Chapter 44 edited for audio

The Book of Quantism

by Darren Cleave

Chapter 44



The Time of Reckoning 

Centuries pass before the Angels return to check on Human progress. What they find is a much denser population. All forms of Humanity have spread, divided into many distinct races and created an impressive array of diverse  societies, all of which are advancing rapidly. Unfortunately, they are also dominated by Demonic blood. 

The Hebrews are still fighting for survival. They have repeatedly lost and regained control of their lands: first to the descendants of Ishmael, and now to what is the latest incarnation of Babylon, another New World Order that calls itself Roman. The highly active, aggressive, and intensely egotistical Romans have ventured over the sea from their homelands and occupied the Hebrew territories, and in doing so have once again placed the Hebrews in captivity.

Although losing much of their direct influence, the Demons still rather smugly hold the advantage, simply because they have affected more Humans than the Angels. 



The Alliance’s campaign has progressed slowly. It has been difficult, and it isn’t getting any easier. Hindsight has made it obvious, there would have been much easier ways for the Angels to introduce a new ethnic group into the global population. They had initially feared traumatising the Humans, but the Demons soon demonstrated how highly improbable that was.  

The Angels had visualised a civilised and mutually beneficial process, where they would diplomatically introduce new genes into an isolated group and then leave them to peacefully evolve into a hybrid species. Unfortunately, they underestimated the strength of the Devil within the Human psyche. 

They also assumed the new territory of Israel would eventually be accepted as an independent nation, allowing the Hebrews to develop in peace. Neither the UCC nor the Angels anticipated that after so many centuries, the Israelites would still be considered invaders, and made unwelcome in the lands they occupied. The situation has become a relentless standoff. It was never going to be easy for such a small group to dominate and hold such a large territory, but the more determinedly the Israelites have tried, the more determined the Arabs have been in stopping them. 

The unfortunate Hebrew attitude of superiority hasn’t helped endear the Israelites to their neighbours either. As a race, their insular self-assuredness has the tendency of causing friction and disruption everywhere they go. Even their own tribes don’t get along particularly well, often quarrelling and warring over trivialities. It’s hardly surprising. The Hebrews are essentially Human, and as such, are incapable of living alongside their own shadow for more than a few years without going to war with it.



Amongst the tribes, vanity is typically inducing delusion. People pompously claim, often believe themselves to be, genuine direct bloodline descendants of Adam. Though virtually none of them are.

Additionally, there have been countless people of completely different ethnic backgrounds who have adopted Judaism as their faith; convinced that ancestral heritage is a matter of entitlement; a reality they can manifest simply by proclaiming it loudly enough. 

Egocentric males still believe it is their own bloodline that matters. Some have even adopted distinct dress codes, rituals, and behaviour to publicly emphasise their importance. It is vain posturing that inadvertently makes them a conspicuous target; but it serves a purpose. They are diverting attention away from the feminine genetic lineage, which is all that matters. 

The collective population has been successfully providing a cloud of concealment for the important few who possess the hybrid genes. They are scattered, but safe. Their numbers, though still insufficient, have been steadily growing, despite their lives being constantly invaded and destabilised. 

Unfortunately, they are in peril once again. The current invaders, the Roman Empire, had been slaves to the Devil long before they encountered the influence of the Demons. Now, especially amongst the high-ranking officials, their blood has been contaminated. They are almost entirely Humon. The Demons were quick to introduce the concept of cooperative and politically motivated gods to the Romans. They then persuaded them to invade the volatile lands of Palestine and participate in the persecution of the Hebrews. 

Now, once again, the Hebrews are in a predicament that threatens their existence. Left to their own devices, their people will lose faith and become absorbed into the much larger population. The Hebrew culture, bloodline, and eventually the genetic lineage, will undoubtedly be lost, rendering the Hebrews both pointless and irrelevant.

End of Chapter 44

The book of Quantism

by Darren Cleave

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