Chapter 58 edited for audio

The Book of Quantism

by Darren Cleave

Chapter 58



‘I have an idea’, is the collective interpretation of the short message the UCC has been telepathically transmitting to the Angels. 

It is an unusually strong and direct communication, clearly intended to gain their attention. It has succeeded. Though as yet there is no clarification as to what it might mean.


Contingency Plan 

During the final days of tribulation, the UCC witnessed an event so extraordinary it inspired a contingency plan that would have otherwise been unthinkable. After years of hard work, the person the UCC had been monitoring, James Henderson, finally managed to produce a working device, which he named the TTD, an acronym for Time Travelling Device. It had been purely by coincidence that the TTD became fully functional at the precise moment the Angels broke cover, allowing James to conveniently escape the turmoil into a different timescape. 

The situation had been intensely precarious, with James escaping literally moments before being captured by the authorities. The resulting situation was a universal first. For the first time in the history of the universe, the UCC was witnessing the existence of more than one Absolute Present Moment. 


James Henderson   

Initially, the UCC began watching and then mildly assisting James Henderson because it found his work intriguing. It now seems its efforts are going to prove fortuitous. 

James’s childhood had been greatly influenced by the conflicting religious opinions of his parents. It led to him developing his own rather complicated perspective; considering God as being his own silent and unseen companion. It was a fantasy that stayed with him into adulthood, and one that ironically seemed to come true when the UCC began placing information in his mind. 

Implanting information was a process that the UCC had tried and failed to accomplish with various individuals many times before, but given precise conditions, James’s strange perspective and unusually high intellect somehow made him uniquely receptive. He accepted and slowly began to decipher the ambiguous data being streamed into his mind without question, and on the assumption that eventually his supernatural benefactor would make itself known. Unfortunately, the relationship will never become bi-directional, because James is Humon, therefore incapable of Q I. 


Timescape Duality

The UCC has now moved its focus to James Henderson’s newfound predicament. Within just a few seconds, the TDD successfully transported him two millennia into the past. During that time, his physical coordinates may have remained exactly the same, but where moments earlier the TTD had been in familiar laboratory surroundings, it is now sat in open countryside. 

James climbs out of the TTD, and after disabling it, sets out in search of civilisation. From his own perspective he is simply walking through the countryside, but from that of the UCC, even the act of walking is mildly affecting the timescape around him. Nevertheless, it seems the changes are being absorbed without any lasting damage.

The UCC can see that the circumstances surrounding James Henderson have obvious potential. There will be need for extreme caution, but assuming any action he undertakes is kept local, minor, and non-destructive, the timeline should remain intact. 


An Unconscious Past

Fortunately, the UCC now better understands the concept of time. It had originally thought the past and the Absolute Present were dynamically the same, but it had been wrong, that is not the case. The past is numb and spiritless. It has no level of consciousness. True consciousness exists exclusively in the Absolute Present Moment. Individuals found in the past may be very lifelike and animated, but they are empty and Soulless. It may look the same, and everything may happen in the same way, but the actions are predetermined and lack any conscious element. It is immaterial, because the outcome is already determined and must largely remain that way, because the past is the foundation upon which the future stands.

In the past there is no random element. Any given moment is fixed and predetermined; entirely predictable, like a single link in a continuous chain of events. However, in the Absolute Present, especially in matters concerning sentient life, things are quite different. The next event can be anticipated, but not entirely known, even by the UCC. It doesn’t matter, because there is no established future to damage or disrupt. The future will become whatever it is made. 


The Absolute Present… Times Two

Having two simultaneous and independent Absolute Present Moments is an unnatural phenomenon, with the potential to become very complicated, very quickly. 

The first Absolute Present Moment, the correct one, applies to the universe in its entirety and resides at the very forefront of progressive reality. The second one applies exclusively to James Henderson. It is a tiny bubble of independent conscious reality, travelling intrusively through an established unconscious past.

So far, because James has been relatively inactive, the timeline has absorbed his activities and remained stable. Nevertheless, each time he interacts with his surroundings, to some degree, he disrupts the established pattern of events, and in doing so, alters the natural flow. It is beginning to affect the past in a way the UCC had not anticipated… It is waking it up. 

