Chapter 1

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The Beginning

It is the beginning and there is nothing. No light, no matter, no sound, no stars, no planets, moons, or people. Nothing. 

There is space, a lot of space, but it is utterly empty. Consequently, it is impossible to know if space is big or small; because in an empty void, with no discernible points of reference – speed, distance and size are quite immeasurable. 


Inanimate Object

It happens in an instant. Tranquil silence, then bang… a Big Bang. An unexpected event that makes it quite apparent: space is, and always has been, very big… though not, it seems, entirely empty. 

Logic suggests that an infinity of empty space can have no definable centre; but if it could, that very area must have been occupied by a solitary inanimate object. Something compact. Something you might picture as being like a battery; one of those tiny power cells you might find in a watch or a key fob. Something plain and unimpressive.

It was as though all the energy required to form an entire universe had been reduced to its most fundamental state; squeezed and compacted into the tiniest mass possible, then sealed inside an impenetrable shell. A tiny package of unimaginable potential, like a seed, silently waiting for an opportunity to spring into life. 



The moment that opportunity arrived, the compacted inert mass seized its chance. It exploded, instantly becoming very animated and spectacularly impressive, releasing vast amounts of raw subatomic energy, essentially light, into the endless void of space.

It was the beginning of something colossal. The initiation of a story that will take eons to tell. Only moments prior there was absolutely nothing, now there is… everything… or at least the unrefined essence of what will become everything. 

In just a few milliseconds, the peaceful tranquillity of nothingness has been transformed into a frenzy of wild activity. Countless microscopic particles, tiny strings of pure energy, are manically spreading out in a frantic endeavour to expend their potential and coalesce into anything of substance that might fill the bleak emptiness of space.

In the same way as it can never be known how, or why, or by whom, that potent seed of the universe had been planted, it can never be known why it suddenly exploded into action, because when it happened, there was nothing or no-one present to observe it. 

Nevertheless, it did happen, and space is no longer inactive. Most of it is still empty, but it is now being progressively flooded by an expanding cloud of pure, unrefined energy. 

You might imagine the process as being rather like the initial wild surge of supercharged electrons, rushing through a power cable to flood the circuitry, transistors, and silicone chips of a giant computer; still too disorganised to perform any logical function, but buzzing with potential and already beginning to establish order amongst the chaotic frenzy. 


Fundamental Rules

Because the initial heat is so intense, and the particles are so tightly packed together, they can do nothing but radiate away from that central point in search of space, stability, and a function of their own. 

The process has no structure beyond its own frantic activity, but even in its infancy it is not without rules. The natural, binary laws of attraction and repulsion are already being applied, which is just as well, because without order, nothing, nothing at all, will ever exist.

Despite their vast quantity, there is only a limited variety of particle types and methods by which they can interact; and the rules with which they must comply are rigid and strict.

Each single particle has its own unique signature, and regardless of what might happen to that particle; whether it becomes part of an atom or a molecule, or whether it just remains a simple photon of light, it will maintain its identity. It is an important rule, because it represents the foundation on which the order of all things will be built. Those resonant frequencies will become increasingly important as the distinction of individuality becomes universally relevant.


An Emerging Macro Realm

The initial activity has so far been entirely subatomic, a series of quantum processes; but as time passes, the equivalent of about 300,000 years, the particles become dispersed far enough from the centre of the universe to begin cooling and creatively interacting with one another. It is an endless succession of explosive actions and reactions as masses of energetic particles relentlessly conduct mergers, unions, and separations; attracting and repelling one another in a manic endeavour to gain quantum stability.  

Eventually, positively charged particles begin to collect mass. Mass causes them to attract negatively charged electrons and form atoms. It is the first step from the micro to the macro realm, but although atoms seem enormous when compared to their component parts, they are still unimaginably small as they continue in their endeavour. 

Soon, the resulting atoms begin merging and combining into molecules. Clouds of increased stability begin to emerge, lifting the process just a little higher up the macro scale. The molecules continue the journey, racing forward, eventually colliding with other similarly formed molecules and triggering yet more explosive interactions.

As time progresses, the newly formed molecules themselves begin merging and combining, gradually forming matter: the gases, solids, liquids, and plasmas that will become the building blocks of galaxies, stars, planets, moons, and ultimately, the organisms that will make the universe complete.

