and precisely 400 times closer, meaning: from Earth’s surface, it periodically eclipses the sun perfectly.  

The UCC confirms that the moon is, in fact, a manufactured structure, set in place by an advanced race that used it to stabilise Earth’s atmosphere, making the planet habitable. 

Like the Angels, the race had also been escaping a dying civilisation. They had captured a comet and used it to create a spherical ship, while retaining the characteristics of a celestial object. 

The exterior has remained quite natural looking, especially after suffering countless meteorite impacts, though on close inspection it is noticeable how the strengthened subsurface has limited the depth of the impact craters. 

Internally, the moon has large hollow sections where its alien inhabitants installed a sophisticated propulsion system, life support mechanisms, cargo bays, and a habitation centre.

The occupants discovered Earth about 500,000 cycles previously. They quietly adopted and inhabited an isolated island, which they named Atlantis. They abandoned the moon, and destroyed the transportation craft, choosing to adopt a simple, low technology lifestyle, which they maintained until their entire population, and the island they lived on, was destroyed by a natural disaster. 

Their efforts to hide themselves from the remainder of the society they had escaped had been so successful, that it had also escaped the attention of the UCC, which in hindsight is regrettable, but now beyond the UCC’s power to recover. 

The Angels visit the moon and explore the various cavities. The propulsion systems are beyond repair and the habitation centre is little better. So, as interesting as they find it, the Angels make no effort to utilise it.

Despite its oddities, the moon doesn’t look anything more than what it now is, a satellite orbiting Earth. It’s presence however, is still playing an important role in the planet’s constitution, creating tides and seasons, plus several other less obvious influences, so disturbing it would be pointlessly counterproductive.

On Earth, the island of Atlantis has been lost to the sea, and any detectable traces of the ancient civilisation, have been all but lost.

End of chapter 29

The book of quantism

By darren cleave

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