Chapter 35 edited for audio

The Book of Quantism

By Darren Cleave

Chapter 35



The Angels Return

Knowing the Demons are present, both on the Earth and encamped on the far side of the moon, the Angels return in stealth. The UCC has warned them of what they should expect, but nevertheless, what they find is a huge disappointment. The human population is in disarray. They have embraced corruption, and every colony the Angels carefully prepared, almost a thousand years previous, seems to have been compromised.


Proactive Demon Culture

The Demons have infiltrated civilisations on every continent. Their influence has spread like wildfire amongst the indigenous population, who have a seemingly insatiable passion for iniquity.

The humans are wonderful creatures, but their tremendous potential is ruined by their willing submission to the Devil. Their greed and hedonism are as bad as any race the UCC has previously encountered. 

The combination of their own depravity and the corrosive influence of the Demons, is making the task of elevating humans to the level of Ultra-Sentience an arduous challenge.

From the outset, the Demons have known they stand little chance of survival. To produce a pure Seraphim, the Demon child requires both parents to be Demon, but their numbers are few with virtually none being either suitable or compatible. Even then they don’t have the technical ability to overcome the problem of environmental incompatibility. 

That was why they wasted no time in crudely crossbreeding with both humans and several other native species, the products of which were almost invariably a horrendously malformed progeny, fit only for termination. Nevertheless, eventually, and entirely by chance, certain Demon males and human females managed to produce a passable hybrid, but their Souls are invariably destitute, because their bodies are genetically void of any telepathic ability, making them as spiritually mute as their alien masters.

Initially, the hybrid offspring had recognisable Demonic characteristics, but after a few generations they became sufficiently indistinguishable to mingle unnoticeably within the human population. Consequently, their true heritage is largely irrelevant and forgotten. The UCC, and now the Angels, refer to them as Humon, a combination of the words Demon and human. 

Even though they are assimilating quite seamlessly, they have one undetectable aspect that is ominously relevant: Regardless of their partner, a Humon can only produce another Humon, meaning they are progressively corrupting the human population in a cruel reversal of how the Angels emerged. It is a terrible threat to the Eden project. 



There have been other, less subtle variations of the Demon hybrid. Few have endured, but one rather distasteful example has managed to thrive. It is the result of a personal project, conducted by a Demonic medical officer named Anak. The mutant strain, sometimes referred to as the Sons of Anak, are called Nephilim, named after a famous Demonic warrior. 

The Nephilim stand as much as twice the height of a human. They are strong, aggressive, and obedient, making them useful for both laborious and combative tasks. The Demonic intermediaries have been utilising the Nephilim for military purposes and in the building of enormous pyramids, constructed in honour of their Demonic gods and masters.


The Moon Base

1. The Angels are begrudgingly irritated by the Demons’ decision to inhabit the Moon. 

Utilising and populating the habitation complex was something the Angels chose not to do. It was a mistake. The facility has provided the Demons with a distinct advantage. The only small consolation is that the internal propulsion system and weaponry have remained inoperable, meaning habitation is the only advantage. Nevertheless, it is a tactical loss.



The Alliance are furious with both the Demons and the humans. Between them they are ruining what started out as a straightforward process. 

They have considered confronting the Demons, but the risks are too high, and as things stand, the Demons have less to lose. Tactically it would be a close battle. Both vessels have weaponry and a number of small ancillary craft that although not intended for combat, can still be utilised. The Ark is possibly better armed and capable of defending itself, but unlike the Demon ship, it is not built for offensive manoeuvring. 

Additionally, although the number of full Demons is dangerously low, they now have a substantial number of Humons acting as back up crew, foot soldiers, and ancillary staff. 



The humans, especially the Humons, seem incapable of behaving themselves. They are weak willed; easily tempted and led astray. Their capacity for self-discipline is abysmal. While under pressure, they are full of promises of conformity, but as soon as they are left to their own devices, they submit to temptation almost immediately.

The Demons have been more successful than they could have hoped for. They have succeeded in corrupting almost every group the Angels have prepared… almost. There is one pure Angelic hybrid group remaining: the Hebrews, but they are surrounded by precisely the opposite of what they need. The immediate population is largely egocentric humans, but they are being infested by their Humon counterparts and the intimidating Nephilim. The Hebrew tribe is in dire need of assistance, and immediate action is required. 


