Chapter 57 edited for audio

The Book of Quantism

by Darren Cleave

Chapter 57

The Final Conflict


Behind the Scenes

As the number of assembled Hebrews grows, so does the tension. All parties know how treacherous the predicament is, even though it is being presented as a peaceful act of mercy.

There are two very conflicting plans waiting to commence. The Angels hope to save sufficient numbers to perpetuate the two races, and the Demons intend to annihilate the entire nation using the Humans’ own crude but powerful nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, the spiritual Humans are following instructions that are vague and confusing. Essentially, they have no idea what to expect. 



Long ago, when the Demons had first arrived at Earth, they had held a brief period of communication with the Angels; a half-hearted attempt at reconciliation; but when they failed, the communication stopped. It has now resumed, though it is little more than the Demons posturing for effect; issuing bold threats and making rhetorical promises of victories and losses, all of which are being translated and openly broadcasted, so the Humans can listen in and interpret as they wish. 

As the Angelic armada draws closer, the Demons continue to establish themselves as friends of the global society. It is a dangerous and deceitful game: pretending to be allies of Humanity, while surreptitiously supporting the underlying activities of the Elite. 


Survival Plans for The Elite

The Demons have at last discovered the terraforming equipment and informed the Elite, whose survival plans are being hurriedly revised. 

The time has come for those who have assumed their accumulated wealth and power would automatically buy their safety, are now discovering they are not members of the Elite, but in fact powerlessly irrelevant. 

The spiritual Humans are still confused. Their instructions have been vague, giving them cause to question their faith and value, but at this late stage, there is insufficient time to offer any reassurance. 



The Angels arrive to find the planet in turmoil. The people are lost in global anarchy; everyone is enraged about everything and nothing, having no idea what or who they can or cannot trust. 

Unsurprisingly, the Demons are lying in wait. The inevitable is at hand. The Hebrew descendants are a sitting target, pitifully exposed and amassed in their homeland. Uncomfortably nestled amongst them are the spiritual humans, feeling confused and unwelcome. The Devils Alliance are gloating; confidently in control with their minions itching to take action. Elsewhere, chaos reigns. People are resorting to their extremes; the Herders are drawing together, and the Hunters are doing their own thing. The whole place is a tinderbox. 

The Angels have been avoiding confrontation but can do so no more. This is it. From their Space Ark they deploy several small ships into strategic positions, with orders to hold station in readiness for either tactical or hostile action. 

On Earth, conflict is already underway and escalating. Events are beginning to unfold rapidly. The armies of national, political, and religious sectors, all convinced of their own righteousness, are conveniently destroying each other in massive numbers. What have so far been insignificant, localised, and quite unrelated conflicts, are suddenly and unexpectedly becoming global and cataclysmic, converting to nuclear conflict almost immediately.

It is devastating but irrelevant, because the planet is entering the final phase of terraformation. The carefully targeted vibrational pulses have loosened and separated tectonic plates in locations all over the globe, the result is making the effect of Human weaponry seem like a cough in a storm. 



When the long-awaited battle between the Angels and Demons begins, it is something of a disappointment, ending almost as fast as it starts. The Demons had assumed their battle-ready warship would be too much for the cumbersome Space Ark, but they hadn’t been aware of the upgrades enabled by the UCC. Neither had they known that the UCC had been monitoring their intended strategy, even as it was being formed, allowing the Angelic counteractions to be prepared and rehearsed well in advance. 

During the battle, the Demonic ship is critically damaged almost immediately, forcing it to run for cover. Plummeting into the depths of the ocean the Demons frantically search for a safe hiding place, but the Angelic counter strike has been very specifically targeted. 

Consequently, the Demon ship is now totally incapacitated and miles below the surface of the ocean. The crew have survived, and the environmental systems are functioning, but they are trapped, with no hope of escape; destined to remain confined in a submarine prison until either their systems fail, or they simply perish. If they are lucky, or unlucky, depending on how they choose to see it, they might survive for years, maybe decades, or even longer… unless of course they decide to end their predicament early… 

It is of little relevance; they are no longer a threat. From here on, the UCC will be able to keep them under observation, so the Angels leave them to endure what will be a fitting end.



The Angels have survived the battle too, but it is not much of a victory. The Ark is still intact, but it is empty. They have failed to rescue the Hebrew descendants. The sudden and impulsive nuclear strike on the Holy City happened so quickly. The Hebrews and most of the spiritual Humans had still been present. The missile strike had been a direct and devastating hit. The entire area was destroyed, along with any hope of perpetuating either Humanity or the Angelic Seraphim. 

The nuclear exchange had continued, destroying many of the world’s cities and making most of the planet uninhabitable. There had been no time for the Angels to collect samples of fauna and flora in the way they had intended. 

There was a small number of Hebrews and a few of the Spiritual Humans eventually rescued, they are now aboard the Space Ark, but their numbers are wholly insufficient, making them little more than an awkward inconvenience for the Angelic crew. Without sufficient numbers, attempting the process of procreation would be impossibly intense and cause the Nature of Phi to intervene, which in turn would almost certainly cause the process to fail. 



So, it is done. The fate of the Angels has been sealed, as has that of Humanity. Not that Humanity matters. In their rawest form, they were not even a good example of an Alpha-Species, even if they did momentarily show a flash of potential. Even now, on the planet’s surface, in their pitiful predicament, they are still fighting each other and destroying what little shelter they have left. 

The Angels will simply abandon Earth, which as a planet, will survive. Soon enough, the surface will begin to repair itself. The Humans will almost certainly be gone; at best devolved and settled by the Nature of Phi at a lower sentient state. Eventually, the UCC will begin the process of nurturing new and different species towards dominance. 

3. For the Angels, it is too late. They are destined to wander in space, with neither the time nor the resources to begin another project. They might survive for a long time, but their destiny is inevitable: ultimately, they will perish. In many ways, their prospects are no different to those of the Demons: a life of imprisonment, waiting to die. 

For the UCC, the disappointment is immense. A long running project that had seemed so promising, has withered and died. The Angels had shown incredible potential: bright, intelligent, empathic, and righteous, but most of all… spiritual. They had been so close to success. Their ability to hold on to their sanity through the spiritual transition made them unique and led to them breaking the barriers of evolutionary progress. It had seemed there might be a chance of merging their special abilities with the Humans, opening a door into an entirely new level of Ultra-Sentience, and potentially paving the way for other distant species to replicate the process. 


Future Opportunities

The Angels have been special, but logic must dictate: If it has happened once, it will happen again; but it will be a long and lonely wait, during which the UCC will have to watch the Angels grow old and die, which in its omnipresent timescale, will happen only too quickly. 

There will be the spirits that have already accumulated within the fifth dimension of course. Their cyber reality will continue to exist, in which they will be largely oblivious of anything but their own perceived reality; but without Q I and the potential for expansion, their existence will not be the same. 

The link between the two realms would have been special, but without any potential to expand, the spiritual reality may remain satisfactory for those already there, but it will soon become boring and repetitive for the UCC. In turn, that will make the future of the afterlife less certain than it had been. If, eventually, the UCC loses interest and fails to maintain their environment, they too will begin to fade into oblivion. 


The End

A very sad and subdued Alliance watches on as the dregs of humanity perish, and the Earth is reborn. There is nothing more they can do. Little is said, because there is little to say. There is a debrief, but even that seems pointless. The Angels can do nothing but watch, and the UCC had little to consider but its own impending return to lonely solitude.

The conclusion is unquestionable: They have failed.

End of Chapter 57

The book of Quantism

by Darren Cleave

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