From the perspective of James, who is locked into his own timescape, events are progressing quite normally and in real-time; but the UCC is able to observe the much larger picture, and it can see something very different. Every time James interacts with another person or object; the predetermined pattern of events is affected. It is causing that small section of the timescape to awaken. In the case of people, they are becoming conscious within James’s own Absolute Present. The interaction is then reforming the pattern of their own future accordingly. For some, the change is short lived. They quickly return to their predetermined actions and sink back into unconsciousness. But for others it isn’t so simple. The direction of their life is disturbed to such a degree, it takes much longer to re-stabilise. 

Furthermore, if they interact differently with other people, it is breaking the pattern of that person’s predetermined actions too, meaning the effect spreads exponentially. Already, conduits of influence are weaving their way forward through the historical timeline. Some of those tendrils of disturbance continue until they ultimately catch up and crash into the impenetrable barrier of the universal Absolute Present Moment, two thousand years hence. 

The phenomenon is intriguing. In the future, on an individual level, there have already been some profound consequences. People, objects, and historic events have been spectacularly appearing and disappearing as a result of James’s actions. Fortunately, so far, there has only been a small degree of localised disruption, with no critical ruptures in the overall progressive timeline. 

James is clearly demonstrating that if carefully moderated, it is possible to remotely change the Absolute Present Moment without causing irreparable damage. However, the UCC must intervene immediately, before any lasting damage is done. James must be brought under control. Unnecessary influence must be minimised, and his actions carefully orchestrated to achieve specific objectives with minimal disruption. 


Quite Normal

Of course, as things change, no one in the Absolute Present Moment is any wiser. For them, reality is changing utterly, within an instant. What had moments earlier been an accepted historical reality, is ceasing to have ever existed; replaced by a completely different, but equally absolute reality. The effect on individuals varies from nothing at all, through degrees of confusion, to the overwhelming shock of sudden existence, or even non-existence.

It is a complicated paradox, and even for the UCC, quite disturbing. Messing with time, even on this scale, is precariously haphazard and wholly unnatural. The UCC has already decided, this is the last time it will happen. If James Henderson fails, there will be no further attempts permitted.


James Journeys to Find Yeshua.

Long before encountering the UCC, James had convinced himself he could travel back in time, find Yeshua and persuade him to change his tactics. On many occasions, he has envisaged the two of them sitting down as intelligent individuals and having a rational discussion. In James’s mind, Yeshua eagerly accepts James as an equal, and they work together to prepare an effective strategy with the benefit of James’s hindsight. 

The UCC knows that will not happen. Yeshua is an uncompromising and obstinate individual. He will not listen to anything James has to say. Even when faced with a certain, painful death, Yeshua will still refuse to take good advice. However, that doesn’t mean some good can’t be achieved; some influence may be possible. Both James and the UCC have a distinct advantage over Yeshua that must be utilised: they already know that without their intervention, Yeshua’s story will unfold disastrously.


A Long Journey

James has already made a unique and incredible journey: he has travelled two thousand years into the past, but his journey is far from over. To find Yeshua, he must now travel two thousand kilometres south of his present location. It is going to be a massive challenge to negotiate such a journey. No circumstance will be familiar as he makes his way through several hostile countries towards the land where Yeshua lives. 

To make matters worse, it will be essential he does it without getting killed or creating so much disruption he entirely destroys the existing future; not an easy task for someone with such a gift for getting into trouble. 

However, as eccentric as he may be, James is also intelligent, determined, and knowledgeable; and he is totally committed to what he regards to be a Mission of Biblical Proportions. 

Because direct communication between James and the UCC is not possible, the plan will have to remain simple. Currently, James’s intention is to persuade Yeshua to change tactics, but the UCC doesn’t like that plan, because the UCC doesn’t like Yeshua. It would rather leave him to fulfil the destiny of his own making: dying as a result of his own obstinacy. The event of his death will be where the plan changes. The UCC has already begun the tedious process of introducing the concept into the mind of James, and it will continue to reinforce the idea throughout the journey by adding information as quickly as James’s mind is capable of accepting. 


