chapter 27 edited for audio

The book of quantism By darren cleave Chapter 27: Arrival 1 The Alliance  The Angels are working hard, but their enthusiasm is being dampened by their dire circumstances. They have reached the planet and are now planning the terraforming process. The equipment has been greatly improved during the journey, but it is still going toContinue reading “chapter 27 edited for audio”

Chapter 26 Edited for Audio

The Book of Quantism By Darren Cleave Chapter 26: Reprogramming 1 Vesica Piscis It was long ago when the elders used the Vesica Piscis, the mutual area created by two intersecting circles, to symbolise the connection between the physical and spiritual realms. Their theory of spirituality was surprisingly close to the reality of Q I,Continue reading “Chapter 26 Edited for Audio”

Chapter 25 edited for audio

The book of quantism By darren cleave Chapter 25 – Exile  1. Pressure For the time being, the Angels have secured a small degree of control over their fragile and dangerous predicament.┬áNevertheless, the pressure is on. The Demonic government is furious, but it is bound by fear and secrecy. The Angels have agreed that whileContinue reading “Chapter 25 edited for audio”

Chapter 24 Edited for Audio

The book of quantism Chapter 24. Dimension #5 1. Understanding Much to the UCC’s frustration, recent events have reaffirmed how incredibly small the domain of conscious awareness is. Consciousness, for all sentient creatures, spans only the shortest of periods, no more than one sixtieth of a second. Each one of those brief moments, seamlessly andContinue reading “Chapter 24 Edited for Audio”

Chapter 23 edited for audio

The book of quantism  By darrencleave Chapter 23 – Contact 1 Contact The UCC has helplessly watched events unfold within the Seraphim civilisation. It has seen the number of Angels decline at a frightening rate and has metaphorically screamed advice at them through the Q I, all to no avail. Demonic society is splitting intoContinue reading “Chapter 23 edited for audio”