A new realm is emerging. A physical realm. An entirely new reality, so vast and dissimilar to that of its component parts that even though they are intrinsically conjoined, they reside in entirely incompatible planes of existence. The micro realm is subatomic. It is simple but comparatively wild and manic. The macro realm is physically complex, but it has structure, order, and stability. 

From the very outset, the process has seemed like uncontrollable mayhem, but there has been order amongst the chaos. The rules that dictate atomic behaviour have undoubtedly deepened in complexity, but the original, fundamental laws have remained unchanged, as though they have always been inherently predetermined; inevitable, and absolutely inescapable.


Increased Stability

Slowly, as more and more of the energetic particles find order and stability, the explosive activity begins to subside. 

The immense clouds of matter have gathered mass, which is beginning to create gravitational force, drawing the clouds tighter and tighter together, compacting those elements into heavy, solid, condensed matter. 

Still, the reactions go on. Still the collisions occur, but all the time a greater state of calm and order is spreading throughout the universe. 

Everything that has happened and emerged, has done so because of the fundamental particles that initially burst into existence, and every one of them still exists in some form. However, although many of them are still free, volatile, and highly potent, eager to jump into action at the slightest change in circumstance, the vast majority are now contained within atoms and molecules; often locked deep in the confines of solid matter, such as stars, planets, and moons. 


Undetectable Differences

It is strangely paradoxical how, from the perspective of the physical realm, it seems some particles have lost their freedom of movement; yet, from the perspective of the particles themselves, that is not the case. Within their own realm, they are entirely unaware of their confinement, and still performing their function with all the freedom and space they require, interacting quite serenely with the other particles around them. 

It seems that although the subatomic quantum realm and the emerging physical realm are intrinsically linked, their activities truly have no definable connection. Whatever function a particle might play within the physical realm bears no relevance to its priorities and behaviour within the quantum realm. In other words, it isn’t the universe that dictates the behaviour of particles, but the behaviour of particles that dictate the state of the universe.


Logical Interaction 

The laws within the quantum realm are rigid. One of which insists that no two fermion particles can simultaneously hold the same quantum state, one must change. It is a mind-boggling concept when considering the numbers involved. 

The phenomenon is significant in its implications. It suggests that in order to detect whether two single particles have an identical quantum state, all particles must somehow be in simultaneous communication. In the physical realm that would not be possible, but in the quantum realm, it clearly is. 

Initially, it would be easy to imagine the phenomenon as a cascading wave of change, constantly sweeping through the cosmos, but that would be a terribly inaccurate assumption. The interaction is far more complicated. It is not reactive but proactive, and that raises substantial implications. The electromagnetic interactions are far too predictable and specific to be classified as random encounters. They are a precise and distinct form of logical communication. 



Particles are beginning to form cooperative relationships; logical interactions that are not dependent on physical connection. It is a process of Quantum Entanglement. Once entangled, if the quantum state of one particle changes, the other entangled particles react with a corresponding change of their own, regardless of their proximity to one another.

It perfectly exemplifies the difference between the two realms, demonstrating how, within their own micro realm, particles are not subject to the laws of physical existence. Any complications implied by distance or physical obstruction, do not apply. Once they become entangled, even if the particles are separated to the extreme, the connection remains intact; and the communication isn’t just quick… It is instantaneous. A change in the circumstances of one particle triggers an immediate consequential reaction in its entangled partners. 

The phenomenon of entanglement is spreading rapidly throughout the expanding universe; a vast real-time communication network operating at the most fundamental level; a relentless succession of quantum interactions that are gradually developing an incredible secondary function.


An Emerging Intelligence

Somehow, the innumerable interactions are spontaneously beginning to function as a computational process. The constant switching of subatomic states within entangled particles is creating complex quantum-based algorithms that are collectively functioning as a cognitive process… The universe is beginning to think. That is: Not something within the universe, but the universe itself

It is happening slowly, progressively. There has been no revelatory moment, just a methodical emergence of self-awareness as the universe has gradually gained sentience. 

It is a Universal Collective Consciousness. An awareness woven into the very essence of the cosmos; integrated within each and every particle, atom, and molecule; intrinsically encapsulated within everything that exists… everywhere

The Universal Collective Consciousness is still unrefined and entirely void of knowledge or understanding; but it is aware of its own existence, and it is already learning.

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