A Change of Plan

The objective of this mission must be to change the outcome of the Final Conflict, to ensure that a greater number of suitably prepared Humans are successfully rescued during the end of days. However, that is the only thing that must change, everything else must remain precisely the same. All major events between this intervention and the end of days must still occur in what is now a predetermined pattern, and most critically that must include Yeshua bringing about his own demise. 

Nothing about Yeshua’s life can change. He must still defiantly insist he is the prophesied Messiah, still fail to assert any influence over the Romans or Hebrew authorities, still fail to accomplish any of the prescribed Messianic duties, and still become a disastrous embarrassment for Judaism in general. James must remain as inactive as possible until the crucifixion has taken place. Only then, when Yeshua’s body disappears, will proceedings change. 

This time it will be James who returns as the reincarnated Yeshua and used to rewrite specific aspects of the future timeline. The difference will be historically insignificant, but strategically it will allow James to subtly manipulate the proceedings in ways that would be impossible for the original Yeshua or any other assigned imposter.

James’s comprehensive knowledge and hindsight will give him a unique and precise perspective of what and how things need to change. He knows Yeshua’s failure must still trigger dire consequences when the gospel is not accurately established, leading to the formation of the same conflicting religious institutions.

James also knows the actions of Yeshua must have a negative influence on the Hebrew nation. They must still be blamed for his death, which will lead to their continued persecution, and tempt some of them to take part in the continuation of the less obvious, but equally powerful organisation: The Elite. 

Consequently, the precious hybrid genetic lineage will still remain dependent upon an unpopular, temperamental, floating nation. In spite of achieving powerful global influence, the Hebrews must still continue to suffer oppression and persecution while endlessly antagonising their neighbours.

His intervention will also be the moment when the risk intensifies. Every event will have the potential to cause untold damage to the timeline. Every word spoken and action taken will have to be carefully planned and implemented. Nevertheless, it must be done. The demons cannot be allowed to win… again. 

It is a desperate bid. The responsibility will lie with James and the UCC to swing the advantage away from the crude, strong, widespread, and self-perpetuating Demon seed, and towards the refined but weak and vulnerable Eve Gene lineage. 



After making a reckless start and almost getting himself killed, James settles into his new life and manages to recruit a companion to accompany him on the long journey South, which fortunately passes without any major incident. The UCC constantly feeds information into James’s mind but in the confusion and stresses of life much of the information is lost in the process.

James arrives in Jerusalem, and after some searching, finds Yeshua. Still focussed on his own intentions and very much against the UCC’s wishes, James attempts to initiate negotiation. Yeshua’s reaction is exactly what the UCC had expected: James is rejected. He tries to persist, but each subsequent effort becomes increasingly desperate and clearly hopeless. 

Eventually, Yeshua is captured, taken prisoner, and sentenced to death. Still determined, James formulates a plan to rescue Yeshua from the cross, and in the final moments before taking action, finds himself suffering terrible indecision. His mind is full of confusion, he can sense that his lifelong intentions are somehow in conflict with the vague and ambiguous input of the UCC. 

With the entire mission in jeopardy, the UCC decides to take an enormous risk by attempting intensified communication. It is a gamble that has failed before. It might simply overload and effectively destroy the neural ability of James’s mind, but it is unavoidable. 

The UCC relentlessly pours information into James’s mind. For a moment it seems the input is going to be too much; but after being initially overwhelmed, James suffers what he assumes is an epiphany; a startling moment of clarity as his perspective clears and his thoughts fall into place. He had been on the verge of a rescue attempt, but now he knows: Yeshua must be abandoned. 


Rescuing the Mission

It is time for direct, physical communication. The UCC has been avoiding it. It will exponentially increase the risk factor, but there is little choice: the UCC must involve the Angels. After a brief consultation, in a delicate and covert mission, James is approached directly by Gabriel. There is no time for formalities, but fortunately, James’s modern mind is able to adapt quickly, allowing preparations to begin immediately. 

