For years (40+) I’ve been intrigued by the concept of Deity and metaphysics.

The whole idea of Gods, Afterlives, spirits and exactly where and how those things might exist, has always fascinated me. But does a philosophical interest make me a spiritual person?

Even now I’m not certain, and I’m quite sure there are many people who share that uncertainty. Maybe I’m just being a little more actively inquisitive.

I may be inquisitive, but I’m also pragmatic. Before I take any concept seriously, it has to be either tangible or theoretically viable. Unfortunately, most forms of spirituality are neither. In fact, they are almost invariably vague and fanciful…

Life has changed so much during the last millennia, yet the desire to establish how and why everything came into being and to understand if there really is a reason for our existence, is no less prevalent than it has ever been.

Learning makes us knowledgeable, but not necessarily wise. We have learned to question everything, but rarely to explain. Too often, we destructively criticise while failing to constructively contribute; to ask more questions than we can provide answers.

Science, technology, industry, politics and commerce, have all benefitted from rapid social and intellectual progress, but many other things have suffered, including our systems of faith and ideology. People are finding their faith compromised by rational intelligence and getting lost in uncertainty, and too often that leaves the maintenance and defence of what are essentially well meaning religions and ideologies, in the hands of uncompromising fanatics.

The modern mind can no longer indulge in blind and often irrational faith. No matter how much we want to believe, what we believe has to make sense. It has to seem feasible, even if it is entirely hypothetical. The reason people have enjoyed the Star Trek series for so many years is because the writers have largely kept the story lines within the boundaries of theoretical possibility.

So I decided to do apply the same principle with the Biblical saga; to look at the evidence, the mystical claims, the theories, the stories, both factual and fantasy, and build a parallel version that is still highly speculative but better fits my mindset.

Do I believe what I’ve written? No more or less than any other ‘History of the Universe and other things’ fantasy I’ve encountered. Until there is proof, they are all just stories.

The Book of Quantism focusses largely on the Biblical saga, and although it doesn’t address every subject, it includes many. It also includes topics that are ominously absent or that simply didn’t exist at that time. It both agrees and disagrees with various aspects of established doctrines, and although it addresses many of the difficult and sometimes quite distasteful subjects, it remains upbeat, conveying an overall message that the reader must decipher for themselves.

The Book of Quantism is built around many of the fascinating topics I have discovered during my research. Some are really quite incredible. So, I though I’d create this website to explore some of those subjects in more detail.

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