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It would be wonderful if everyone bought The Book of Quantism, either as a paperback or an eBook, but buying isn’t always an option.

For those people, I have decided to publish each chapter as an individual page on this website, allowing them to read it for free. You never know! If they find they are enjoying it, they might still decide to buy it and contribute towards an independent author’s hope of eventually retiring. 🙂

I am preparing each chapter one at a time, so if you’re an early arrival, that’s great! But you’ll have to be patient, because I have a day job, and I am also preparing additional information to publish on the website at the same time.

There are no catches, just a couple of occasional hints, to gently remind you that you can buy it, or make a small contribution. It you can’t, or don’t want to, that’s OK, maybe you can give a review or referral by copying and pasting this link to pages you use and people you think might be interested.

Good luck, seek contentment, and build up your Spiritual Portfolio!

At the bottom of each page you will find links to additional information on certain subject included in The Book of Quantism.

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