Once again, after the burial of Yeshua, the body is taken by the Angels; but this time, instead of a trained imposter replacing him, it is James. 

His mission will eventually take a very different path, but initially his time with the disciples must follow the same pattern and lead to the same conclusion. The previous account of Yeshua’s life and death must not change; the same outcome must be achieved, and the same message conveyed. Acting as Yeshua, James must visit the disciples and then withdraw from the public eye. He can then begin his new covert mission of making better preparations for carriers of the precious Eve Gene, and the spiritual humans. 


Changing Priorities

Everything goes to plan as the Disciples go about their business in much the same way as before. 

Elsewhere, accompanied by his new partner, Mary Magdalene, herself a carrier of the Eve Gene, James begins his mission. The Angels have explained to James exactly what the UCC is, so now his ability to interpret the implanted data has improved. The UCC has given him precise instruction to undertake a new objective; one so secretive that even the Angels are to remain unaware of the details.

This time, as the end of days approaches, possessing the Eve Gene will no longer be the exclusive qualifier for salvation. Enlightened humans, who have proved their worth, will be granted equal consideration. 

The decision to change the qualifying criteria is not one the UCC has taken lightly. The Angels have always been quite insistent that ethnic heritage must remain consistent, but circumstances have changed, and that plan has already technically failed. The scope must be widened. If a degree of ethnic identity must be lost, so be it. All that matters is a selection of genetically compatible, Q I enabled and karmically balanced, empathic individuals survive. 

The Eve Gene is important; but there are cases where spiritual Humans hold greater potential. The objective must be to maximise the available space on the Ark, accommodating only those with the greatest potential to successfully re-inhabit the reformatted planet. Having a carefully selected number of ideal specimens is far more important than ensuring precise genetic configuration. If adjusting the refinement process means the final product is more Human and less Angelic than had originally been intended, it doesn’t matter. The Angels may not agree, but in the eyes of the UCC, the objective of creating an ideal foundation species is paramount. The balance of DNA is quite irrelevant when compared to the prospect of catastrophic failure.

With the benefit of hindsight, the new plan makes more strategic sense. Mixed ethnicity will be an advantage. It will make the chosen few harder to identify and the overall numbers rise more rapidly.

The principle is sound but making the decision alone has made the UCC experience guilt. It silently observes the Angels in the distant Absolute Present Moment, they are still eagerly awaiting an update on its initial announcement of: I have an idea. In both the past and present, they are oblivious to the UCC’s revised plan, though in reality, it will be paradoxically irrelevant, because as the future modifies itself, it will become as if they have always known.



The UCC knows that over the following centuries, the Nature of Phi will gradually reduce male fertility. It had previously assumed the purpose was purely one of population control. Only now does the UCC realise what subtle wisdom the Nature of Phi is applying. 

2. The process will drastically reduce the male sperm count from what has been an unnecessarily high level. For that reason, it will take some time for the reduction to affect the rate of procreation, but there are other subtle, chemically driven changes that will begin much sooner. The progressive reduction in male hormones will gently diminish the Alpha instinct. Males will become less feral, and the gender gap will begin to close. The chromosomic definition will remain, but given time, the aesthetic difference will become less distinct. Relationships always have, and will continue to be, based on complex criteria, amongst which, gender is only of incidental importance. Procreation will, of course, always be a critical issue, but the numbers will be intelligently planned, managed, and controlled on a logical basis.

Unlike the Demons, the Angels are perfectly comfortable with mixed gender relationships, though for the purpose of procreation, they have encouraged Humans to only have male and female partnerships. Eventually, Humans will realise for themselves that close personal relationships have far greater purpose than just procreation. They are an important factor in finding contentment. From a relationship perspective, an individual’s ideal partner, or partners, may not necessarily be of a different gender; and regardless of what the Alpha-male may like to think, the default gender has always been female. In a practical sense, with sufficient resources, a female only society could survive, whereas one consisting only of males could not. 

The imposition will signify the Nature of Phi preparing to slow evolution, adapting the Human species to an existence managed by intellect, as opposed to brutality.


