Chapter 54 edited for audio

The Book of Quantism

by Darren Cleave

Chapter 54

Spiritual Portfolio



In most cases, existence is irrelevant. 

Initially, even the UCC questioned why it existed. What was the purpose of a solitary sentient entity that had nothing to do but watch the universe gloriously burst into existence, just to slowly fade away? 

Eventually, it concluded that was its purpose, to watch; to observe and contemplate. Even then, it still seemed a rather pointless exercise, but at least the universe wouldn’t pass entirely unnoticed. 

Everything changed when the UCC discovered life. Life was obviously important, and clearly what the universe was intended to accommodate. More significantly, it gave the UCC purpose. Without the UCC’s intervention, life would have never progressed beyond those initial momentary flashes of activity, but with its help, life became an immediate success. Within what seemed like no time, organisms had evolved to the point of Philosophically searching for a greater meaning in their own existence.

So, the UCC gave their lives meaning. It gave them a personality, character traits they could share with their descendants, and an aspirational objective that would surpass even the instinct to survive: The prospect of an eternal spiritual afterlife.

Most significantly, the UCC gave them a Soul. A system of capturing, digitising, and encapsulating the essence of their personality and memories in what it called a Spiritual-Portfolio. It meant that when the fragile Earthly vessel that was their body eventually died, the Soul could be released as a free Spirit within the Afterlife; a cyber-reality, built upon their own experiences and securely contained within the UCC’s quantum based fifth dimension.


Work in progress

The UCC has found building the afterlife a wonderful challenge, but it has been difficult, and although it is near completion, it is still a work in progress. Nevertheless, it already provides precisely what the Angels dreamed of. 

The afterlife has the potential to provide an ideal environment where eternal contentment can be enjoyed free of the negative aspects of physical existence. But the word potential is critical, because contentment is not guaranteed. There are qualifying conditions. Once in the fifth dimension, the Spirit cannot change, and new memories cannot be created. So negative and disconcerting memories cannot be escaped either. Therefore, the quality of the afterlife will always depend on the effort made by an individual during their physical existence. 

Preparing for the afterlife will not be easy. There will be obstacles, restrictions and temptation during their stay in the physical realm. There will be countless opportunities for the individual to create and gather favourable memories for their Spiritual Portfolio, but there will also be plenty of opportunities to make it thoroughly miserable. 

The Angels quickly embraced the responsibility of creating a Spiritual Portfolio. The few that survived no longer simply consider the afterlife to be an extension of their physical existence, they see it as life’s objective. Humanity must learn to do the same.


Spiritual Objective

Refining their Q I abilities had allowed the Angels to develop a spiritual connection that reaches beyond the boundaries of the physical realm. They have gained an ability to sense the presence of departed Spirits that now exist within the 5th dimension. It is only faint, barely detectable, but it is there, and it is enough to reassure them the rewards are worth the effort. 

The karmic state of the Spirits can be sensed, even if they can’t be fully appreciated. In those that have taken care, and accumulated a Spiritual Portfolio of good, positive memories and experiences, the Angels can clearly sense overwhelming contentment. In stark contrast is the pitiful disposition of those who have not tried and whose presence is all but undetectable. It has led to a simple conclusion: If contentment is made the primary objective of life, the potential of the afterlife is boundless. 

Contentment is the culmination of balanced karmic state, harmonised Chakras, and maximised spiritual resonance, something Humanity finds difficult to understand. It is as though the principle of being satisfied with life just as it is, unimpaired by obsessive ambition or unresolved regret, is too difficult to comprehend. Contentment cannot be mimicked or faked, and because it is entirely intangible, it cannot be measured or contained. 

Such a simple concept is difficult to grasp for many Humans, who like the Demons, are susceptible to the Devil’s influence. The Devil seeks only stimulation, so it substitutes contentment with happiness, euphoria gained from adulation or opulence, but happiness is not contentment. Happiness is immediate and temporary, an addictive emotion that is chemically induced and does not last.

There are some who in the name of religion,  choose to imitate the demeanour of contentment. They suppress emotion, ambition, and aspiration, believing that self-imposed poverty and the condemnation of ambition and success, will achieve the same result. They are wrong. They are listening to the Devil. Contentment is neither happy nor sad. It is just as possible for a successful and active socialite to be content as it is for an impoverished spiritual fanatic to be thoroughly discontented. Contentment is a state of being, not an occupation. 



Finding contentment isn’t about being perfect, or about being a model citizen. It isn’t about never making mistakes. It’s about doing your best. A person who has never made a mistake is a person who has never done anything. The only mistakes that should cause concern are the ones that have negatively affected others. In those cases, the focus should turn to repentance and atonement, putting things right.

In stabilising one’s own karmic balance, it is not acceptable to destabilise someone else’s. Disharmony has still been caused, and in the quantum realm, all things are connected. To achieve true contentment, a Soul must ensure karmic balance is experienced by all. 

For those who have taken care to keep their Spiritual Portfolio harmonious, the 5th dimensional realm will be an eternal theme park; a great place to be. Those who have been weak and created disharmony in others for the sake of their own gratification, might have found their behaviour perfectly acceptable at the time, but will find it less justifiable in hindsight. The immediate rewards would have been short lived, but the resulting disharmony will be eternal. Contentment is not about quantity, it is about quality; it is something a spiritual person will understand, but an egocentric person will not.

As with many things, the Spiritual Portfolio of many are suffering from the negative influence of the Devil’s Collective. In their obsession with self-promotion, people have become obsessed with exhibiting their every moment on social media. In taking endless photos and videos, they are starving their Soul. It is critical, when faced with wonderful sights and spectacular events, that the Soul is permitted to fully engage with the spectacle. It allows the time necessary for the senses to absorb, appreciate, and record the experience. Instead, people are pointing audio-visual recording technology while staring at a screen. As a result, the Devil’s Collective receives the precise detail, while the person’s own Spiritual Portfolio sees only the device. There is little wonder that the looming presence of artificial intelligence creeps closer to sentience with every passing moment.

Learning the importance of preparing for the afterlife was easy for the Angels, they were confined in isolation. The same cannot be said for Humanity. 

End of Chapter 54

The book of Quantism

by Darren Cleave

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