Continued Campaign 

The Angels need to remain focussed. The only important matter is to maintain the Hebrew genetic lineage, which is in imminent danger of being lost. 

The Alliance have discussed alternative ways of proceeding, but although the plan they have is in jeopardy, it has been a long time in the making, and is still their best option.

The UCC briefly considers applying a tactical virus, in the hope of genetically preventing cross contamination. Viruses have become a regrettable necessity for the UCC when having to occasionally affect radical change within a species. Sometimes, in the early stages of development, the UCC will realise a substantial genetic error has occurred, but sheer quantity makes its own direct intervention impossible. 

At such times, the UCC will create and introduce a virus to initiate change; but viruses are crudely precarious, and highly unpredictable. They are a desperate and potentially lethal means of applying contagious genetic modification. It is a last resort that should only be used in dire circumstances, where even disastrous failure is acceptable.   

Viruses are also an unnatural oddity; neither animate or inanimate. They can attract and often confuse the Nature of Phi, because they don’t evolve as much as mutate. The mutated strains can become stronger, adaptive, and more aggressive; prone to attacking and spreading exponentially with frightening rapidity. Once released, a virus cannot be recalled, and it might appear to be eradicated, when in reality it is lying dormant, waiting for the right time to re-emerge. Also, the humans, Humons, and Hebrews are so very closely related, too genetically similar to be certain of precision targeting. 

After consideration, the Alliance decides that evolutionary progress must be allowed to continue organically. The UCC will continue to nurture the process at a natural pace. If it isn’t rushed, and doesn’t include any changes that are too radical, the Nature of Phi should remain passive. 



The Hebrew bloodline almost failed before it started. Even now, by comparison to general population growth, the number of pure hybrids is pitifully small. After a thousand years of effort, they have failed to progress beyond a single family. They had been given clear instructions as to what they could and couldn’t do, and it hadn’t been complicated: Reproduce, and keep away from people who are not from your tribe. 

They didn’t manage it for one single generation. Adam and Eve had produced three sons and a couple of daughters. The first two sons had been a waste of time; the third, Seth, who wasn’t actually Adam’s, but the offspring of another tribe member, had fared slightly better. 

Fortunately, because of Seth, the precious genes survived. He vigilantly upheld the responsibility of keeping the tribe together and the bloodline intact. He alone has saved the Eden project. 


A New World

At some point in the distant future, a decisive battle is inevitable. Consequently, in readiness, the Demons are insisting their minions remain vigilantly prepared. The Demons expect little more than posturing from the Angels, but amongst the human population they are determined to make the war as spectacular and conclusive as possible. 

The Demons are making a mistake in underestimating the severity of the Alliance’s commitment. The Alliance will stop at nothing to fulfil their objective, but now is not the time for a standoff, and posturing is not their way. Fulfilling their objective is all that matters, and for the project to succeed, the target is 144,000 uncontaminated Hebrews; fully evolved, spiritually receptive, and genetically compatible. Once that objective is achieved, the select few will be collected and placed aboard the Space Arc. Only then will the Demons discover the severity of the Angels’ intent. 

The Angels have a powerful facility within their arsenal, one it seems they may have to use. It isn’t a weapon, it is the terraforming equipment, and the Demons are unaware of how powerful and vastly improved it has become. It now has the capacity to gently, but quite literally, dismantle the surface of the planet. If it is used, even though the critical seeds of life will be preserved to use as a foundation upon which a new world can be built, much of the indigenous flora and fauna will be lost. 

It will be a drastic action, but the new world must be a place where the dregs of the corrupted and contaminated human race no longer exist, and the Demonic infestation has been eradicated. When the Ark returns, the Angels will expect the Demons on the moon to have perished, and the moon to once again, be just a moon. If, for any reason it is not, the Angels will make sure it becomes that way… 

The intention will then be to abandon the Ark, or maybe even land it, so it can be utilised. They will disconnect themselves from the complications of interstellar travel, and the few remaining Angels will be able to live out their lives amongst their new Hebrew family, as they peacefully and sympathetically re-inhabit the Earth. 

The newly formed society will be empathically driven by cooperation, not competition. A society that respects and protects its planet and its fellow inhabitants. Every individual will work towards a greater good, and to create a Spiritual Portfolio built upon the memories of doing the things they value with the people they love.

End of chapter 35

The Book of Quantism

By Darren Cleave

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