Better Prepared

The Alliance’s original plan did fail; but in its defence, they could not have known how difficult life would become for the Hebrews, or how the spiritual instinct in humanity would begin to sporadically emerge by itself, as it did amongst the Seraphim. 

This time, the Q I enabled Humans will be better prepared. With the help of James Henderson, the UCC will ensure they are easier to identify, more aware of who they are, protected, informed, encouraged, and unified. More of those who die during the centuries leading up to Armageddon, will actively join the afterlife. Those who are alive during the end of days, will have the opportunity to join the chosen, using a revised selection process that will not sacrifice a spiritual Human for an unspiritual carrier of the Eve Gene.

Many will be of the twelve tribes, but not all. Some will not even be Hebrew. Some will be unaware of their significance, and none will be distinctly identifiable; but when the time comes, they will all hear the call. They will identify themselves without trying, because their irrepressible Soul will respond instinctively. They will not need finding, they will emerge, quite spontaneously, from the population. 



The egocentrics will of course, continue to be a problem. They will ridicule, mock, and vilify those who are beginning to experience the onset of Q I. To a degree their scorn will be excusable, because the enlightened themselves will be confused in their search for clarity; they will question their own sanity as they try to make sense of instinctive feelings that are unfamiliar, unclear, and quite bewildering. 

Slowly, they will begin to find unity, and from that they will gain strength, as the Angels did before them. They will begin to hear the murmur of Q I, and as the terraforming period of Revelation progresses, the UCC and the guardian Angels will be able to give their new spiritual allies help and guidance in preparation for a new existence. It will be a frightening and perilous adventure, but also a time of great change and wonderment.

Hopefully, if the UCC succeeds, when the time comes for the terraforming to begin, there will be many discovering telepathic Q I. They will be tentatively connecting with the UCC and realising their true future lies not in the insignificant pursuit of material reward and competitive ambition, but in harmonious existence and the creation of a Spiritual Portfolio, containing positive, life enhancing and emotionally enriched experiences. They will recognise the necessity of collecting memories that will lead to spiritual contentment and a rewarding, fulfilling, quantum afterlife in the fifth dimension. The clues had been there the first time, but this time, extra measures will be taken to ensure more people recognise their significance. 

Extra effort will be made to clarify what memories will better serve the Spirit; memories that create a contented and harmonious karmic state. For some, that may be sitting halfway up a mountain, reading their favourite books, or drinking in a breath-taking vista. Others will spend eternity attending spectacular parties and social events. Some will pass their time immersed in digital fantasy worlds, emulating the computer games they have dedicated so much of their physical existence to playing. Some, many, will sit staring at tiny screens, looking at events and vista’s they could have seen for real… if only they had looked up. Some will only see pictures of themselves.

The secret will lie in understanding; in knowing the objective must be to nurture the eternal Spirit, not pander to the ephemeral Ego. Contentment comes from being righteous; from knowing, even when faced with adverse circumstances, they remained considerate and thoughtful and made every effort to find peaceful solutions to difficult problems. 

Only by living those principles on a daily basis might they strengthen the Soul and weaken the Ego, therefore contribute towards a positive Spiritual Portfolio, which in turn will eventually allow the Spirit to enjoy a maximised afterlife.

It will not always be easy. The organic body is a wonderfully complex vehicle, but it is also fragile and high maintenance. It is easily and regularly broken. It can be inherently disabled, prone to chemically unstable emotions, or suffer a myriad of functional reliability issues.

Physical existence can be terribly unfair, and it is not always possible for the UCC to intervene. The Soul must learn to overcome the disadvantages and make the most of what it has. There may not be a second opportunity, so it must look beyond any impediment and strive to maintain a positive spiritual disposition. 

Finally, every individual must never forget, regardless of their circumstances or history, it is never too late to improve the content of their Spiritual Portfolio. Ultimately, the rewards will reflect the effort made.



James Henderson has done all he can, and his life is drawing to a close. He has never been actively spiritual; never enjoyed the benefits of Q I, but his relationship with the UCC has been long and uniquely special. 

