Chapter 42 edited for audio

The Book of Quantism

by Darren Cleave

Chapter 42

Mount Sinai


Mount Sinai 

Now, safe from persecution, the Hebrews make their way to Mount Sinai, where Moses has been summoned by God. 

The Yahweh is very pleased with how things are progressing. Thankfully, they currently have a strong leader, which is obviously an essential requirement if they are to adhere to any form of  meaningful covenant. 

However, although they are ready to make a commitment, the Hebrews are currently in a state of shock. A lot has happened. They have gained their freedom, but they have also become homeless and lost in the wilderness; fugitives, who have just witnessed the incredible and merciless massacre of an entire army. A terrifying display of power, by a god that only weeks earlier they were unsure existed. 

Realising they are frightened and confused, the Yahweh makes a decision: Now is a perfect opportunity for God to make a positive and direct impression. They have seen his wrath, now he can demonstrate his compassion. It will be a risky procedure, but it is time for God to speak directly to the Hebrews.

Communication will be difficult and require careful planning. Exposing the people to any form of advanced technology will be disastrous, so the Angels decide to hide their loud hailing system behind a colourful, brightly lit wall of fog. It will be an impressive spectacle. 

Moses is instructed to tell his people that on the sound of a ram’s horn, they must amass in a specific area, which they must not leave under any circumstances. Wandering outside the given area will be punishable by death. No-one must see anything other than the planned display.

Soon the preparations are complete and the speakers sound a horn so deafeningly loud it makes the ground shake.

The effect is incredible. The brightly illuminated artificial fog makes a spectacular sight, like an all-consuming fire through a sea of smoke. The people are awestruck and quite terrified. 

Using the language of the Hebrews, the voice of God details the Ten Commandments. The laws of God; a new covenant that the people will be expected to abide by. It then summons Moses to climb the mountain, where he will be given further details and instructions.

Moses leaves the people and ascends the mountain to spend 40 days in the presence of God. During his stay, he is given two stone tablets upon which the ten commandments have been inscribed. The tablets will act as a tangible reminder of the fundamental laws of God. He is also given the Torah, a version of the Angels’ Book of Quantism. It details the history and future of the Israelites; it states God’s expectations and gives further clarification of the new covenant. 

The people must do all they can to occupy the land specified by God. They must strive to establish their own kingdom, but they must also accept there may be times when they are forced to endure long and difficult periods of nomadic life. They must not lose faith. Eventually, when there is a sufficient number of pure Hebrews occupying their own territory, God will send them a “Messiah”. The Messiah will be a great leader. A king who will rule over them in the idyllic existence God has always promised. 

The message is very clear. God is present, God is powerful, God will provide for them, but God will not be disobeyed. 


Golden Calf

The people were told to wait patiently for Moses to return. They were told he would be gone for 40 days, so when he is slightly longer, they begin to panic. Their insecure Egos react with typical eagerness, immediately resorting to the Primary Instincts… survive at all costs. So, they rashly decide to protect their own interests. 

To some extent they can’t be blamed. For such a long time, they have been surrounded by a society that has indulgently worshipped Pagan and Demonic gods; so, it is unsurprising when they resort to Pagan practices. They fear that Moses has failed them and somehow displeased God. So, in their haste, a number of them decide to appeal to God’s authority in the only way they know, through ritual worship. 

They are foolish, they have been told: Do not adopt false idols. But that is what they are used to, physical, visible representations of powerful gods that can be cruel and temperamental, but will extend tolerance and protection to those who offer extravagant adulation. The Hebrews resort to the exact style of Demonic religious practice that Moses is being instructed to avoid.  

Once again, Humans are demonstrating their weakness. They have no self-discipline; no dignity they are not prepared to squander on a moment of indulgence. So, within days, those amongst the Hebrews whose faith is weak, manufacture a golden calf; an idol representing an imaginary god that suits their needs and condones their lust for hedonistic decadence.



The Angels instruct Moses to return to his people. When he arrives, he is enraged by what he finds. In his fury and despair, he orders the immediate execution of all those who have been enticed into Demonic behaviour. Three thousand people are slayed before the Angels permit Moses to return to the mountain for further instruction. 

End of Chapter 41

The book of Quantism

by Darren Cleave

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