Chapter 43 edited for audio

The Book of Quantism

by Darren Cleave

Chapter 43

Divine Representation



It is clear, Humans are not capable of worshipping a god without some kind of physical representation of that god. So, Moses is instructed to construct a portable temple which they must call the Tabernacle. 

The Tabernacle is to be a sacred place where God can reside during his visitations. It will be a place the people can gather to pay their respect, and will act as a constant, visible reminder of God’s watchful presence. 

The people are given precise specifications as to how the Tabernacle must be built, and clear instructions of exactly where and how it must be erected whenever the group sets up camp. 

It will be clear to see when God is in residence: The Tabernacle will be covered by a pillar of smoke and flames. The Israelites must remain in that location until God leaves the Tabernacle, at which time the smoke and flames will clear. 

The people will be expected to regularly pay their respects and present offerings of roasted flesh, because as carnivorous creatures, the Angels relish the otherwise unavailable luxury of freshly roasted meat. 


Arc of The Covenant

Moses is also instructed to build a small container that will accompany the Tabernacle. It will be called the Ark of the Covenant. It too will be sacred. It will house the tablets of commandments and signify the power of God. 

The Ark of the Covenant must be made from the finest materials, including gold plating both inside and out, and four golden rings to take poles for carrying. On the top, there must be two solid gold cherubs. 

In the eyes of the Hebrews, the Ark of the Covenant will represent the watchful presence of God, so it must be treated with the greatest respect at all times. 

It will indeed be powerful. The Ark of the Covenant will hold far more than just the stone tablets of the commandments. It will contain sources of power that no Hebrew is capable of conceiving; power that is incredible, incomprehensible. It will seem mystical, but that will not be the case. It will simply contain the power of advanced alien technology, including systems of communication, weaponry, transportation, and holographic projection. In addition to being an obvious symbolic representation of God, the Ark of the Covenant will provide an unseen, continuous link between the Israelites and the Angels. It will be God’s eyes and ears on the ground, allowing the Angels to be present amongst the people whilst maintaining a safe distance.

Moses is told the contents of the Ark must remain only for the eyes of God. If any Human looks upon them, they will suffer instant death. The people must be aware: the power and awareness of the Ark is never to be underestimated. Acting disrespectfully towards God in the presence of the Ark, will instigate serious punishment; something that will be unfortunately demonstrated on numerous occasions. 

A powerful idol was what the people wanted, so that is what they will have. They will soon learn the difference between the wrath of a false idol and that of a real god. The Ark of the Covenant will protect them, but when required it will also act as a merciless reminder of God’s power. 


Satellite Technology 

When the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant are completed and made ready for use, the Hebrews obediently follow the instructions they have been given. When they move to a new location, the first task is always to erect the Tabernacle in precisely the way God has instructed. Once in place, the Ark of the Covenant will establish a communications link between the Angels and the tribal elders.

To boost the efficiency of the Ark of the Covenant, the Angels place a strategically positioned satellite in orbit. It is invisible to the Demons, and aptly named the Black Knight. The Black Knight satellite allows the Ark of the Covenant to monitor activities in the areas surrounding the Hebrews, maintaining its vigil even in the Angel’s absence. If any dangerous situations develop nearby, the discrete technology will immediately find a new, safe location, and assist the Ark in guiding the tribe to safety. 

Communication however, is far from the Ark’s only function. As they travel, the Ark acts as a powerful defensive system and a frighteningly devastating weapon.

On the advice of the Angels, while in transit, the Hebrews carry the Ark some 200 metres ahead of the people, where it actively detects, and if necessary, destroys any nearby threat, often by issuing powerful targeted sonic impulses and bursts of laser technology, which the Israelites assume is a form of fire. 

The Tabernacle and Ark of the Covenant quickly assume an essential role in the security of Hebrew life, and their constant presence gives Judaism the focal point it needs to keep the people motivated and out of trouble. It is a system that works, even if it isn’t exactly what the Angels had wanted. The Alliance knows that Humans are prone to exaggeration and to developing unrealistic expectations, especially during prolonged periods of non-communication. For that reason, they had wanted to avoid any form of worship that included idols; but at least the Ark of the Covenant is only a symbolic object that makes no suggestion of a physically magnificent and powerful deity. Such an illusion would only end in disappointment. The Ark is a splendid, beautifully crafted casket, but from the Human perspective, its significance lies in the power it represents, not how it looks.