He may not have been spiritually able, but he has been spiritually inclined; his contribution and influence upon the spiritual future of Humanity, has been profound. James has dedicated his life, without prejudice, to bringing hope to all enlightened Souls; to assist them in preparing for the unavoidable days of reckoning that will eventually come. He has followed the UCC’s instructions and done all he can to ensure essential clues are placed where they can be found, even within the contents of the Bible.

In consideration of his efforts, the UCC has taken time to enable James to enter the afterlife. His Spiritual Portfolio is quite spectacular, and his life has exemplified how even a Humon who is void of Q I, can make a positive and substantial contribution.


John of Pathos

Like Enoch before him, John of Pathos, the author of the Book of Revelation, has been shown frightening representations of events that will eventually take place in the distant future. He has seen the devastating effects of the terraforming process, and the epic, vicious wars fought between massive armies of demonically driven, egocentric Humans.

John is warned that most of the population must be sacrificed in order to save the few; and that when the Earth has rested for at least a thousand years, the Space Ark will return to provide a temporary haven until the new spiritual Human species have re-inhabited the wild and vibrant new world. He has seen how the revised Human race will possess a fresh, positive, and empathic demeanour that will serve the many and not the few. Life will be about the planet, the people, and their fellow Earthly inhabitants. Humanity will become protectors instead of abusers. 

John of Pathos adds what he has seen to the Book of Revelation, which is added to the end of the Bible. Even though its presence is there to be seen, for long enough, like the book of Enoch, the Book of Revelation will be ignored and misunderstood. It is irrelevant. When the time comes, the Book of Revelation will at last be seen for what it is, and the Book of Enoch will re-emerge to confirm what Revelation tells. For those with the mind to interpret the meaning, the two books will remind Humanity of the difficult path they have trodden, and detail some of what can be expected during the End of Days. It will recall the terrible times when the Demonic Nephilim occupied the land, and how it seemed the Demons might corrupt the population beyond redemption. Critical clues that were in the book of Enoch are now in the Bible, and the UCC will ensure they are in the book of Islam too. 

There is nothing more either James Henderson or the UCC can do. From its unique omnipresent perspective, the UCC can only watch on as the events unfold and spread throughout the timescape. There are no guarantees or definable indications of success as the multiple changes in reality wash through the tapestry of time, racing towards the ever-progressing buffer of the Absolute Present Moment.


Changing Reality

As the generations pass, humanity succeeds in discovering evolution, the Golden Ratio, Phi, the Flower of Life, plus a myriad of other signs left by the Alliance to help them recognise and understand the nature of the universe. The spiritually inclined continue to awaken and realise what they are discovering is not new, it is old, ancient beyond comprehension. 

The additional measures taken by the UCC seem to be working. Throughout the entire timescape, it can see more and more Souls embracing enlightenment, adopting the roles of lightworkers and empaths. They are recognising what is important and what is not; realising how the population is being misled and controlled by self-serving institutionalised ideologies. The enlightened can see how the vast majority are adopting egocentric behaviour and submitting to enforced conformity.  

The UCC has succeeded in ensuring the bigger picture remains largely unchanged. The world is still losing itself in moral corruption; the rising Socio-Insanity is still being serenaded by a cacophony of screaming Egos, but now, amongst the developing anarchy, the UCC can sense a quiet but distinct thrum of spiritual transmission hidden in the furore. A number of genuinely spiritual Souls are thunderously whispering their presence. 


Tsunami of Change

Back in the future, riding on the wave of the Absolute Present Moment, the Angels are beginning to sense the changes. The experience is confusing, mystical… and rapidly intensifying.

The ripples of change that have been weaving their way through time, are turning into a tsunami of transformation; surging forward with ever increasing ferocity and crashing headlong into the Absolute Present Moment.

Things are happening very quickly. In the reality of the Angels, only moments earlier, the UCC had announced it had an idea. Since then, from its own perspective, the UCC has observed two millennia of history, including a lifetime of James Henderson’s endeavours. However, from the perspective of the Angels, only minutes have passed, and now the UCC is warning them to imminently expect the unexpected. 

