What is God?

‘What is God?’ has always been the most challenging question for any deity based belief system, and it is certainly a critical question asked by the open minded agnostic exploring the possible existence of God and spirituality.

For literally hundreds of years, the vague and mystical ambiguity preached by charismatic dogmatists has dominated every system, with anyone daring to question or challenge its authority being dealt with most severely and threatened with eternal damnation. Such uncompromising behaviour is no longer acceptable in our modern, democratic society. We are better informed, better educated, and less intimidated or frightened by rhetorical religious condemnation.

The existence of God, and God’s relationship with the Universe is a difficult subject because of the chicken and hen conundrum… Which came first?

But which did? God or the Universe, the answer is critical. If God created the universe, where exactly was God at the time?

And who created God?

Religious scriptures suggest that God created the universe 6000 years ago, for the convenience of humans. Hmmm… really? Is anyone still buying that story?

Intelligent people simply can’t be expected to accept the existence of a deity that is all powerful, yet totally elusive, intangible, clearly dispassionate, and too fantastic to be explainable. Nonsense! Given sufficient knowledge and processing power, even the most complicated phenomenon can be explained.

Humanity has acquired enough wisdom to realise it is foolish to assume something we can’t currently explain ‘must be magic’, and yes this also applies to God. Even the most committed religious zealot must have a niggling voice in the back of their mind questioning the ancient perception of God.

So,’ I thought, ‘If an entity does exist that even partially fits the description of God, how might that have happened?’

The answer came in the form of the UCC… sort of.

The Book of Quantism explains how the UCC emerges.

Is the UCC God? Does it fit the criteria?

That’s something the reader must decide for themselves.

Link: So… HOW does the UCC exist?

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