The Tabernacle has also become an integral part of Judaism. Its presence brings comfort and reassurance to the Hebrews, and because of its portability, the benefits can continue for generations to come. Even during their periods of nomadic existence it will provide a sacred place where the people can continue to communicate their respect directly to God. Then eventually, when they successfully reoccupy the land of Canaan, they can house the Ark of the Covenant in a permanent temple. 


Necessary Absence

For the moment, although currently nomadic, the Israelite tribes seem quite stable, which is good, because the Angels once again need to leave and make an extended journey to allow time to pass. 

Moses is informed of the Angels’ intended departure. The Hebrews will not hear from God for many years. It will be important they remain principled, positive, and faithful to the covenant. They cannot forget who they are. It will be their duty to occupy, dominate, and protect their land, and to multiply and prosper. They have been given God’s word: When the time is right, he will send a Messiah to lead and unite them in their own lands. 

The Alliance know there may be some intervention from the Demons, but they also know the Humans are rapidly growing in wisdom and confidence, meaning the Demons are finding direct interaction increasingly difficult. 



So far, despite knowing the Ark of the Covenant is there to protect them, the Hebrews have always feared its dangerously temperamental power, however, once the Angels have departed they discover the ark has become far less active. Unfortunately, by losing its often unpredictable potency, the Ark also loses the people’s fearful respect and adulation. As a result of their increasingly complacent neglect, they suffer a disturbing period where the Ark is lost to the Philistines.  

Thankfully, the loss is not critical because the Angels knew better than to trust the Hebrews to be responsible. Before they departed, they removed the contents of the Ark. Having such advanced technology fall into the wrong hands or misplaced and found by future generations, would almost certainly be disastrous. 


Centuries Pass on Earth 

Over the following centuries, amongst the people of Earth, societies come and go. In the absence of Angelic guidance, the Israelite tribes, once again, become disjointed, but even though they separate and a substantial number of non-Hebrews join them, the commitment and loyalty towards the Hebrew destiny remains a shared cause, and the inconspicuous genetic lineage becomes well established and widely distributed.

The descendants of Isaac’s brother, Ishmael, also develop into a great and substantial nation. They too consider themselves to be the legitimate people of God, the blood descendants of Abraham. There are constant conflicts between the two factions, with territories being constantly won and lost.

Throughout the centuries, the Hebrews remain persecuted, but they are confident, because they have purpose. Members of every tribe wander to distant parts of the world, often losing, or compromising their faith, though rarely abandoning their heritage. It doesn’t matter. When the time comes only the suitable will be selected. The remainder will perish, along with the rest of the redundantly corrupt Human race.

A grand temple is built by a significant leader called Solomon, only to be razed to the ground by the Hebrews’ enemies, and the Ark of the Covenant is once again lost. It isn’t a danger anymore, because it is only an empty casket; but symbolically, it is a great loss.

All the time, the UCC keeps a vigilant watch over passing events; sometimes elated by Human behaviour, but more often, bitterly disappointed. Humans are weak and shallow. They are also multiplying at an alarming rate, reproducing exponentially, like a rash spreading across the planet’s surface with no consideration of their own sustainable welfare. 

Humans, in their natural form, are not developing into a morally responsible species. They have quantity, but very little quality. Only the smallest few give the UCC reason for hope, and of those few, only a small percentage are Hebrew. Statistically speaking, the UCC estimates the gross population will have to exceed eight billion before there are sufficient numbers of suitably spiritual specimens to make the Angelic plan viable.

The demise of Humanity is bound to happen. Mainly because it is part of the Angels’ plan, but even if it wasn’t, it would happen anyway, and not necessarily because of the Demons. It would happen because the Humans are a typical self-destructive species; their potential is self-limiting.

The Angels are still unique in the universe. They dragged themselves through the process of spiritual evolution. Yes, the UCC helped, but it was their own efforts that made it happen. Conversely, without the help of the Alliance, Humanity would not come close to doing the same. 

End of Chapter 43

The book of Quantism

by Darren Cleave

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