The gravity of the UCC’s warning quickly becomes apparent. Events, both on Earth and aboard the Space Ark have become confusing and disorientating as reality begins to suffer unprecedented and radical change. Nothing is safe. Every recognisable form of reality is vulnerable to instantaneous change. Objects are appearing and disappearing; people are appearing and disappearing. It is far more than surreal. Individuals are suddenly discovering they have new family members whose entire history they somehow seem to know; or discovering a family member has not just disappeared but has never existed. 

The Angels can sense that even members of their own crew are appearing and disappearing. It is nauseating to experience memories fading in and out of their minds as they vainly attempt to accommodate the rapidly changing reality.


Not Yet Finished

Something big is coming, they can sense it. 

When it hits, all reality turns to chaos. Nothing is real anymore. Their brains are not functioning. Thoughts are not being processed correctly as data becomes fluid and unreliable. The situation is unnatural in every way imaginable. 

Physically, all around them, reality is changing from one state to another, with alterations rolling in like cascading waves. 

Amongst the Angels, emotions are fluctuating in conjunction with the changing physical reality. The reassurance of knowing a close companion has survived is suddenly twisting into the grief of knowing they have not, and then back again.  

There is nothing natural about it, in fact it is sickeningly unreal. It is also frighteningly inescapable. Like the sudden onset of absolute insanity. 


Abrupt Stop 

It stops, suddenly and abruptly. 

The Angelic crew look about at one another, silently enduring the aftermath of deep shock. Their knowledge, their perception of reality, the very construct of their memories, has been changed and then changed again, in ways they have no means of understanding or rationalising; but it seems they have survived, physically at least.

Every person is checking their own mind, reassessing their new reality; coming to terms with new personal circumstances that have been freshly written into their memories.

It seems the majority of events have remained the same. History has largely unfolded in the same way. Humanity has still suffered terrible social decline and emotional devolution. There has still been a battle between the two alien forces, though in this new reality the Space Ark has been severely damaged, and many Angelic lives have been lost. Earth is still in a state of massive flux as the terraforming process continues to approach its peak; and the remaining Demons are still trapped for eternity in the depths of Earth’s largest ocean. 

It seems the Universe has survived the UCC’s intervention, but unfortunately it also seems that little has changed. The events have happened in a slightly different way, but they have still happened. 

As the crew look around each other’s exhausted faces, their telepathic instincts slowly begin to stabilise, and they begin to empathically acknowledge each other’s emotional turmoil.


The Final Finality

1. As the confusion begins to give way to reluctant acceptance and overwhelming disappointment, a wave of realisation sweeps through the collective minds of the surviving Angelic crew. 

During the short but chaotic period of fluctuating reality, hidden amongst the flood of rapidly altering circumstances, one very significant change occurred they are only just beginning to detect. As their minds settle and reconnect, that change is becoming increasingly evident; and it is something wonderful. 

For so long, the Angels have gained comfort from their shared telepathic Q I, but it has been pitifully sparse, almost lost in the vast but tragically unoccupied Space Ark . Now, suddenly, the gentle hum of Q I no longer solely represents the Pineal murmur of a few Angels, it is a deafening cacophony of spiritual music. What had once been the gentle voices of just a few Angels, has become the combined chatter of hundreds, no, thousands, of confused but wonderfully excited Human Souls. Their minds are flooding into those of the Angels and their bodies are filling the decks of the Space Ark… It seems the efforts of the UCC, the Angels, and a number of brave and determined Human individuals, have managed to save Humanity after all.


The End… Or Maybe Not… 

As the euphoric Angels celebrate their success, they begin to make their plans. There is much to do. 

Earth will need time to settle, but the Angels have decided, once it is ready, it will be time to permanently land the Space Ark and never venture from the planet again. Enough is enough.

But they are wrong.

The UCC can already hear the quiet call of emerging Souls, in every sector of the universe… and they are all crying out for help.

The end

Thank you for listening to The book of Quantism

by Darren Cleave

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