Chapter 48 edited for audio

The Book of Quantism

by Darren Cleave

Chapter 48

Demonic Entrenchment


Time Passes 

Centuries pass and various Babylonian regimes come and go, but the game remains the same. The global society has expanded in size and complexity as the Angels and Demons persevere with their respective plans. The industrial age explodes into existence, and then technological advancements fan the flames of exponential growth. 

Throughout each era, a variation of the New World Order maintains control over a gullible population, willing to support any ideology that promises an easy life. And once their loyalty has been secured, even when faced with irrefutable facts, they will continue to furiously defend senseless and unachievable  idealism.  

Those in power have learned to appreciate the importance of maintaining control over the population, especially when Egos have been aroused. As a mob they can become highly irrational and capable of intense persecution. Managed carefully however, they can also be a useful weapon of mass influence, convenient in achieving certain objectives, such as overcoming dissenters. 


Ever Closer

Civilisation is advancing. The bloating population is overwhelming a planet that technology seems to be making smaller. The time for radical action is rapidly approaching and the various instigators are refining their plans. 

The Angels are aware of the Demons’ activities, though exactly what they intend is hard to predict. They seem to be simply waiting for the Angels to make the first move. 

The Demons have always been aware of the Hebrews and the Angelic plan to create a hybrid species. Their own intentions have simply been to prevent that from happening. 

In their efforts to influence Humanity, the Angels and Demons have employed very different strategies. Where the Angels have been discrete, the Demons have been disruptive, and where the Angels have striven for quality, the demons have favoured quantity. The Angels have tried to produce a stable hybrid with long term potential. The Demons haven’t cared. Knowing their own DNA nullifies the critical essence of Angelic DNA, they have simply contaminated as much of the population as possible. Victory has always seemed inevitable.

As the centuries have passed, the Demon seed has become firmly entrenched. Humons are now the only remaining Demonic hybrid. They are indistinguishable from humans, and they are everywhere. 

The Nephilim disappeared entirely a long time ago, and because fewer and fewer of the aging Demons have been inclined to fornicate with Human females, the occasional spawning of freakish mutants has become far less frequent, with each one rapidly meeting its demise. The last occasion happened some time ago, where a handful of vile creatures, whose taste for flesh and blood turned them into cannibalistic predators. Their mutated skin was so painfully reactive to sunlight they hid in the shadows, attacking only in the dead of night to feed upon and contaminate other animals, including Humans. They were eventually hunted and destroyed by the Humans themselves. Nevertheless, their abhorrent existence was recorded in the book of Enoch and regularly featured in stories of corruption and horror.


The Army of The Demons

Being genetically contaminated by the Demons, the Humons have something of an excuse for what they are, but their Human counterparts do not. Like the Angels, Humans have an inherent instinct for Remorse, if they choose to acknowledge it. Most don’t.

Most Humans don’t understand how their Soul works. Their Personality is fully functional, though mostly they only listen to the Devil while ignoring the Conscience. Their immoral ways are not because they can’t distinguish good from bad, only that they lack the inclination.

Their Spiritual Portfolios will be worthless. A corrupt and distorted mix of frustration and dissatisfaction. They will have mistaken vain gratification for contentment, and failed entirely to achieve any level of spiritual harmony and karmic resonance. 

The entire population is losing focus. Soon the technical age will create an information overload that will contribute towards the collapse of philosophical growth and the onset of Socio-Insanity. Collectively, they will become the army of the Demons.


The Army of The Angels

The Angels are satisfied with their efforts regarding spiritual humans. They know their plans could have been better, but under the circumstances they consider things have worked out quite well. The UCC does not agree. It has held high hopes for the spiritual humans, but time is working against them. Too few are learning too little, too slowly. The UCC is quite sure a great opportunity has been wasted.

Nevertheless, there does exist a small number of spiritual Humans who possess good Souls. Their understanding of the UCC and Q I is still limited, but their determination to flourish is admirable. 

It is a terrible shame they must face such a challenge. They are an enlightened few, lost and cut adrift in a sea of egocentricity, good Souls that have had the courage to reject ideological indoctrination. They have chosen to search for the true source; realised that life is not about serving God; not about serving a church; not even about serving others, especially narcissistic egocentrics. It is about serving oneself… righteously; about gathering wisdom and discovering contentment. It is about feeding the Soul. The benefits to others will manifest quite naturally.

Despite the difficulties, the brave spiritual leaders, Lightworkers, are demonstrating potential for success.  Theirs will be a difficult task, requiring considerable intellectual investment and wilful determination to promote the spiritual path amidst such a hostile environment. But their efforts have already reaped great reward. In helping the UCC gain a better understanding of the Human psyche, they have contributed towards the preparation of their own afterlife.

When the time comes, they will be the army of the Angels, and the only Humans that matter.



The Demons have accepted they are doomed. If they are lucky, they will die in battle, but it is highly probable they will fade away in exile, hidden on the moon. They are never going to overcome their lack of compatibility with Earth’s atmosphere, but they no longer care. All that matters, is they ensure their own legacy outlives that of the Angels. Demonstrations of their Demonic power may no longer be an option, but they still have some influence amongst the Humon elite, and that should be enough. 

The UCC knows better. The Demons are mistaken in their assumption of victory. Their expectations are misplaced. The battle is far from won. They are underestimating the Angels’ determination. They may be justified in assuming they will eventually ensure the Hebrew bloodline is dissolved and broken beyond repair, but they are wrong to think the Angels’ plan will be destroyed, because it won’t. Quietly, in the background, the Hebrew genetic line is continuing to strengthen; and that is all that matters. 

The eventual Human sacrifice will be substantial, cruel, and obviously atrocious, but there is no other way. By the time the Hebrew genetic line is ready, the population will have spiralled out of control and be too vast and too corrupted to save. It is a proven phenomenon and a regular outcome of Socio-Insanity. Their demise will unfold like the fate of a child running too quickly downhill: bound to lose control and fall on their face. 

When the time is right, the chosen will be collected. They will endure a period of confined coexistence aboard the space ark . It will allow time to eliminate imperfections and compatibility issues before permitting the two species to become so symbiotically combined, one will be indistinguishable from the other.

Hopefully, by the time the new Human species return to Earth, after a period of at least one thousand years, the remaining defective Human race will have entirely destroyed themselves, saving the Angels an unpleasant task. 

End of Chapter 48

The book of Quantism

by Darren Cleave

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